Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Problem Solved!

Thanks to the Awesomely Creative EvilAngel of Black Nail Polish and Lipgloss the comment problem seems to be fixed!

Seems Blogger doesnt really like embedded comments!

Thank you EvilAngel!


Problems Commenting?

I am hearing that some of you may be having problems commenting.  If you have attempted to comment and have not been able to, please shoot me an email to let me know.  I'm tryin to figure out just how wide spread this problem is.

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Couldn't make up my mind

Good Morning Ladies!

Last night I finally made a few minutes time to mess around with that polish I've been sporting for a few days now, which is Sinful Color's "I Miss You", for those that are wondering.  But as I sat down and took out my Konad plates and started to sort thru them, I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do!  Nothing was really jumping out at me screaming "Pick me Pick me!!!"  So I thought I'd have some fun and play around instead.  I used a different image on each finger. 
So here we go:

On the pinky I added a coat of Essie's Matte About You, to see what it would look like.
For the other fingers plates used from left to right are:
M40, M63, M65 and M63 again

On this hand, from thumb to pinky I used:
M64, S06, M73, M70, and M70 again.

My favorite is the Index finger of my left hand.
Whats yours?

Also I have the names of the polishes for ya!

Left to Right:
Call You Later, I Miss You, 2 loose glitters from Wet&Wild, See You Soon, and I Love You.

After taking pics last night I decided to take the polish off real quick, so I could slap a coat of what I wanted to Konad over tomorrow.  So I grab my Acetone and get to work.  WOW, was it ever work.  This polish was IMPOSSIBLE to remove.  I went thru 2 textured cotton pads soaked thru per finger and still had to take a filing block out to get rid of stubborn bits.  It took so much acetone and scraping with the pads that 4 of my nails wound up so thin that I had to take out my acrylic stuff and add to the nails.  They would have cracked today if I hadn't.

So I came to work with bare fingers, got here early and laid down my polish.  I will Konad over them tonight at Mom's.  Let's all say a prayer that I won't spill polish this time!

Thanks for visiting!
I hope your day is FANTASTIC!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Racin' Haulin' and Braggin' !

Good Morning Ladies!

Prepare to be overwhelmed with Pics!!!

First of all here are a few pics from the race this weekend:

 Remember me telling you about my favorite cars, the Top Fuel Dragsters?  And how they go 0 to 100mph in under 1second, while traveling 60 feet, well I took a pic for you guys just so you could see the distance for yourself.  The green arrow is the start line, you can see the car is just about staged.  By the time they get to the Red arrow, 1 second later, they are going over 100mph!

At night you can see the flames shooting out of the headers!

My Husband's favorite class is the Pro-Stock class.  Here's our favorite competitor, Robert Patrick!

And a few other interesting cars:


Saturday, as I said, it rained.  So once it was all called off, we went and grabbed early dinner at Captain Billy's, our favorite local seafood place that is AWESOME.  Before heading back to the camper, I asked if we could run into Walgreens, and I decided these babies just HAD to come home with me!

Don't mind the tape,  I dropped the bottle in the store and the cap cracked, so I had to tape it shut! But just look at that HOLO:

Those glitters will be showing up in some Frankens very soon!

I decided to do a full mani with my new Sinful Colors (I'll add the name later, forgot to write it down)

Just Look at that glitter, silver and magenta tiny specks of glitter with bigger holo hex's:

Thursday night, the day before we left,  I ran into Sally's to see if Fortune Teller had come in, they didn't think it had, but know that the Crazy China Glaze woman(that's me) MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!! So they dug around and, look what I brought home:

Glacier and Fortune Teller!
They also has Dreamsicle, but it looked terrible with my skintone.

Yesterday I got in to work to discover I had received my OC Nailart order.
I placed 2 orders for 1 plate each and used the Code "Dusty" to get a free dusty on top of a 25% discount.  It ends 9/30 so run and use it if you like dusties!  And can I just say Kathleen ROCKS!  That girl has superpowers.   I had a tracking number 1hr 20min after placing my order! I will never shop with anyone but her, ever again!
Here are the Dusties I got:
a Pinkish Glitter and Blue Sparrow.  But hey, that Glitter looks familiar...

Look how similar!  So since I just bought a near Dupe of that and I have Blue Sparrow already, I'll be stashing these away for a giveaway once I reach 100 Followers!

And now the braggin'...
My Husband is Super talented.  And Super creative.  He makes me jewelry!  Check it out:

My Kick-Butt V8 necklace!  I've gotten so many compliments on this it's ridiculous!
And I know it looks dingy but I like it discolored like that, it looks more blue/purple in real life.  Like Chrome Headers get after they are super hot!
Fuel Injection Nozzles out of an Alcohol-Injected, Blown Hemi.

