Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Animal Pics from Vacation!!!

Hey guys! 

I really hate not posting so I'm gonna bombard you with some pics we took while on vacation!  LOL

We aren't "lay on the beach and relax" kinda people.  We like to run around and have fun!  We went to a "zoo"  (i use that term loosely, not happy with the space some animals had!) and to our absolute favorite place in Myrtle Beach twice...Alligator Adventure!  Everytime we go we spend hours there, I love it when you can tell a place really cares about it's animals! 

Off to work for me, so have fun looking!
I want this duck so bad I cant stand it!  I LOVE DUCKS!!!

That's Rob's hand!  these guys cracked us up!  They are so used to being fed, you hold your hand up and they open their mouths just waiting for you to drop it in!  LOL

That's it for today my dears!

Hope it's a great one!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LOVE the mani, HATE the picture!

Yeah, I know....I Suck at blogging right now!

Remember w while back when I said things would have to slow down blogging wise, cause life in general and work, had just gotten brutally crazy?  Yeah...I wanna go back to that time!  Things are seriously insane right now, ESPECIALLY at work!  So much so that I wake up with a stomach ache most mornings, just thinking "how am I gonna get all this done".  I have to keep myself from thinking about it at night otherwise it starts to effect my sleep.  I seriously hope to have this massive changeover done in the next few months, but until then I hope you can all hang in there with me!  I enjoy blogging so much, but anymore it has turned into a chore, and I hate that!  I want it to be fin again, and it will be, once things quiet down!

One thing that shows how crazy stuff is...I didn't even wish my sister a Happy 21st birthday on my blog!  I feel terrible!  Every year I make her a cake, it's kinda a tradition....Would you guys like me to post a few pics one day?  I'm no Landa, but I enjoy it and she gets a kick outa the crazy stuff I come up with for her!  And once in a while (like this year), I actually look at the finished product and am happy with what I see.

We went to see the Expendables this past Friday...
WOW!  So Awesome!  If you like action RUN and go see it now!  Seriously!  And once you see it, tell me...Is Terry Crews' gun not the coolest thing EVER!!!!  My Favorite seen in the whole movie is his gun scene!  LOL

OK...tired of my rambling yet?  ready for the mani?

I was super pleased with the way this mani came out!  It looked so good!  Then I took the pictures and looked at them and was like "Who's mani is THAT???"  The pictures look terrible!  I am always amazed with just how terrible macro makes a mani look.  But, because I know alot of you can relate, I figured I share regardless of how terrible it looks in the picture! 

I had an idea to do a tiger inspired mani and here's what I came up with:

I started with a base of Color Club "Best Dressed List"

Then, using a stiff brush, I stippled Color Club "Charity Ball" diagonally at the cuticle, and Color Club "Who Are You Wearing?" at the free edge.  ( I actually liked the way this came out better than my attempts with sponging in the past!)

Then I stamped the Zebra/Tiger stripe print Konad image from M57 with Konad Special Polish in Black.

In person it looked more like a gradual fade from one color to the other and less splotchy than the pic makes it look.  I had to take the Index finger out of the picture since it took a few days to get this pic, and the index nail had some serious flaws by then!

I will do my best to be back tomorrow with some fun stuff to share!
Maybe Animal pics from vacation, or some cake pics...we shall see!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Neon and Leopard...A Match Made in Heaven!

Mornin' Lovelies!!!

Today I'm gonna show you all what I sported while on vacation!

This is very similar to one I'm done before, only with more colors!!!

I got SO MANY compliments on this.  I'm pretty sure it beat out every mani I've ever done in the compliments category!  Rob said it's probably his absolute FAVORITE mani I've ever done!

I started with 1 coats of Wet & Wild White Creme (can't remember the proper name)

Then I lined up all my neon pretties and got to work.
I used:
Color Club - Pucci-licious
China Glaze - Pool Party
China Glaze - Sun Worshiper
China Glaze - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
China Glaze - Kiwi Cool-Ada

I then did stripes of these(the width of the brush), in that order actually, diagonally across the nail, starting at the cuticle with Pucci-licious and working up and out.
I did 2 coats of each.

Then I stamped my old standby...the Leopard print from Konad plate M57, over it using Konad Special Polish in Black.

Does it get any better than that?  (well ya know...other than my topcoat dragging the konad?)
Neon and Animal Print....How I Love Thee!!!

That's it for today!

Still got TONS to catch up with at work, booo!!!
Going to see The Expendables tonight!  CANT WAIT!!!
Stalone, Willis, Statham, Li, Austin, Crews, Couture AND a cameo by Arnold?????   DUDE!  Must. See!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

BACK!, Hair, and What's to Come!



