Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obnoxiously Long Randomness!

Good morning my lovely readers!

I hope the day has been good to you so far!

For today, I don't have any manicures to show you.
:::::Ducks objects being thrown at me::::

But to make up for it, I have a picture smorgasbord!

So runaway now if you don't wanna be overwhelmed with pics!

First I wanna show you just how awesome Elaine of LaquerLaine is...
See Elaine contacted me and offered to pick up Sinful's "Show me the Way" for me!  Luckily, I was able to get her something in return!  But...Before she made the store run for me, she asked if there were any others she could pick up for me.  I gave her 3 more I was looking for, 2 that I knew were long gone, but worth a shot, just in case.  Here is what arrived Monday morning:


How awesome is she?!?!?!

Here's the First 5:

Opal Glitter, You Just Wait, Purple Diamond, Frenzy, and Dream On

and the next 5:

Courtney Orange, All About You, Show me the Way(YAY), Hottie, and Midnight Blue!

Elaine, you totally ROCK!!!
Thank you so very much!

Also, Guess what else I received Monday:

FINALLY!  only 1 month and 4 days after they were supposed to be released! LOL
not that I'm counting!

But look at this:

Seriously? This is how they wrap things for shipping?  I pulled this straight out and snapped this pic.
There wasn't even bubble wrap between the bottles! Only by the grace of God did they not break in transit!
I was also shocked that the bag (not box) they were mailed in wasn't marked "Fragile"
After a quick swatch on my hubby's nails (thanks babe!) I am not quite sure they were worth the wait.  But I'll hold off judgment until I can do a full mani and proper swatches.  What I saw on Rob's nails weren't the colors I saw on other Blogs that got the pre-release.


Someone (sorry can't remember) asked a while ago if I would share pics of my tattoos!  Your wish is my command my dear!  I'll go in the order that I got them:

Very first tattoo, got this a week or so after I turned 18.  It's on my stomach(I know, weird), about 3 inches to the (your)left and 2 inches up from my belly button.  I don't like my tummy, so that's why you get a closeup!  LOL

This is on my left shoulder blade.  I got this after I left my ex-husband.  He hated my tattoo, and I was basically told I wasn't allowed to get any more.  So this was a Celebration of me finally being able to be me!  The name is my Grandmother's family name, she was full blooded Italian, and the butterfly is red and green for the colors of the Italian flag.  

I got this tattoo on the back of my neck on Good Friday, probably 5 or 6 years ago.  I thought it was fitting to go through a bit of pain to get a permanent sign of my faith, the day my Savior died for me.

This is my lower back tattoo. It looks kinda smooshed now since it was tattood on me 50 pounds ago!  LOL

and my FAV:

This piece is my favorite.   I struggled for a long time about whether to get this or not, and I got a very clear sign and I was meant to have this.  It represents The Holy Spirit bringing Holy Fire, washing over me and cleansing me.  Rob drew all the Flames for me, and I drew the Holy Spirit on the back.  It needs another touch up round, I just hate not being able to lift for a week while it heals!

A few of you commented that you would like to see what the dress was that I wore to the wedding I went to a few weeks ya go:

I was fluffing all the bows along the aisles and could feel that I was being watched...I turned around to find my husband and our buddy Dave taking pics of me, and that was the moment of "what are you doing!" :)

Next I thought I'd share a few pics of yours truly.  Even though you always seem to see my hair curly, it is actually very straight!

  This is me with the motor I built for the 1963 Ford Galaxie.

And these are a few pics from a "photoshoot" of sorts we did for our website!...

this is the car I built the motor for!

This is the 1964 Ford Fairlane we race!

and last but not least, I'd like to brag about my man a bit!  LOL
I convinced him to let me take some pics of him, both during the above shoot and last night in the gym.  He's pretty self conscious, like me, so the fact he let me take the first pic, and is letting me post it is beyond awesome,  I LOVE U BABE!
***WARNING...if you don't like muscle, walk away now!!***

Man I love this pic.  Can you believe he NEVER takes his shirt off!