So I kinda lost my wedding ring, and my engagement ring.  I've looked everywhere.  I'm distraught.  See I was almost 60 pounds heavier when we got married.  So my rings don't fit anymore.  I could have my engagement ring sized, but my band is Titanium with a White Gold stripe in the center.  So while Rob could cut a chunk out and weld it back if it were just Titanium, it would have to get so hot that the Gold would melt!  So I can't have it sized.  So I have been wearing them for over a year with athletic tape wrapped around the underside, and taped together( I swap out the tape once a week minimum).  I have to take it off when I cook or shower because it will get gross and wet and wet stuff against your skin for a long time is never good.  So I took it off at my father in laws Tuesday of last week, to cook.  That's the last time I saw it.
When I went to pick Rob up from work yesterday, (we ride in together, cause we like being around each other, and it saves gas), he had this waiting for me:

Is that not the sweetest thing ever!  I absolutely love it!  It's nice and chunky, just like I like it!  I like chunky jewelry!  It doesn't say "I'm Married"  it says "I'm Married!!!" I mean seriously, my wedding ring was made by my husband, too cool!

So yeah, he's basically the best ever. 

So I'm done assaulting you with pics!  Are your eyes worn out yet?

That's all I have for today ladies!  I will be back to Konading tomorrow, I hope!

Thanks for visiting today, I hope you have a fantastic day!!!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Loooooong weekend and a vault pic!

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

Wow, this weekend sooooooo did NOT go as planed.
Friday was great!  Got to play with a basset hound puppy at the track which pretty much made it an awesome day!  There ain't nothing like getting chewed on by a puppy!
Saturday started good, got to see a few rounds, but of all slower stuff.  Just before the top dragsters were set to come comes the rain.  So we cooked lunch, rain stopped and track drying began.  about 15 minutes before they woulda been done, it started raining again.  This cycle went on 2 more times before they finally called it off for the day!
So rather than leave to come home bright and early Sunday morning, we stayed at the track 'til 5pm so we could actually watch some racing!

We got home alittle after 8pm.  But by the time all the animals were fed, stuff was unpacked, laundry was started and showers were taken (you get pretty grungy at the track!), it was after 10 and I was strugglin'.

So, tomorrow I will have some sweet track pics for you, as well as pics of what I got when we decided to go kill some time during the rain!

But for today I'll pull one outta the vault for ya! (I gotta get to paintin' I'm runnin out of vault pics!!!)

This was a base of an Avon bubble gum pink.  When I went to use it I discovered the cap was defective, so after I managed to get this on, I had to throw the rest of it away.

After the base I used Special Black polish to stamp M57 all over, then added the tip using M19.

This was back when I was using Poshe Top Coat.  You can see why I switched to Seche.  I got streaking pretty regularly with Poshe.

Well that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Race and a side note

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

Today, when I get off work at 4, I will begin running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  We are leaving in the morning for the President's Cup, a HUGE race that we go to every year.!  and that's an understatement!  I LOVE inviting people who have never been to a big race, or seen the fast cars, like top fuel dragsters and funny cars.  Once it gets dark and the dragsters have their turn, I always watch the guest instead of the cars, the first pass.  They are so loud the sound reverberates through your whole body, you can feel your lungs shaking!  and at night you can see the flames that shoot out of the exhaust.  We are talking cars that go 320mph in 4.5seconds!  They go from 0 to 100mph in under 1second, while traveling less than 60 feet!!!  Go ahead, I'll wait, read that again, let it sink in.....Incredible.

So anyway, I decided I needed a fast manicure for the weekend.
So I started with a base of 2 coats of CG Liquid Leather.
Than I promptly dropped my bottle on my moms carpet and ruined those two coats tryin to snatch it up before it leaked the whole bottle out.
Luckily, she was getting ready to get a new rug anyway :::whew:::
So redid the base, then attacked it with my Red Stripe Rite nail art brush.
I needed to do two coats of the red so it was completely opaque, then topped it with 2 coats of Seche to smooth it all out.

Racing Stripes!
Racing stripes make stuff fast....right.....RIGHT????

I was just gonna drop The whole Zoya thing, but wanted to respond to a few comments 
It bothers me that people don't understand my motive.  I'm sharing this experience simply because I would want others to do the same for me, and alot of bloggers share things like this so others can be warned.  Polish Addict is one who does this and I've always appreciated it.  My ONLY problem with them is that I was lied to.  I have never and will never think of myself or claim I am even close to on the same level as Scrangie.  I'm not even sure where someone got that from really.  I don't feel like I should get stuff early either, it would be nice, I'd love to share things with my readers, but I know I'm not a vet like Scrangie or Brooke.  I don't however think that it should matter whether I am Scrangie or a homeless bum when it comes to the customer service I receive.  I placed 3 orders in the span of  3 weeks.  All 3, including the Zoya order were delayed for various reasons.  ALL of the other vendors contacted me IMMEDIATELY to say there was a problem, and asked what I wanted to do.  My problem is that when I asked, they didn't come clean, which I would have had 100% NO PROBLEM with.  Honesty is always the best policy.  I can handle pretty much anything, as long as it is the truth.