Remember me?


The one who said she'd be back Monday the 16th to flood you with vacation pics?

Yeah....I came back to a MASSIVE amount of work and no time to gather pics up at night to get them ready for ya!  I'm gonna do my best to grab the mani pics and get them ready tonight so I can get them posted in the morning for ya! 


I had many of you asking after my last post what color I used for my streak!  It's this:
I got mine at Sally's beauty.  It's the brand I always used before, so I decided to stick with that I knew! LOL


Now, I thought I'd take a minute and let you guys into my chaotic brain and clue you in on what I got in store for ya in the next few months!

First of all I have been planning for a good while now to do a series of manicures based on one of my very favorite things....Disney/Pixar movies!  So be looking for that in the not too distant future!
I havn't decided if I am gonna save them all up and post them back to back, or if I'll just post them as I do them.

You all know I suffer from MFPD otherwise knows as Multiple Fashion Personality Disorder, and Halloween just gives me a bigger excuse to branch out and go a little wilder and a little crazier!

Well this Halloween I'm gonna do things a bit differently!

I am gonna do (at least) 5 nail looks, just like last year......


I will also be doing (at least) 5 Makeup looks/tutorials!
I'm pretty excited about the ideas I've come up with so far and can't wait to get started on them!
I've ordered a few things I need to complete these looks and will be getting started pretty soon on them!

I'm thinking of posting the Halloween stuff from October 11th thru the 22nd, in order to give anyone who might wanna use a makeup or nail look, plenty of time to do so.  What do you guys think about this idea?  Do you think those days are good or do you think they are too early to be posting Halloween looks?
Lemme know what you think in the comments please!

Thanks guys!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hair, Vacation and Me on TV!

Hey guys!  I got LOTS to share with ya!

First of all... Wanna see a pic of me looking drugged and puffy, sporting my new hair?  LOL   It was way early when this pic was taken and I'm all weird lookin!  LOL   
Wanna hear the greatest thing about this ever???
My favorite lipstick combo...Evil Shades Stiletto, topped with a touch of a dead on match to my hair!!!  
(I'm wearing Bane by itself in the pic)

I know the roots are showing, I'll fix those later! 


On to vacation!
We are leaving for Myrtle Beach on Sunday morning and will be gone all week.
Rather than try to get posts in I've decided I will just enjoy the break from work and the blog.
So I'll be M.I.A. until Monday August 16th.
I hope you all like pics cause I plan to take a TON to share while we are gone!


I'm sure some of you remember me talking about the race we went to back in June, which was a taping of the show Pinks ALL OUT.  Well I gotta call from the production company last friday and they chose my interview to show on their site.  I will be posting the link as soon as it is up!

As to the actual show, which I may very well be in as well (they asked me to ham it up and flex to use during the show)but am not sure...It comes on this Thursday August 12th at 8pm eastern time on SpeedTV/Speed Network!  I, of course, Had a terrible break out the day before the race so my face is gonna look terrible and my makeup got melted off by the heat and humidity!  SO BE WARNED!  LOL


Well that's it from me for a while my Lovelies!
I hope you have a fantastic weekend and week while I am gone!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

China Glaze "Fight Like a Woman" Review

Well Hello there!

***Quick note:  To those of you wanting to know when "Awakening" will be available...I have asked and am just waiting on a reply!  I'll let you all know ASAP!***

I'm sure you all have heard by now that China Glaze is releasing a collection for Breast Cancer Awareness month right? Wanna know the coolest part?  According to the press release :
"A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization dedicated to the science of cancer and promoting international collaboration in cancer research."
How great is that?!?!?!  

Before I show you swatches I have to apologize!  The sun just would NOT cooperate with me!  So sadly, I couldn't get sun pics for all of them :( 

Ready to take a gander?

 Pale pink with silver shimmer.
How sweet is this polish!  So pretty and dainty!  
(excuse the flaws on the tips...I banged it up pretty bad before I could get a pic)
This is 3 coats plus top coat 

Raspberry pink with glass fleck shimmer!  
The first pic shows it a touch too red.
I have lost my notes and cant remember if this was 2 or 3 coats, sorry :(
 Pretty bubblegum pink creme!
My pinkie had an incident so you only get 3 nails, lol!
This was 3 coats.
I LOVE this collection!  What it stands for, the name, the colors....everything!
It was just a teensy bit on the thick side, but not so much that it was a pain to work with.  I just prefer my polish a touch thinner than this was.  And, it's nothing a few drops of thinner wont fix!

