Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Courtney, Orange you a Fortune Teller?

Good Morning Lovelies!

I am currently guzzling down coffee, trying desperately to stay awake.  Maybe I should just call my nurse friend and ask her to hook me up a caffeine IV, then my bladder wouldn't be holding me back!  Sorry, that's probably TMI, but my brain isn't working so well today!  As soon as I got off work yesterday, me and Rob hit to road to drive up to Northern Virginia to pick up our new addition to the gym, a new Leg Press!!!  WOOOHOOO!  This guy bought it new, used it like 6 times, then wound up having to have a spinal fusion, so he couldn't use it anymore.  So that means we got a barely used, super nice leg press for a 1/4 of the price!  We are super excited!

ANYWAY....now that you know why this post may be a bit nonsensical...we shall move on.

Mom wanted me to tell all of you that she really appreciates you guys making her feel so welcome and accepted!  She couldn't get over how sweet you all are!  I thank you as well!  She's pretty awesome!  She's the only woman I know that can custom build a computer from spare parts, then go whip up a delicious loaf of bread, all while making quilts or cute clothes for me!  and talk about smart!  If it wasn't for her knowledge and teaching ability, I wouldn't be able to do all the financial stuff I do for the company I work for!  She has a genius level IQ!   But enough about my fantastic Mom, you get me on that subject and I'll never shut up!

On to today's mani!

I was really excited to do this mani, but sadly it fell short on the nails.

I did this Sunday morning while Rob was changing out the ignition box on the Galaxie so we could start racing!  I started this by free handing some french tips in Sinful Colors "Courtney Orange" (THANKS ELAINE!!!), this took 3 coats.  I then filled in the bottom with a coat of Wet and Wild "Black Creme".  I added 2 coats of China Glaze "Fortune Teller" over the Black Creme.  I used the back creme first because when I tested out Fortune Teller on it's own, I thought it looked a bit brownish, due to the orange glitter in the black jelly base.  Putting a coat of Black down first, really kept it looking nice and black!  I also did a little trick prior to putting on my top coat.  I wanted the orange glitter to pop more and be bolder, so I took a bit of felt (THANKS MOM) saturated in Acetone and very quickly and lightly brushed over the surface.  This took off just a touch of the black jelly that was laying on top of the glitter and really made it pop.  This will make the polish look dull and slightly cloudy, but that will go away once you add top coat!

While I really did LOVE this, it bugged me to no end that the tips looked so thick and chunky.  It was mostly due to me painting them on to wide, I should have made them a little more than half this size. I also couldnt get my smile line nice and curved that day.

Sadly, this stayed on for a few hours before I just couldn't take the tips any longer.  I took it off and put the base of my next planned mani, and that's when we started running practically round robin at the race, so that was abandoned!

I have a mani in mind that I will try to do tomorrow.  I think tonight will involve bringing in and assembling the Leg Press and then crashing in the bed!

Oh, 1 more thing...
remember the story I told you all on Thursday about my nails getting so stained?  well, here's the pic...keep in mind there is NO POLISH on my nails at all!

Can you believe that?
Why on Why does the Purple have to be so gorgeous!
Anyone have any recommendations for a good base coat that prevents staining?  The one I use occasionally doesn't do much (no I wasn't wearing it here though)!

That's all I have for you today my dears!  I'll have a fun mani for you tomorrow that Rob LOVED!  He said it was one of his favorites!

Have a fantastic day!



jollyo said...

When I saw your stained nails my mouth dropped open!!! Now that is stained!! Thanks so much for the sweet comments you made on my blog!! I'm feeling a little better today! I was just wondering if you are in south-west VA? I'm only about 4 miles from the VA line and was wondering if we were close to each other? Anywho, I hope that you have a wonderful day!!


KONADomania said...

Wow, this mani is gorgeous, love it! It halloweenish but still wearable also on other days, really great:*

Stiletto said...

YAY that your feeling better! I'm so glad! I work in Harrisonburg VA, so western Virginia(only 30 miles or so from the WV border), but probably about in the middle north to south wise. Where are you at?
you can shoot me an email if u don't wanna respond with there info here, at pwrlftrchick @ yahoo.com

Thanks hun! So glad you like it! Yeah it's Halloween without screaming HALLOWEEN! :)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Wow, the stain!!! So far I only use the Sally Hansen moisturizing base coat, haven't got the stain problem. There might be better base coats that I didn't know of though :-)

Stiletto said...

Isn't that crazy?!?!
i appreciate the suggestion! thanks!

MightyLambchop said...

