Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

I've hit 101 followers in under 2 months?!?!?!
Thank you guys so very much!  You completely ROCK!

Man, if I woulda known posting shirtless pics of my hubby woulda shot my follower count up over 5 followers in 1 day I woulda done this a LOOOONG time ago!  {{{note to self, take more shirtless pics of Rob}}} 

We are heading to a race for the weekend and leaving tomorrow morning.  We are stopping in a large city along the way and they have an Ulta!  YAY!  so I will pick up a few more things to add to my giveaway stash then!  Keep your eyes peeled, I hope to have my giveaway all arranged and ready to announce very soon!

oh, I'm still beaming here but I'll try to get back to my regularly scheduled programing!

Good Morning my fabulous readers!!!
How are you today?

First I have to share with you something a bit amusing.  Last night was dinner at Mom's night, and I usually take a few things to change my mani while we are there.  I started taking off the Sinful Color's "Let's Talk" mani.  I'm getting caught up on Heroes and was watching that while I took my polish off.  I started on my pinkie, and worked on it a bit, getting through the layers of top coat, Konad, top coat again, stripe color then base, and thinking, "Man, this polish does not wanna move!"  Then I looked, the polish was nail was stained the exact dark purple color of the polish.  I coulda slapped a topcoat on and no one woulda known they weren't polished!  That's how bright it was!  I took a pic, and will attempt to make a post in the morning before we leave, and will share that pic then.  I have played with my white balance settings and it's still showing this polish blueish, so I think my camera just hates this color!
I tried to paint over them with Sinful's Dream-On, but even 3 coats of that was no match for the purple stain, it just bled right on up through the polish!  So, sadly I had to take off the nails.  I attempted buffing out the stain, and it worked, except I had to take off WAY to much acrylic to have a clean nail, then, they were WAY thin, too thin, and due to a few lifting areas, I figured I better just start from scratch.  So hopefully tonight I can grab a few minutes and slap on some new nails.  I feel NAKED with my little nubbin's!!!

Today I have a Konadicure that I did this past weekend.  The day did not go as planned, and the polish decided to add the the party by not cooperating, but here ya go!

I started with 2 coats of China Glaze "China Rogue" on my thumbs and ring fingers, then added 2 coats of "Liquid Leather" on my other fingers. 
Then, I broke out the Konad plates and grabbed M32.  I chose the pattern that reminds me of a heart and crossbones.  I know it's not, but that's what it makes me think of! 
On the red nails I stamped that design down the middle of the nail in Black Special Polish.  On the black nails I used China Glaze "Millennium". 
 The coat of Seche drug the design on my ring and middle fingers.  I had a hard time lining up the design in the middle of the nail, and then had to double stamp a few nails since they were too long for the design.  The Force was not with me on this round, but I guess they don't look so bad, from a normal viewing distance!  LOL

There's just something about a Chrome stamp over Black, I just LOVE that combo!

Now I'd like to bring a few awesome Giveaways to your attentions!

First we have the Fabulous Nihrida.  This sweetheart is giving away a Massive amount of coolness.  Check out her Giveaway HERE

Next we have the Fierce EvilAngel of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss.  She's giving away your choice of her customer made, Sweet skull necklace or an Awesome corset heart necklace.  Click HERE to hurry and enter!

Well my Lovely readers, that's all I have for you today!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day, cause you've made mine Incredible!

{{{HUGE HUG}}}


AllYouDesire said...

Great mani and congrats on all your followers, you deserve them :)

Unknown said...

I love the Konadicure it's awesome and YAY on 100 followers! You Rock Lovie!

Mary said...

Pretty mani! I like those colors together. Congrats on your followers and enjoy the weekend :)

Stiletto said...

AllYouDesire, EvilAngel and Mary,

Thanks girls, you guys are so sweet!

Paige said...

It's a shame that you had to take the nails off! Great mani though, I love it!

Brooke said...

COngrats on all the followers :) Its always nice knowing you aren't just talking to yourself :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mani :)

pullstrings said...

love the manicure! congrats on your followers. i'm in the dark ages still- i didn't know you had to sign up! isn't that awful? i just did and now i'm a follower too!

Polish'd Cindy said...

Congrats on the followers! Maybe I should post some shirtless pictures of my husband! LOL!!! I LOVE this mani! Black and red are my favorites, followed closely by pink and black! It does look like hearts and crossbones. Guess I'll add yet another plate to the list. I'm going to need a special insurance policy for all of my Konad!

Congratulations again, you deserve it- you've got a great blog!

ainos2 said...

Congrats on 100+ followers!
And I totally love this mani!
I don't have CG Millennium, but after seeing it here, I'm sure going to pick up a bottle. It looks so much brighter than SH Chrome.

Nicole said...

Oh! I can't really see the dragging, but Seche used to do that just to my regular manicures, I quit using it - drove me crazy. I think this is adorable! Reminds me a bit of a cool corset.
And CONGRATS on the 100 followers! You totally deserve it :)

Stiletto said...

Yeah, I plan to get them back on tonight. I guess giving them a day to breathe isn't necessarily bad! and thanks!

Thanks girl! and HAHAHAHA yes it is!

Thanks girl! And no, that isn't terrible! It took me a good while to figure that out! oh, and I looked at your profile, your GORGEOUS!

Polish'd Cindy,
Thanks hun! Sorry I'm hurting your wallet! and I want in on the Konad insurance!!! :)

I LOVE millennium! not sure how it compares with SH Chrome though, I dont have that one. and THANKS!

What do you use now as top coat that doesnt drag, I hate that Seche has the Big 3, but Diamont drags regular polish on me!
Thanks sweetie!

ThRiSzHa said...

as always... i love ur mani.. gratz! for hitting 1oo+ follower... more followers to come! keep safe

MightyLambchop said...

I love that pattern! I will need to pick up that plate soon.
Congrats on your followers! It's no wonder though. You do awesome manis and you are sweet as pie!
Love ya!

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun!

awww thank you so much, you're so sweet!

Revampy said...

Congrats! I love this mani, the colors and the stamp.

Shayla said...

Love this mani! Now I'm going to have to see if I have plate M32 already, or if I need to order another one!

Morgana said...

Congratulations, here's another follower ;) Your nails are impressive. How you girls get those sexy little designs on, I will never figure out.

Lucy said...

Your doing fantastic. It always shows when your a sweet person and a good writer. You'll get lots of followers right away. Good pictures and a hunky husband doesn't hurt! Congrats on reaching all those followers so soon. Hope you enjoy yourself this weekend. What a shame your acrylics got so stained. Does that usually happen?(((Hugs)))

awesomevegan said...

I love that Konad design but I have yet to use it! I have the plate that it is on though! :) Very pretty mani!