This collection will be available sometime in September!

That's it for today!
I'll be back tomorrow to show you all my new hair!  :)

Have a great day
The products shown in this post were sent to me by China Glaze in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

China Glaze Awakening Review!

It's only the beginning of August and I am already SUPER excited about Halloween!!!  Why?   Cause of these little beauties!!!
This. Collection. ROCKS!!!

Let's take a closer look...
(all of these are shown as a full color plus a coat of topcoat)

Mummy May I

Dark wine base packed with magenta-purple glitter!
This polish is so awesome!!!
So nice and smooth and surprisingly easy to remove!!!
Oh, and to all those dieing from the price of a certain black jelly with magenta sequins and glitter....if you don't mind no sequins, this is not a twin, but a very close sister!  And a cheaper sister at that!
This was 3 coats(plus 1 coat of top coat)

(sorry, had a brain fart and forgot the bottle in this pic!)

Mossy green jelly base loaded with orange glitter.
If you open the sun pic larger and look at the cuticle edge on the pinkie, you can really see that green base well!
The super cool thing about this polish was the fact that the green base almost gives a copper cast to the glitter.  This is gonna be amazing for not only Halloween, but for all of Fall!
This one was a bit harder to remove, but I've had worse!  Just use the foil technique and it'll be easy-peasy.
This was 3 coats (plus 2 coats of top coat, for a smooth finish)

Zombie Zest

Murky, swampy green with TONS of gold and (almost lime) green micro glitter!
My absolute favorite of this collection!  I couldn't stop staring at this polish.  It's just so complex!  it's murky and swampy, but shimmery and bright, LOVE!!!
3 coats (plus 1 of topcoat)

This whole collection is just a winner.
Formula was great, as always with China Glaze.  

Go grab 'em up at your favorite store or e-tailer!

That's it for today, but I'll see ya tomorrow!!!

The products shown in this post were sent to me by China Glaze in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deborah Lippmann "Across the Universe" and "Bad Romance" Review

Well, hello there Lovelies!

Today I have 2 polishes that are seriously amazing!!!

Deborah Lippmann released 2 new polishes that are just perfection in a bottle!  
Jelly...check!  Smooth glitter AND sequins...check!

Ready to take a look?

Bad Romance
 Black Jelly base with LOADS of purple-magenta glitter and sequins! 
Glitter haters, fear not, this is smooooth!
3 coats for that amazing depth!

Across the Universe
Navy Blue Jelly packed with blue and green sequins and blue glitter!
This is just GORGEOUS!
again, 3 coats for that amazing depth!

These little beauties are just breath taking!  While these pics are good, they still don't do this polish justice.  They are just so deep and complex!  You really gotta see them in person to believe them!

These are Nordstrom Exclusives, click HERE to go get your hands on these little beauties!

That's it for today!
Have a great one!

The items featured in this post were sent to be my Deborah Lippmann, in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Monday, August 2, 2010

You Know It Review: Colored Contacts!

I had every intention of having this up Saturday, but I wound up helping Rob at work most all of the day!
And then yesterday...well, I'm still not quite sure what happened to yesterday!  I got a TON of stuff done that desperately needed to get done, but before I knew it, the day was over!

Ok back to our regularly scheduled post!

Today I have something very very exciting to show you!  Colored Contacts from You Know It!  For YEARS I've been wanting to try colored contacts, so I was absolutely stoked when I got the opportunity to do a review for this awesome company!  These guys are GREAT!  More and more, I am appreciating good customer service, and these guys are just really top notch!

Ok, So let's take a look at what I got!
 These are Green Yellow Fusion by ColorVue.
Click HERE to go straight to them.

These are Violet Glamour by ColorVue
Click HERE to go straight to them!

So ready to see them in?  
First let me remind you what my natural color is:

Now, here's the green:
I LOVE that on my dark eyes, they give an almost hazel to green variegated effect!

And since no one is really gonna see me that up close, let's see how they look, full face wise:

And now let's check out the Violet ones!
I LOVE these! 
(sorry for the slight blur, by camera would NOT take a clear picture of these! lol)

Full Face:
I've always wanted violet eyes, so these make me super happy!!!

I just LOVE these lenses!  It's so much fun to be able to go and change your eye color to compliment your eye makeup, or just to suit your mood!

You guys will definitely be seeing more of these in future make-up looks!

I HIGHLY recommend this company!  With great prices, fantastic customer service and super fast shipping, I can see no reason to not stock up on lenses! 

That's it for today my Lovelies!

Have a great Monday!
The products shown in this post were sent to me by You Know it, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.