That's my baby!  and his massively nice arms!

The chain is about 40 pounds, we use them for all sorts of various training exercises. 

OK!  are your eyes glazed over yet?

That's all I have for you today my Lovelies!
Thanks for visiting!
I hope you have a FANTASTIC DAY!



Unknown said...

OMG you are a Gorgeous!!!!!
I would post my tattoos on my blog but I fear it would bore some and confuse others lol!

Unknown said...

Awesome haul, and that tattoo on your shoulder is awesome!! I would like something like that but I can't stop changing my mind lol.

Stiletto said...

Evil Angel,
AWWW thanks sweetie!
Maybe one day I might beleive ya! :)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your tattoo pics! i would LOVE to see them! :::puppy dog eyes:::

{{{HUG}}} thanks again girl!

Thanks hun! I know what you mean about changing your mind! I've been debating for a few years now about a half sleeve on my left arm!

Michelle said...

don't make me drive to work and beat you! (or maybe I should say attempt to hurt you while you sit there and laugh). You are gorgeous!

Brooke said...

Awesome!! Love all the pics - you are just cute as pumpkin pie :)Tell Rob thanks for letting us girls all gander at his guns :)

AllYouDesire said...

Great haul, I can´t wait to see the zoyas on you :)
And I love the pics, you look so cute! Great dress.

Stiletto said...


Thanks sweetie! and will do(it's fun watching him blush)!

Thanks hun! I'm planning Zoya fun already!

Polish'd Cindy said...

Thanks for doing this. It's really nice to see the beautiful face behind the rockin' blog!

Stiletto said...

Polish'd Cindy,
Awww! thanks hun!

ThRiSzHa said...

omg!! ur so gorgeous!!! i love ur arm tat.. i also have a lower back tat.. :D

ThRiSzHa said...

omg!! ur so gorgeous!!! i love ur arm tat.. i also have a lower back tat.. :D

Stiletto said...

Aww thanks sweetie! I'd LOVE to see a pic of your tatt! please share!

KONADomania said...

wow, you're super cute! love the tatoos, each one of them, they really look amazing on you!

pullstrings said...

such fun photos! you are adorable and a complete treasure. i love your proclamation of faith. thanks for sharing.

Stiletto said...

Aww thanks hun! ur too sweet!

Thanks you sweetie! {{{hugs}}}

Paige said...

I love your tats! Very awesome, I wish I was brave enough to get a tattoo!

Unknown said...

awesome pictures!! thanks so much for sharing your life with us <3 i actually adore tattoos when they are well done and yours look so beautiful! i can't wait to see all those polishes on your gorgeous nails and can i just say that i LA LA LOVE your hair!! your pin up style is so hawt woo woo :)

Stiletto said...

U are brave enough! To me anyway, the week or 2 of healing time is the worst part. feels like a bad sunburn. and that just gets old fast! I'm too impatient to wait for it it heal, i like instant gratification!

You hun, are just the sweetest thing ever! {{{HUGE HUG}}} thanks for being so awesome!

Yaya said...

You are so pretty! N ur tatts are all very cute! :) I agree with u on the zoya.

nihrida said...

Wow, you're one hot chick! What else can I say? :)

Stiletto said...

Aww thanks hun!

Well bless ur heart, thanks sweetie!

Shayla said...

I *love* potpourri posts! Your tattoos are awesome - it always pains me to see the ones that people don't think about, and yours are *nothing* like that.

If you wanna check out my tatts, I had a post about them a while ago...just go peek :)

Lucy said...

That was me asking to see those tattoos! Just beautiful art work. Made even more so because of the meaning behind each one. The Holy Spirit and Flames is really beautiful. You should be so proud of them all. You looked adorable at the wedding. Just gorgeous and I love that pinup pose. What a sweet husband. I would make him lose that shirt everyday! Looks amazing and you two make a beautiful couple. Thanks so much for sharing yourselves.