Hope that all makes since.
I will not speak of the incident again, so don't worry.
I'm 100% over it, I just wanted to address the comments since it hurts me that people don't know me and don't know my heart, and are therefore making assumptions that just aren't true.

The 1 thing I hate about the internet is that people don't see or understand my personality.  They don't understand my meaning.  I had the best intentions in sharing this with you.  I wasn't trying to be nasty or hateful, or get their attention.  I'm not a picky person.  I'm the one that doesn't complain in restaurants unless there's a hair in my food, and then I apologize for complaining while bringing it to their attention is the sweetest most un-accusatory way possible.
I have always been in customer service, so it's just something I'm passionate about.  I don't ask for anything I myself have not provided to my customers

I won't be updating again until Monday, Sorry!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pink and Black French

Good Morning Ladies!

Today I have my current mani for ya!

I hadn't done a french in a while so I decided to go that route.  But hey, this is me we are talkin about here, so its obviously not gonna be normal!

I started with 3 coats of Sally Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher.  Still tryin to find a good color to use as a base for frenches, this will do for now though.

Ok, here's where it starts getting complicated.
-Next I stamped a french tip using Pure Ice (will update with name later, but its a chrome Rose color) and M19.
-Then I stamped another french tip over this, about a 16th of an inch closer to the edge of the nail, using Special Polish in Black.
-Then I went back to the chrome rose color and stamped my favorite viney/floral design on M73 over the black tip.  I know I know, Just walk away from the viney/floral Christy!  I will I promise!!!
-Finally I added the pretty leafy vine pattern from M36 with Special Polish in Black.

Top with a coat of Seche Vite and there ya have it!

And now for some exciting news!!!
I was running thru Walmart picking up odds and ends for a big race we are going to this weekend, when my peripheral vision picked up something and started screaming at my brain to turn me around!!!  What on earth did I see???

I was good, I only got this one, Envy.  SOOOO PRETTYYYYYY.
I tried to do a quick and dirty swatch on my pinky for you guys last night but the green shimmer just wouldn't show up, it just looked like black polish in all the pics.

So run to Walmart!!!!  get Hard Candy!

Thanks for visiting, hope you all have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Idea Fail and Zoya Responds!!!

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

Today I have the idea I tried originally about a week ago, then tried again, a different way Friday night.  It looked pretty good, just not like I saw in my minds eye.  I have 1 more way to try it, so I will show you then what my inspiration was.

For now here is what went down Friday.

I decided to do the base using water marbling.  I started with my left hand using all China Glaze.  Rich and Famous, Spontaneous, Turned Up Turquoise, and In the Lime Light.  That wound up being too light, so I decided to try different colors on my right hand to see if it was closer to what I was aiming for.  So for the right hand I used CG Caribbean Temptation, CG Spontaneous, CG Sexy in the City and Pure Ice Wild Thing.  When I dripped the colors for my middle nail on my right hand the colors didn't dissipate as much as they had been, and the color came out almost perfect.  I have watched the china glaze video on water marbling and my polish dissipates WAY WAY more then it does in the video.  In the video it spreads but there's still a gap between the bowl and the polish edge, and the polish edge is much more uniform and dense.  I have tried cool water, warm water, room temp water, bottled water, tap water,  I don't know why mine wont work right.
But anyway.  I then took M63 and stamped it in Black over the design.

The finished product reminds me of a cross between tie dye and old school comic books, because of the colors!


I also cant for the life of me, figure out why my Konad design streaked.  I used the same bottle of Special Polish and the same bottle of Seche Vite I always use, and yet, STREAKS!  grrrrrr!

