Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Need your help!

Well Hello again Lovely readers!

I have a favor to ask of you!

I am on the hunt for 2 items, and I thought, "Who better to ask for assistance, than my awesome readers!"


I am looking for the following:

The Hot Topic Nail art stamping kit, that came out abotu a year ago.
Sinful Colors in "Show Me the Way"

I have looked for the polish on cherry culture, and no luck....poo!

SO! if any of you know where I might find these items online, or would like to sell yours or know of someone who might sell them, PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Thank you all for any help you may have!

If you wanna email me directly, my email address is pwrlftrchick (at) yahoo.com


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I have "Show Me The Way". You have anything you wanna swap for it?

My neighborhood indie beauty supply stores carry all the Sinful Color polishes you can name, so it's easy for me to get them. :)

Lizzrd said...

Greetings from Richmond! Try Walgreen's...that's where I found it and all the other Sinful glitters!!

Revampy said...

I tried my local hot topics for the nail art but no luck in So. Cal.

ThRiSzHa said...

i hope this would help... http://www.thefreshfiends.com/hot-topic-nail-art-kit/

Denise said...

Hi-ya! I also have show me the way if you'd like it. I'm happy to share. :-) Have a great day!!!

Stiletto said...

Thank you all sooooo very much for your generosity! I have someone I'm gonna swap some stuff she doesn't have access too. If, for any reason she cant find it after all, I'll hit you guys up!