Friday, October 2, 2009

Frankens, Cell, and my odd boy Louie

Good Morning Again Lovlies!

Back to our regularly scheduled programing...err...posting.

I have a bunch of random stuff to show you today!

First, on Wednesday I was at Mom's for dinner (it's a tradition, I LOVE it!) and decided to mix up a few frankens after I did my current nails, which I posted yesterday.  I'm on a blue and green kick, and those holo glitters were yelling at me to use them, so here's the two I mixed:

Pink Fantasy Makers holo Glitter + Sephora by OPI opening Night =  pretty!

Silver Fantasy Makers holo Glitter + Sinful Colors San Fransisco =  sparkly!!
Here's Momma very sweetly providing swatches:

Much Much more sparkly in person.
I really dislike that my camera doesn't pick up the sparkly goodness very well.
It's a good camera too, that's the most annoying part!

So, my awesome readers, I am gonna take a page outa Brooke's book and ask for help naming these sparkly babies!  Leave your suggestions in my comments!

Last night after cooking Liver and Onions for my Father-in-Law (apparently I make good liver and onions, even though I wont eat it) while waiting for my man to work on the suspension of the '64 Fairlane in prep for a fun trip next weekend(I'll share soon), I got bored and attacked my new phone.  Wow, that was a run-on sentence if I ever read one!

I used my new CG Passion, a Gold Chrome from the Romantique collection, and M57.
It looks more gold in person than in this pic!

COUPON ALERT!  Sally's has a coupon in their flyer for $3 off 2 China Glaze polishes from the Glitters and Chromes collection!!!!  So go, shop!

Finally I thought I'd share my totally odd boy Louie with ya!  I walked in his room to feed him Wednesday night and this is how I found him:

Yeah, I have no idea!  But MAN did I laugh!
Rob went in to feed him last night for me and found him the same way!
The log is there so he can climb on it and get a bit closer to the heat lamp.

What can I say, I have odd critters!
And in case you caught that I said ROOM, yes Louie has his own room.  He has a cage in that room, but the cage is only slightly smaller than the room itself.  Once we have a child we will need that room, so I have no clue where his cage will go.  Especially since Macy, our Jack Russell wants to eat him!

Well, that is all I have for you today!

Thanks for stoppin' by!
I hope you have a marvelous weekend!



Unknown said...

Mama was too sweet to be the swatch model for those awesome colors!
Love the phone konad!
Louie seems to think that the hollow log is a lizard sleep mask, lol!

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I was excited to see the coupon in Sally's flyer, except the fact that my Sally doesn't stock any new China Glaze glitters. I'm so sad.

Stiletto said...

Evil Angel,
HA! the lizard sleep mask cracked me up!
and yes, my momma is the best!

I just checked and the coupon works online. they even have metallic muse! my store doesn't have that yet!

AllYouDesire said...

Both of the frankens are really nice, I love colors like this :) Oh and the phone is great!

Stiletto said...

why thank you AllYouDesire!

LfsAlot said...

Louie is a hoot! He wasn't doing that when I house sat last weekend. He is an odd creature. Love the lizard sleep mask comment, too funny! Is he 6 feet long yet? He sure looks it in person! In this picture he just looks like a regular little lizard.

Stiletto said...

Hey Momma!
he's about my height now, so, what...5'4" ish
I think being a rescue from a drug house stunted his growth!
He should be WAY bigger by now!

Brooke said...

OMG!! Just reading you and your mom's comments I had no idea that the lizzard was that huge!! I though he was small - he is as tall/long as me!! Cute picture though, looks like he was punished and sent to the corner, lol.

Names, hmmmm! What about naming them after cars?? You probably know more about cars than I do, and maybe know some that are close to those colors. Or maybe names of paint for cars that are similar to those two colors? Not much help on specific names, but some ideas . . . . I will think on it some more. I really love the green one :)

Stiletto said...

Naming them after cars is a GREAT idea! thank you so much!

Paige said...

The phone is awesome! I love the franken too!

Stiletto said...

thanks GildedAngel!

Amanda said...

Dude! Lovin' the cell phone!

Lucy said...

First love the cell phone! No wonder the lizard needs his own room! I had no idea he was so big. He is beautiful. He must be heavy also. Brooke had a good idea about naming your frankens. They both are gorgeous and glittery.