Ok on to Zoya....So skip if you don't care :)

I got a call yesterday afternoon from a very sweet girl, saying she got my message online and was very concerned that my Zoya transaction had left me unhappy.  I explained to her that when I had no shipping confirmation the day after the ship date I got concerned that maybe there was something wrong with the order, so I called and was told it would ship out within the next week.  I explained that I totally understood that things happen, no biggie, but that I really had a problem when I discovered that evening that their website suddenly said "Ships 9/30", and because of that I felt I was lied to by the associate I spoke with.  She apologized and said she had no idea why I was told that and explained that apparently their web design department had gotten their dates mixed up.  9/15 was the Zoya insider and Blogger early release date.  Everyone else gets theirs shipped out 9/30.  She also said that they hope to have them out before then, but it just depended on when the corrected green came in.  I thanked her for the call and explained that that's all I really wanted in the first place and we hung up.
I was satisfied.
Then I got on Twitter today and Zoya had this update yesterday afternoon: "Just wanted to let everyone know that we are 10 days behind on shipping the Matte Winter shades. We know everyone is excited.....we are filling them as fast as we can. No ones account has been charged until the colors ship. Sorry for the delay."
Ok, so does that mean I was lied to yesterday and it really WAS supposed to be released on 9/15, or does that mean that the Bloggers and Insiders are having to wait (because Scrangie and others certainly have theirs already) or does that mean that us "average Joes" have to wait 10 more days past the 30th?
I'm so confused.

All I wanna know now is....
How do I get on their Blogger list???
I want stuff early!

Thanks for visiting, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Pretty Purple Toes

Good Morning Lovlies!

Today I have for you the Pedi I am currently sporting.  I just love how this came out!

I started with a base of China Glaze "Let's Groove" from the Retro Diva Collection.  Man is that purple gorgeous!  Then I took out my M73 plate that I've been obsessed with here lately.  I stamped the viney/floral image using China Glaze "Harmony".


Man I love purple!

Now for a reader request!
PullStrings asked if I could provide a list of non-Konad polishes that work well with Konad.  I will pass along to all of you the list I always refer to!  It is from the fabulous Sasse's 'nad Stamping Stampede.  She, with the help of her readers have compiled an awesome list of polishes that work with Konad.  you can find it here:
Other than that I typically look for polishes that are opaque in 1 coat.  A good way to test in the store without ruining your mani is to swatch the color on the underside of your nail.  Chromes are almost always good, but beware, some colors look chrome in the bottle but are way more sheer once you swatch them.  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri colors are also good, for the most part.  BUT, they are tricky to work with!  I did a mani using a darker blue (cant remember name at the moment) to stamp with and had more trouble with that then any other mani ever!  If you use them just remember to make sure you have a nice thick coat of top coat before you start stamping and work in double time.  The faster I was able to go, the better it worked out.

Thanks for visiting!
Have a great day!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Wrong Season!

Good Morning Lovlies!!!

Since I got caught up in a book last night waiting for Rob to finish up some mods on a radiator, I kinda, sorta, forgot to get the pics together for the pedi I am currently sporting.  SORRY!!!

So, I gotta pull out another vault pic!

This is one I did a while back.  I was getting Spring fever and needed some pretty, light colors to pull me through the last few days of cold weather. 
I cant remember what colors I used.  I know, it's terrible!  I do know almost all of them were frankened cause I couldnt find nice pastels.  I do remember that the pink and yellow were made with NYC colors mixed with white, and that the green was a Pure Ice bright lime green mixed with white.

I painted each nail, then stamped M65 over each with White special polish.

 I got a TON of compliments on this!  I must not have been the only one ready for Spring!

I will also give you a bonus pic, since I've been so lazy!
Here is what I sported for Easter!

I was going for Easter Eggs.  The Bunny's face I LOVE, but the ears wouldn't cooperate.

Zoya Update:  If your interested, read ahead, if not just skip.  I just wanna keep you guys in the loop, because I would want you all to do the same if you have problems with a company.  Let's all look out for each other!  I decided I just wanted to know why I was lied to on the phone Wednesday when I called for an update.  I just can't stand dishonesty.  I always tell my customers "look, I am completely willing to work with you, just keep me in the loop!"  And that how I feel businesses should be.  It's no big deal if something happens unexpectedly, it cant be helped.  But I think the right thing to do is just to let people know!  A simple "Oops, problems, this will be going out late, sorry"  Would make all the difference in the world.  So anyway, I got on their website to look for an email address to send a message to, to ask if it would ship ON the 30th or BY the 30th, since I was told they'd ship within the next week.  No such luck, no email contact.  But they do have live chat.  I clicked the link and it said they were unavailable (it was around 8 or 8:30am), but gave me the option to fill out a form with my inquiry and email address.  So I did.  No response yet.  So I guess we shall see.

Thanks for visiting and have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

ooOOOOoooo Spark-AH-Leeee and Zoya Disappointment!

Good Morning Lovlies!

This morning I have the mani I am currently sporting.  It is not a Konadicure :(
I know I'm sad too!
I lost my mojo.
I have 3 designs in mind right now.  Two I will do Friday night, tips and toes , and the other Sunday.

Todays mani came after I got super dissapointed when my idea just would not come to fruition.

