Thursday, December 31, 2009


Good Morning Lovelies!!!

We got quite a surprise this morning when we woke up!  a few inches of snow!  It wasn't supposed to start until this morning so we had driven my car, a lowered Civic home last night.  Yeah, it used to go great in the snow, until Rob got me my 17" rims and low profile tires!  Now...not so much!  But it looks hot and that's all that matters!  right?  RIGHT???
We live almost at the end of our road.  As soon as you pull out of the driveway, it's uphill for a good 1/8 mile.  The road is all of MAYBE a mile.  It usually takes us not even 2 minutes to get to the next road once we pull out of the driveway.  This morning it took 10 minutes!  Since it's immediately uphill once you pull out, my car couldn't get a "running start"  so we moved SO SLOW!  I coulda walked faster!  Rob looked at me and said, "well, at this rate, we might make it to your Mom's just as the ball is dropping!"

But we made it!

Today I'm gonna show you my New Year's Mani!
When I think of New Years I think Silver!  Glitter!  Shiny! Bright!

So I started with a coat of Wet and Wild "Black Creme" to give it some depth!
Then I simply added 1 thickish coat of China Glaze "Nova".
Topped it with 2 coats of Seche and viola!  SPARKLY!!!
I know I know, not very exciting.  But I was craving GLITTER!  and this helped that craving!  I did a Pedi to match and I gotta tell ya, its AWESOME as a pedi!  Glitter pedis are my absolute FAV!
On to the pics!
Click to make BIG!

I took so many in an attempt to show you the sparkle!

Here's a blurred pic as an extra:

I think Nova is my absolute FAVORITE glitter!
I just can't get enough!

I did a nice smoky Silver and Black eye look today too!  I am hoping it holds out until after work, cause I forgot to take pics this morning and Rob has the camera.  If I manage to get pics I'll post them later this afternoon, probably around dinner time.

I have tomorrow off, YAY!  but I gotta get caught up on our books for the business we own.  So I imagine that's what I'll be doing all day tomorrow!  FUN FUN!

That's ok, I've got an AWESOME Saturday planned!  We are spending the day at Mom's!  And I'll finally be changing my hair color!  I can't believe I've had it the same color for over 2 years!  I used to be a-color-of-the-month kinda girl!  Because I like it like this so well, is the reason I've kept it the same so long!  So now I'm SUPER nervous to change it!
I'll share pics first thing Monday!
I've also got an AWESOME eye look planned for Saturday that was inspired by something I witness last weekend!  I don't wanna give it away so I will leave it at that!

I hope you all have a blast tonight, ringing in the New Year!

May you all be abundantly blessed in 2010!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Presents!

Good Morning Lovely Readers!!!

I finally have the pics I need today!

I got so many awesome things for Christmas!  I hope you all did as well!

Highlights are as follows:

Mom got me a Caruso Steam hair setter I've been wanting for a LONG time!  It's supposed to be way better at really locking in the curl!  My hair HATES to hold a curl, and I like to go curly or at least start curly when I do pin-up!  Can't wait to test it out!

She also got me Pioneer Woman's Cookbook!  YAY!!!

 Cassie, my sister, got me a cast iron skillet!  Oh I have wanted one of these for YEARS!  and never wanted to spend the money one one for myself!  So many things I want to cook, and so little carb-eating time!!!

 My father-in-law got me and Rob a headset radio thingy (can't remember proper name) for when we are riding our motorcycle!  It's so cool.  you can plug your cell and mp3 player into the system, and listen to music while you ride.  Then if your cell rings, it will cut in on the music and allow you to take the call!  We can also talk to each other via the mic, and can talk to my father-in-law, even if he's up to a half mile away!

Then there's what Rob got me.  I flat out refuse to give Rob a wish list for Christmas!  Why you may ask?  Because he gets me the BEST gifts without my input!  This year was no exception!  He got me a Fantastic Psychobilly Halter top! I cant show you that yet, cause I had to exchange it for the next larger size.  He got the exact one that would be perfect for my measurements, except it's made to be very tight, and that makes me a bit uncomfortable, so it's on it's way back to Cali for the next larger size.

