Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wavy Atlantis

I posted this originally early this morning.  Apparently Blogger didn't want to tell anyone I had a new post.  I am also having serious issues reaching other fellow Blogger users blogs.  Anyone else having these issues?

Good Morning Lovlies!

I hope you are all doing well today!

Today I have a GORGEOUS polish for you!
China Glaze "Atlantis"

This color is so very pretty!
My bottle was a touch on the thick side, but no where close to being called difficult.  I have a bad habit if applying jellies with a heavy hand, so here it is with 2 thickish coats, and a third very thin coat. Then topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite.
Full Sun:

 I HATE that holo glitter doesn't shot up in my pics!  so annoying!

Blurred to show the holo glittler:

Soooooo sparkly!

Aside form the name, this color really brings images of goreous tropical water to mind.  The sparkes remind me of the way the sun glints off the surface fo the water.

So for my Konad design I went with an image that reminds me of waves.  Plate M51.
I tried to do the stamp in CG Adore, a pretty bluish chrome, but it really didnt even show up well enough to be considered a subtle stamp.
So I decided to stamp it with CG Millennium.
Here it is under Mom's Halogen sewing light, with a quilt block of her's providing the super pretty background:

Color wise, neither of these pictures is 100% accurate.  The color is really somewhere between the bluish sun pics at the top and the greenish halogen pic above.
It just has so much depth!

Well, that's all I have for you today.  I plan on doing a massive nail session this weekend so I can have a bunch of vault pics just waiting to show you when life gets a little hectic like it is this week, and will be next week!

Thanks for visiting!
Hope you have a wonderful day!



Leanne said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!
I just got my first ever Konad kit today :3 so excited!

MightyLambchop said...

This is sublime! You are so talented.
I haven't had issues getting to other blogs but I see Blogger is having issues with showing updates in the side bar.
That said, I tagged you in the 7 choices. Details at my blog if you can make it there!

KONADomania said...

this is an amazing konadicure! simply great! <3 I also did not have troubles reaching other blogs, but as Lambchop said there were some problems with updates

Pink Ginger said...

This is stunning!

jollyo said...

This mani makes me think of waves for sure!! You did a great job, as usual!! Super cute!! :)

Paige said...

Ooooooo! I love that!!!

Denise said...

This is a "groovy" color. I love your background now too. Awesome.

Stiletto said...

Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments and for the input about my issues here lately! LOL

Lucy said...

Fantastic manicure. I love the color of Atlantis. I never would have thought to Konad over it. I love the pattern. Looks gorgeous.