I was totally bummed, nothing was coming to mind, and the clock was ticking.  My husband had fallen asleep beside me and I could simply not bare the idea of leaving my nails naked.

So, I grabbed the 2 things I knew would make me happy....HOLOS and GLITTER!

I did 2 coats of CG "LOL", a nice medium purple, from the OMG collection.
Then did the tip in CG "Liquid Leather".    Then topped that with a coat of CG "Fairy Dust".
Then...I lost my mind.  I decided I needed....MORE GLITTER!!!!
So I added a nice line between the tip and the base with my silver glitter Stripe Rite.
Since the sun is MIA I took two pics.  First one is in my kitchen, under florescent lights, the second is in my bathroom at work which has a halogen light.  The halogen really brings out the holo!

Now, the story of my first interaction with Zoya.  Scrangie, who, completely rocks by the way, showed a sneak peak for Zoya's Matte Velvet Winter collection on August 19th.  I saw it and fell in love!  A Magenta/purple, a Blurple, and a Green??!?!?!?  Are you kidding! I HAD to have it!
So the next morning I got to work early and placed my pre-order.  I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for these.  They were to be released on 9/15.  9/15 came and went, and no shipping confirmation.  Checked again yesterday and still no shipping confirmation.  After exploring their website and finding there is no way to check your order status, I wrote down all the info I'd need and called them when I went to lunch.  After waiting forever, which I dont mind really, it was my turn with customer service.  I was super nice, told the girl(who was also sweet) I was just calling to check the status of my order.  She looked it up and said, "looks like your order should ship in the next week or so".  My jaw dropped.  I said "uh....ok....but your website says it will ship the 15th, and that was yesterday, so I should just ignore that?"  she then procedes to tell me they they are still checking to make sure the polish is right, and checking all the bottles to make sure the colors are right!  I'm still flabbergasted.  I said ok, no prob, I'll just be patient.  Maybe I'm being too high maintenance, maybe I expect too much.  But I guess I feel like if a company has on their website that something will ship on a particular day, that it should.  And if something unforseen happeneds, fine, no prob, but either change the ship date on the website and/or send an email out to those that ordered letting them know there was an unexpected delay and that it will go out about a week late.
Still bummed about that, but I suppose I will live!

*UPDATE: I just checked, appearently they had complaints.  the site now states "Pre-Order Now, Ships 9/30"   So much for "it will ship in the next week or so".  I will have to really think about it before I do business with Zoya again.

I'm done ranting, LOL!

Dont forget to sign up for MagicMaid's 100 follower giveaway!  It end tomorrow!!!!

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you have a fantastic day!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Happy Birthday and an old mani

Before I begin rambling I just want to say the following:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first follower...MY MOM!!!

Mom, you are seriously the greatest mom ever!  I know alot of people think their mom's are the best, but I'm sorry, they are wrong, mine is! :)  Thanks for always teaching me to be whoever and however I wanted to be, and for supporting all my crazyness, whether mundane, like doing my nails weird colors, or wild, like when you helped me dye my hair bright magenta pink!   I LOVE YOU!!!
(and I really miss the pink hair!) :)

Ok, well Rob got done WAY WAY sooner than I would have liked yesterday, so I had to wait 'til I was home and we had trained in the gym, to play.  I was super bummed cause I could not get the awesome image in my head to work on my nails.  I will not claim defeat though!  I'm still working on it!

So for today I have an old mani for ya.  It's actually my husbands second favorite!  LOL

For this I used China Glaze "Liquid Leather" for the base.  Then I used the swirly patterm from M63.  I took China glaze "Harmony", "Cherish" and "Adore" and dropped dots randomly over the design, making sure I had each color on their twice at least for variety.  Then a quick scrape and stamp and voila!

I'm sorry about the messy cuticle area.  I hadn't cleaned it all up yet. is having an awesome contest, green and gold glitters!!!  So be sure to visit her awesome blog and enter! also has a great contest goin on!
Well that's all for today ladies!
Thanks for visiting, and have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shattered Blue Glitter

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!!!

This morning I have my current mani for ya!
There must be something in the air, because usually I wear my konadicures for days and never get tired of them.  But it seems like I'm doing them, loving them, and by the end of the day I'm ready for something new!  It's bad cause it's severely cutting into my already inadequate sleep!  So this will stay on until I get off work, then it will be taken off and I'll try out an idea I've been toying with.  My husband is staying at the shop late so he can finish up some mods he had to make to the 64 fairlane so we can take it to the cruise-in in Ocean City MD in October!  So that gives me play time!!!

