Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting off Halloween week!

Good morning my Lovely readers!

Sorry I never got a chance to post this weekend!  The race rained out Saturday, but we spent the day tryin to track down some new carburetors, since the ones on the motor right now were bogging it down off the start line.
Regardless of the carb problems, Rob raced the Galaxie Sunday and made it down to the semi finals!  Sadly he red lighted(started too soon), and therefore lost, but not bad considering all the carb issues, and the fact that we started in a field of about 200 cars!  So YAY Rob!  Sometime next year I will probably run it!  Super excited about that!

On the today's mani!!!

I figured I'd start the week off with what my entry was for Sasse's 'nad Stamping Stampede's Halloween Nail Art Kontest!

I used a wide variety of nail polishes, too many to list,  so if anyone wants to know what a certain color is, don't hesitate to ask in the comments section and I will respond there, so be sure to check back there for the answers!
Everything was hand painted using nail polish and Stripe Rite nail art paints, EXCEPT the wolf and bat on my thumbs were clipart printouts that I decoupaged on.  I just laid down a layer of top coat, laid on the image, and topped it with top coat again!

Some designs turned our the way I pictured, others, not so much!  This took FOREVER, so the longer I worked the more tired of messing around with it I got!  But here it is....


I thought I'd also share a pic from Halloween last year.  A really good friend of Rob and I has a birthday a few days prior to Halloween, so his wife thought it would be fun to not only throw him a surprise party, but to have it be a Costume Surprise Party, cause really, who DOESN'T like to dress up!

So here's a pic from the party!

(l to r): Dave, our best buddy(and goof ball); Jess, his wife; me and Rob, and my father-in-law, big pimpin' in his Zoot Suit!

Rob was a gladiator!  I wish I woulda gotten a pic of him in his helmet! and I was...hmmm, not sure how to describe it...a rock/punk/alternative schoolgirl?
sure we'll go with that!

Thanks all I have for today! 
Thanks for visiting!
I hope you all have a fantastic day!



MightyLambchop said...

I love these so much! You are amazing, girl.

Mary said...

Love them all! You did some fantastic work with your designs! Your FIL's costume is hilarious :)

Unknown said...

Love the Halloween mani, the mummy is awesome!

OH and your costume from last year...yeah you were dressed as me 20 years ago minus the mohawk. lol

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun! you are just so sweet!

Thanks girlie! yeah he cracks me up! He is quite the ham!

thanks! the mummy eye didn't come out exactly like I wanted, but oh well, lol
See, I'll have to re-name my costume, "Vintage EvilAngel"!

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

Spooky nails! =) very artistic I love them!

Miss Yaya said...

the nails are awesome!!!

Revampy said...

The mummy, teeth and spider web are my favorite. You did a great job!

Stiletto said...

Thank you!

Miss Yaya,
Thank you so much!


Paige said...

I love those nails!!!

Unknown said...

awesome mani girl! i especially love the mummy and the bloody teeth :D

nihrida said...

I'm gonna say it here too: You've got killer legs! WOW

Stiletto said...

Why thank you!

Thanks hun!

AWW, you are just the sweetest! thank you! I actually really don't like my legs, need to cut a bit more fat off them, I don't mind them being thick from muscle, but i still got a bit too much "fluff" there! LOL

Shayla said...

Wow, you're so talented with nail art! There's no way I could do any of that on my right hand (I am by *no* means ambidextrous).

Yay for Halloween!

Pink Ginger said...

That's a really fun mani! and I love all of your costumes (especially the 'Zoot suit') Looks like a fun party!

Nicole said...

I wish I had a quarter of your talent, I can't even properly Konad! I think I'll just be using nail stickers for some cute Halloween manis. I had hoped to have the Konad stuff down in time for Halloween, but I think I'm hopeless! ;) I'll just stare at your goodies, because I know you have more tricks up your sleeve.
And aren't you cute in your costume?
LOVE your father in law's - what a hoot! :P

Lucy said...

Your manicure is adorable. Love your nail art. So sorry about not winning. Rob almost made it. Maybe next time. Love your costume picture. You look fantastic. Rob looks handsome as a gladiator. What are you going to be this year?

Brooke said...

AWESOME!!! I love these :) I love when I get creative like that and just start creating away!

Love the costumes :)