Love the mani. Thanks for the tip about making the glitter pop w/Fortune Teller layer. I don't know what's a good base coat for acrylic overlays. I used to recommend OPI acrylic base coat to people but never got any feedback. Sorry it's not much help!

Stiletto said...

Mighty Lambchop,
No prob! I love the glow form within with the jelly glitter polishes, but it's nice sometimes for the glitter to go to the surface and pop!
Thanks for the recommendation! I will DEFINITELY look into that and let u know if i get it!

nihrida said...

Hey there! I'm glad to hear about your new gym toy. :) Congrats on the good buy!
Well, now we know where you got your smarts from. Your mother must be one astounding lady. Say hi to her in my name! :)
I like your mani, but I think I'd prefer it without the orange tips. You did a great job on them and free hand! WOW! I just don't like orange that much. :)
And about your stained nails... I can't believe it. And i thought my nails are stained. :) Anyway, some of the recommendations I got: Sally Hansen Nail Quencher, Orly Bonder, Nailtek Foundation II - and at least 2 layers of base coats. Hope this helps.

Stiletto said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I appreciate it!

ThRiSzHa said...

ur nails are so gorgeous... i couldnt believe that it was a stained nails...try nailtek foundation...

Paige said...

That mani is so gorgeous! Congrats on finding a good deal on a leg press; those things are spendy!

Nessa said...

Hi Christy!
Great Halloween mani! I have fortune teller and I haven't worn it yet. Maybe I will try something similar to this.
I can't believe that your nails are that stained! I have heard that 'Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat
is the first truly non-yellowing base coat for nail polish. After ten years of development Seche Clear was created to provide a clear base coat for nail polish that will not yellow and will adhere to the natural nail. If you want a truly clear base coat this is currently the only one. Apply to a properly prepared nail plate as an alternative to Seche Base.' I've heard it's good and you can get it at Sally's. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

I love the Halloween funky french!

Holy stains there lovie! I use Sally Hansen Nail Quencher but I've heard that it's not good on acrylics, so I'm useless!

Can I adopt your Mom? Please!!!!!!!!!!!

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun! I will definitly try that!

Aww, thanks! Yeah $400, for a $1200+ leg press, we were thrilled!

Contests N Such,
Thanks hun! I will definitely look into sech base or clear! It seems to be coming down to that or nailtek!

Thank you sweets!
I'll share! Everyone needs an Italian Momma!
Can u believe those stains?!?! That's from the Sinful Colors "Let's Talk" i had on last week!

Shayla said...

Love, love, LOVE the black/orange French mani! Your freehand abilities are way above mine, haha.

Sorry about the stained nails...that's ridonculous! :|

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Awesome funky french! :) That is a great deal on a leg press.

That is stained! Wow! Have you thought of doing a gel overlay on your acrylic? It's super easy to do. It doesn't come off with acetone. It is SUPER shiny but nail polish sticks to it really well. :) Plus, you can use pure acetone to remove your polish and it doesn't remove your nails... Can you tell I like gels?

Unknown said...

congrats on your new gym toy :) leg presses are one of the machines i actually know how to work in a gym haha. hope you have fun with it! i like your tip on how to get the glitter in fortune teller to "pop". i notice that in polishes, mostly glitters, sometimes that when i start to take them off, when the first layer is stripped away, it almost looks like a whole new cooler polish! (for example, hard candy mr. wrong) i was also SHOCKED to see your poor purple stained nails. i recommend seche clear for preventing staining. i use it always always on my bare nail because it is guaranteed non-yellowing (or something haha). i sometimes put a ridge filler over it if my ridges are showing bad, or orly bonder/cnd stickey if the polish is the runny kind. *phew* sorry this is such a long comment!!

ANYWAY, your orange tips with the fortune teller is a fun idea and i think you did had a good go of it with doing freehand :)

Dani said...

Sorry about your nails, that is really awful! Seche Clear is supposed to be good to help stop yellowing/staining and that's what I use, but I don't know how great it does compared to others. Although, I think ANY base coat is better than none

Lucy said...

Holy moly they are some stained nails! I love your manicure. I really like the orange tips. Your Mother sounds like a wonderful and amazing women. I don't blame you for wanting to talk more about her. I'd love to hear more about her. Pretty terrific bargain you bought. Good luck with it. (((hugs)))

MudMaskHoochie said...

I'm late to this post but congrats on the new Gym toy :) I love finding things almost new and cheap too lol. I love the Fortune Teller tip about the acetone, I have to try that. OMG at the stains. I thought that was a swatch of purple polish and when I saw you say there was no polish there I almost fainted. Did this ever come off? Love your blog :)