So anyway, here is what the base looked like yesterday
This is 2 coats of China Glaze "Liquid Leather" topped with 1 coat of Pure Ice "Strapless".
I LOVE glitters for their durability, but checkout my thumb!  I have never ever had a polish wear on me that fast! so odd.  
I wanted to try out that new China Glaze polish I got to see if it worked with Konad like I thought it would.  Sure enough, it worked GREAT!  just had to work in double time, since it was drying way way fast!  The polish I used was China Glaze "Millennium" from their Chrome and Glitter collect that Sally's is carrying.  and I used M64 for the stamp.  I'm gonna show you both hands since the right actually came out pretty good, and I rotated the stamp and used it upside down from the way I used it on my left.  Definitely gives it two different looks.

I took the base color pic out in the sun, but the finished mani pics were in artificial light since it was way dark when I got done.
I hope all you ladies have a fantastic day!


10 Random Facts

Wixology tagged me to list 10 random facts about me!
Thanks Girl!

I'm pretty random. It should be my middle name! So this should be interesting!!

All buckled up? Ok here we go...

1 - I am Italian, Sicilian and Native American, by heritage.

2 - I currently have 5 tattoos. And I have 6 in the making! but 1 of the six is a continuation of a current tattoo. All were gotten at important times in my life. My favorite is the Holy Spirit with Holy Fire on my shoulder/chest/arm. It not only has the greatest meaning, it also has sentimental value since I drew the Holy Spirit, and my Husband drew all the flames.

3 - I was offered a full art scholarship in high school, but turned it down. I took a year off between High School and College to help my mom take care of my grandfather who suffered from stroke related dementia (acts just like Alzheimer's)

4 - I have owned a pretty wide array of animals in my life. Not including the ones I currently own, I have had the pleasure of owning: 3 hamsters which just so happened to include a chubby one, named Theodore, a long skinny one named Simon, and of course a red one named Alvin! A bunny named Thumper, who LOVED Thia hot chilies out of my grandfathers garden, she'd nibble then go tearing around the cage like a crazed lunatic! A gold fish that I taught to kiss me through the glass! A Hedgehog named Mr Quiggles. A Parrot, Parakeet, Chinchillas, Curly Tailed Swift (lizard), a Ferret that liked to bite my earlobe and lock on! And my most beloved baby, Lil Bit:

5 - I LOVE Coffee. I used to drink it with a metric ton of sugar, but ever since I started this low carb eating plan 2 years ago, and had to cut it out, I cant stand sweet coffee. I get 1 day a week for a carb-up. And I have tried to drink coffee with sugar, but just cant, I like it strong, with half and half! And OFTEN! i can drink a cup before goin to bed without any side effects.

6 - I can recite, word for word, the entire movie Little Mermaid. Sad but true. My little sister watched this movie, back to back, over and over, when she was little, and to this day the words are ingrained into my dna!

7 - I have an un-natural obsession with cartoons. LOL I LOVE cartoons. I watch them every morning, and of course on the weekends! Penguins of Madagascar, Back at the Barnyard, Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Transformers, King of the Hill....It's a bit rediculous.

8 - I generate over 1000 invoices by hand every month for the company I work for. It's my least favorite time of the month!

9 - I think I mentioned it before, but I am half owner and business manager of a company (not the one I work for day to day). My Husband and I own 1320 Speed & Kustom. 1320 is the number of feet in a quarter mile, drag racers race for a quarter mile, just fyi! so yeah, check us out of your bored! You will probably find the about us page most interesting, at the bottom of that be sure to click on "click here to see our past" for all the fun pics, there are a few of me at the end, my husband insisted. He must like me or somethin' :)

10 - How I met my man. I left this for last cause its a long story! but I think it's interesting. I had been married to a not so great guy, for a year and 3 months before I knew I had to get out. After the divorce was final, I missed having someone to hang with, so I turned to the internet! I'm not much of a clubber or bar hopper. After alot of nasty perverted guys contacted me, I was chatting with a friend I talked to online alot and was complaining to him one day "Why can't I find a guy that has a Vin Diesel build, has tattoos and likes mine, loves animals, is into cars, has a motorcycle, loves the Lord, and thinks I'm all that and a bag of chips!?!?! is that too much to ask???"
A few days later I got a message online from this guy named Rob. He said that he knew we weren't a match, but just wanted to say that he read my profile and really loved my morals and thought I was gorgeous. Well I wanted to know why we weren't a match, Darn it!?!?! He responded with the fact he was 16 years older than me and..."I guess I'm just hoping to meet a girl that wants a guy who has a muscular, Vin Deisel type body, goes to drag races when not wrenchin' on an engine or riding my motorcycle, has tattoos, and loves animals and family. But I guess alot of girls aren't into that"
My mouth dropped open!
I then proceed to yell at my friend and tell him how mean it was to tease me like that, I mean really, that's just cruel.
after quite a while he finally convinced me that it wasn't him who sent that message.
and it wasn't, it was my now husband!
Now is that cool or what?
to make matters cooler...he had worked 1/2 a block from my house for almost 20 years! Our childhoods are even similar, and we were born at the same hospital!
Yes, hes 16 years older, but he really doesn't act his age, which is great! He's in better shape than alot of 20 year olds, all his friends are my age, he just feels my age, not his! It works

so enough rambling....

