Friday, October 2, 2009

Tagged, Times 2!

Good Morning Lovlies!

I was tagged twice in the past two days for the 7 things tag.
So, since this is super fun to me, I did both!

First I was tagged by the super cool EvilAngel of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss
She chose Red, one of my favorites!  So here we go!

1.  My FAV red dress, called "I Love Danger".  Custom made by the super sweet Rebecca of, then redone by my lovely Mom after I lost weigh and it didn't fit! 
2.  My second favorite red dress.  
(I have a photoshoot this weekend and if you like can post pics next week.  These dresses look very different on, than simply hanging!)
3.  Red leopard bandanna.  Red AND Leopard, whats nto to love!
4.  Fav red Polish.  None other than Ruby Pumps by China Glaze.
5.  The Leopard print flower my husband bought me to wear with my I Love Danger dress!
6.  Cherry earring and necklace set I made.
7.  My Cell phone, which you will see adorned in my next post!

Then I was Tagged by the sweet Mighty Lambchop of Lambchop Mobile.
She chose Orange, which was a bit difficult for me, I don't have much orange stuff!

1.  A parafoil Kite Mom bought me, one of these days we will have a lazy weekend and get to actually fly this baby, I LOVE kits!
2.  Tangerine Body wash by Ulta.  OH MY this stuff smells delish!  I wish the scent would linger more.  It's such a sweet was to wake up!
3.  Candies Perfume.  This is my favorite perfume.  Not too sweet, not too floraly, just right!
4.  Tangerine Body Swirl Lotion by Ulta.  So yummy!  I had to buy it too!
5.  China Glaze Fortune Teller!
6.  China Glaze Free Love.
7.  Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin body spray.
Can you tell I LOVE citris smells?

Ok, I choose Silver(ok, grey will work too)!
and  I pick:
Every reader and follower!
Anyone who wants to join in, come on, post those Shiny Silver things!


AllYouDesire said...

I really like the red leopard bandanna :) with red leopard nails...must me nice!

Stiletto said...

believe it or not i got that bandanna at walmart! LOL
ooOOoooo red leopard nails....why didn't I think of that!

Amanda said...

I love anything animal print as well :)

Lucy said...

I love red and animal print. Love to see your pictures in the dresses. I love your cherry jewelry. I'm always looking for some good cherry jewelry. I can never find any. Hope you'll make some and sell it. I have two cherry print handbags. One in black and one in white. I also have a fake Louis Vuiton bag with the cherry print. I love anything with cherry print.