Monday, October 5, 2009

Today's Random Things

I just wanted to share a few pics I took this weekend, that I really liked.

The first one is an awesome moth that was hanging out on my husbands car.  I could not get over how cool he was, so I had to snap some pics of him.  Check it out:

Click to make HUGE
 I just LOVE his furry little "tail"!

Next, is what we came home to in our front yard:

Aren't they precious!

This little family apparently lives near us because I spotted them walking across our yard earlier that morning.
They actually let us get about 10 feet away from them. 

Furry moths and baby deer, I LOVE living in the mountains!

Just wanted to share the cuteness!



LfsAlot said...

My goodness that moth looks huge! and so furry! I have never seen a moth like that before. So unique and original.

april brooks said...

WOW! That is one amazing moth!

Brooke said...

That moth is so cool!! He looks so cuddly ;)

Stiletto said...

He actually wasn't very big,only an inch and a half or so. But the little fuzzy tail is what put me over the edge!

Maestra said...

OMG, what a moth!?! So furry!!And that cute deer family... just wonderful!

Lucy said...

I've never seen that type of moth. How pretty it is. Wonderful deer family. It's such an honor to see these animals. A blessing. You must see lots of gorgeous animals living in the mountains.