Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miss Macy...Take 2!

Good afternoon Lovelies!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, and Costumes and Halloween go hand in hand, I thought I'd share the second installment Macy pictures!  
The Pics I will share today are from the second calender we made.  This year we chose a "Macy in the Movies" Theme!  We picked out Momma B's favorite movies (and TV shows) and used those to dictate the pictures.  Sadly I am missing August, No Idea how, But I'm gonna search tonight on my laptop and I'll add it to tomorrow's post if I track it down!

So, without further ado...Macy goes to the Movies!

This was the Cover, Momma B was a HUGE Mickey Fan!

American Graffiti
If you haven't seen this movie yet, go watch it!

All together now..."Who lives in a pineapple under the sea..."
I actually cut out the felt that made SpongeBob and Patrick and made her little hat!
I was shocked how well they turned out!

American Chopper..She's Paul Sr.!
Funny thing is my husband is a Jr, and him and his dad argue about how to do car stuff just like Paul Sr and Pauly on the show, but Rob and his dad are WAY nicer about it!

Evil Do-ers Tremble in fear..Dodo dodo dodo dodo BAT DOG!

Pirates of the Caribbean
The only thing missing from her stash of Booty is chicken strip treats and squeaky toys!

We were actually set to compete with both the Fairlane and Galaxie for Pinks All-Out but couldn't get them done in time!

Longest Yard
Best part of the new movie is Bill Goldberg in the shower, talking about his Iguana!
Cracks me up every time!

Momma B LOVED The Closer!
This was my least favorite, but we had to include it!

Dukes of Hazzard
The hair is what gets me!

Wizard of OZ
Odd thing...We didn't realize 'til after how she lined up PERFECTLY in the Tin Man's Spot!
That was completely NOT intentional!

Miracle of 34th St.
This one makes me giggle!

I can't WAIT to show you the next one we did!

Hope you all have a great afternoon.



Brooke said...

LMAO at the wig!!! Great job on all the pics, I love these!!

KONADomania said...

OMG, she's super cute! Perfect pictures, love them all!

nihrida said...

I don't really know if I should smile or say: ''Poor doggy''!. :)
I love, LOVE these: SpongeBob (huge sponge Bob fan), OCC (she looks just like Paul), Batman & Pirate. :)))

Michelle said...

:( no macy mickey for me?

Unknown said...

Macy is a true pro! I love these, adorable!

awesomevegan said...

SO CUTE!!! Makes me want to make a kitty calendar! :) My cats would not like the dressing up part LOL.

Amarena said...

I also love it! Just looking at it makes me laught. OCC, Bat dog and Pirates are my favorites:) Great job!

Stiletto said...

I'm so glad this could bring a smile to everyone! They make us grin everytime we see them!

Thanks guys!

Lucy said...

I love this! You do such an amazing job with costumes and props. My favorite is American Graffiti. I love the pink poodle skirt. Each month is really fantastic. They are works of art.