I Tag in no particular order:

Getcha Nails Did

Painted Lady Fingers



Hope I didn't bore you all too bad!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Mani/Pedi

Good Morning!

I know I said I'd have this up on Saturday, and I'm sorry that didn't happen. My husband left our camera at work, and there was no time Saturday to run and get it, so I didn't even get pics taken until last night!

Like I said earlier, I had a wedding to go to Saturday. I was the unofficial wedding coordinator. I wore a dress that my sister got me for Christmas. It's a super cute pin-upy (is that a word?) "secretary" dress. The top was black with white polka dots and the bottom was solid black, and I had the perfect shoes for it!
I wanted to accent with red, so I decided on China Glaze "China Rouge" and China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"

China Rouge looks too orangy in the above pic, not sure why. It's definitely a true red.

I started out with 1 coat of "China Rouge" and decided I wanted more depth. So I topped that with 1 coat of "Ruby Pumps" on my nails, and 2 coats on my toes.

I just LOVE these shoes so I decided to add the Polka Dot Bow design from M59 to match. I stamped that just on my big toes and on all fingers with Konad Special Polish on Black. Then using my White Stripe Rite nail art polish, I added the white polka dots. It definitely isn't perfect, but I really enjoyed it!

Odd thing...I LOVE Ruby Pumps, just Love it! And I love Red! But I get tired of red on my nails pretty quick! So needless to say this was all removed last night. I had the intentions of a full konadicure on tips and toes, but only got the base colors on both before I just couldn't do it anymore. 4:45 comes way too early, and it was WAY past my bedtime.
I will add my Konad designs tonight, and have my new current mani and pedi for you tomorrow.

Thanks for Visiting!
Have a Fantastic day!!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

My Husbands Favorite

Today I am pulling yet another old mani out of the vault.
This was my husbands favorite so far!

The idea came from the lovely KonADDICT
She is SUPER talented, and really creative. She uses combinations of designs, and really thinks outside the box! She's made me really open my eyes to the possibilities that Konad has to offer. Check her out, you wont regret it!!!

I didn't have the plates she used so I improvised.

I started with a base that was a franken. It was made by mixing CG Black Diamond with a silver polish (I think I used Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go, but cant remember). I was going to use the Black Diamond as it was, but knew it was too dark for the Black Special Polish to show up on.

Random Tip!!!! I ALWAYS add a nice thick layer of Seche Vite to my base before starting to Konad. This serves 2 purposes...
1 - I'm too impatient to wait for the polish to dry, I wanna Konad NOW!!! :)
2 - I frequently stamp a design and don't like how it placed. If I have a coat of Seche Vite on, I can get a cotton pad damp with acetone and VERY QUICKLY and lightly swipe over the nail, pulling off the Konad image, but preserving the base polish. I can sometimes swipe off up to 3 times before I hit the base. You may notice the base looks alittle murky or cloudy after the swipe, but that has always cleared up for me once I add my final top coat after I am done!

Ok, back on topic!!!

First I stamped the lace pattern from M57, using an old Rimmel Chrome color (label fell off forever ago) stamping it so it left a decent sized gap at the tip of the nail. Then I stamped the fishnet pattern, again with the Chrome, at the tip so that the edges met without leaving a gap.

Then I went back and added the cute swirly leaf pattern from M51, with Special Polish in Black, to the edge of the tip. this helped cover some bare spots I had from the image not transferring properly.

Then using Special Polish in Black again, I stamped the flower cluster pattern at the cuticle.

I got alot of compliments on this! And I love the final look. Kinda edgy, kinda girly, very cool!

Side note:

China Glazed just released the Glitter and Chrome Collection to Sally's stores. There are 3 "chromes" a gold, a bronze and a silver chrome. I quickly swiped them on the underside of my nail so I could test and see how opaque they are and the Silver was opaque with hardly any polish. I have not tested it out yet, but have a strong feeling that this will be perfect to Konad with!

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so I will be doing my tips and toes this evening and posting that picture tomorrow or Monday(depends how the day goes, LOL)

Thanks for visiting!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alittle about me...

So I thought maybe I'd post a little about who this crazy person called "Christy" is.

I'm kinda the "about me" section over to the right says. I like alot of things, alot of random things!

I'm 29, married to a great guy (seriously, the greatest guy ever). I work as an office manager, but me and my husband own our own business, building race cars, and hot rods!

I am VERY into cars and drag racing. I just got done building a big block Ford motor for my father-in-laws 1963 Ford Galaxie. Its sweet! And found out this weekend, that he's giving me their 1963 Ford Fairlane! It will be a "Street Rod", mild enough to cruise around without drawing too much unwanted attention, but fast enough to be some good competition on the drag strip! It really means alot to me, as this car was my mother-in-laws pride and joy. My mother-in-law was just the greatest. Such a sweet woman, I loved her for the first moment we met, and she thought I was pretty cool too :) She past away a year and 4 months ago, after a short battle with lung cancer that had spread to her brain. It was unexpected, she was fighting, and doing pretty good.
We (my father-in-law, and husband) have 2 cars they currently race. The Galaxie, and the 1964 Fairlane:

We are also animal lovers! We currently have a bunny, an iguana(big bad Louie!) and this little handful:

The above pictures were taken for a calendar we'd put together every year as a Christmas Present for my mother-in-law. To say she loved this little dog, is the understatement of the year! She would pick her up every afternoon after she got off work, and "Macy-sit" until we got off work! Macy was like her grandchild!

We are also Powerlifters. My husband holds MANY regional, state and US records in powerlifting! I have not competed yet, but hope to in the NEAR future! I currently bench 205lbs with no bench shirt (bench shirts support your body to allow you to lift more weight). Bench is my favorite thing to do in the gym! When I compete I will only do Bench Press, but typical Powerlifting meets have 3 lifts. The Bench Press, Squat, and Dead Lift. Do to some weird hip issues, I am just not good at the Squat. I really enjoy deadlifting though, just not my strong point, like bench is!

I am also very much into Pin-up. I dress the part whenever we go to car shows and cruise-ins. The new "pin-up" you see I'm not crazy about! Girls walking around at car shows in lingerie, not cool. Pin-up to me is all about being sexy while being classy and modest.

Well, I suppose I should stop rambling! I'll close with a picture of my husband and me. It's the picture we use for our business website, I just love it!

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Have a fantastic day!


My Birthday Mani

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

I have multiple pictures of Konadicures that I have done prior to starting this blog. And over the next few weeks I will be posting them randomly.

My Birthday was in June, and I decided I wanted a Konadicure that was totally "me". So I started thinking....What are my favorite things....Bright colors! Animal Print! Polish that has a contrasting color flash! Well I thought and thought and just couldn't decide. So I did what any crazy polish addict would do (I hope), I chose all of the above!

So here ya go...the Birthday mani!

The polishes are as follows:
Pink - CG Caribbean Temptation, a nice bright pink with a blueish purple flash
Purple - CG Tempest, a blue-purple with a pretty blue flash
Blue - CG Frostbite, a gorgeous shimmery blue (sadly, no flash)
Turquoise - CG Sexy in the City, a nice aqua/turquoise with a green flash
Green - Maybelline Express Finish in Go Go Green, a super pretty lime green with a golden yellow flash!

I topped it all with the the Leopard and Zebra prints from Konad plate M57 (my most used plate!)

My husband absolutely loved this! He's too cute, I always show him my latest creation as soon as I'm done with it, and he will sit there and give me his opinion, on the color choices, image placement, colors used for the stamp, it's really too cute. I get a HUGE kick out of it! He really loves my nail designs. His favorite is the whole nail images.

That's all I have for now!

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Have a fantastic day!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Adore For Audrey

Good Morning lovely ladies!

Today I have my current Konad creation!

For this I used China Glaze "Liquid Leather" for my ring finger and thumb, and China Glaze "For Audrey" on the rest.

Then using Konad plate M73 I stamped the viney floral design over the black using China Glaze "Adore" and over "For Audrey" using Black Special Polish.

I really love the outcome, but wish I had swapped the colors and used "For Audrey" as the accent instead. I just LOVE the way that "Adore" looks over the black!

And as a bonus, here's the color I picked up at Sally's yesterday when I ran in to get another Seche Vite ( I was almost out, and I'm pretty sure I can't live with out the stuff!)

China Glaze "In the Lime Light"

I've been eyeing this for quite some time and finally decided to go ahead and get it! The pic doesn't quite capture the neon-ness of the polish, and or the pretty blue flash that this polish has!

That's it for this morning!
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Stash!!!

Alrighty, here it is...the stash!


As I said before, if anyone sees a color and has that "What color is THAT!?!?!" moment, feel free to ask!

With the Exception of my two blacks...China Glaze "Liquid Leather", and Sephora by OPI "What's the Tire Jack?" Matte, That's all of it!

Thanks for looking!

I'll be back tomorrow with my current Konadicure!