He also got me this:  (The top and shoes are NOT new)

Isn't it adorable!!!!
 A Poodle skirt and Crinoline!!!!
He got me the belt that goes with it too, but I forgot to wear it for the pics.
I've wanted a poodle skirt for a while now, but oddly never even told him I wanted one!  Is he good or what!
The skirt is BRIGHT magenta pink!
When his dad saw it he looked at Rob and said "well, now you'll never lose her at a car show!"

It looks so good with the halter he got me too!  I'll show you when I get it back!

So that inspired a mani!

I started with 2 coats of Rimmel "Pulsating", since it nearly matches the skirt!
Then I applied my french tip guides and painted the base black, using Wet and Wild "Black Creme"
I did it this way so the tip would look more 'polished'.  If I apply the guide, then the base, then remove the guide and freehand the tip, it sometimes looks gloopy.
Then I got a toothpick and added some polka dots!

Don't mind the ding in the index nail.  I hit something and it dug out a chunk of polish, I just patched it with a bit of black polish.

Well, that's it for today my wonderful readers!

I hope you have a marvelous day!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Fail!

Well, Hello Lovelies!

What is that you say?
Where are the pics I promised yesterday?
Very good question!
Apparently I actually didn't transfer the pic I needed over to my thumb drive like I thought I did last night. 

SOOOooooo, those pics will be seen tomorrow!

The only thing I have to show you today is a Video of my crazy dog!
She LOVES opening Christmas presents! 
So this year we decided to record it so you guys could see.
Sadly, my camera's video function leaves alot to be desired.  The video is WAY darker than it looked as I was filming!  Soon, very soon, we will get the right size memory card for our camcorder and then I can use that!

So...Obviously I am sorry for the darkness of this vid! 
Secondly, the voices you hear are me and Mom, incase you are wondering!
And lastly, the first "Gift" was treats, she shows little interest in this cause she can smell it's not a toy!  LOL  She knows how toys smell and will not be too interested unless it's a toy!  We still have one to give her, she hasn't let the toy she opened out of her sight since Christmas, so this weekend we will try to film her opening that and see if it's brighter for ya!

Here ya go:

Have a great day guys!


Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas Mani! (Updated)

Good Morning Lovelies!

I hope you all had an AWESOME Christmas!


I got so many awesome things!  My family did so good shopping for me!  I'll show you all tomorrow what my awesome hubby got for me! SO EXCITED!!!

I know it's way last, so it can't be a design idea for anyone, but I wanted to share what I sprted for Christmas Eve and Christmas!

It would be way to hard to go through what all was used for each nail, so I'll just list it all:
China Glaze "Frost Bite"
Wet and Wild Craze "Rustic" which was covered with 2 coats of Wet and Wild Craze "Shield"
Frankend pastel pink
Rimmel chromey beige (no label, very old)
Art Club Gold Striper from Pretty Shiny Things nail art kit
Black Stripe Rite

And so, I bring you, the Meaning of Christmas Mani:

Yes, I know Baby Jesus looks like a mummy!  :::hangs head in shame:::
I got carried away with the striper!

Why does this show up just fine if I open the file, but once uploaded here it's way darker!

Here's a lightened pic so you can see it easier:

That's Better!

::::::::::::::::::::END UPDATE:::::::::::::::::::::::::

Well, that's it for today!
I'll show you my awesome gift as well as the mani it inspired tomorrow!

Have a great day!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Mani #7: Christmas Things

Good Morning Lovelies!

Sorry for the uncreative title!  I couldn't come up with anything!

For the mani I'm gonna show you today, I started with just a coat of a sheer blush polish on all nails except my thumb.  I'll go over each design below.
I also used the AMAZING "Pretty Shiny Things" Kit from Art Club.  Art Club sent me this kit to review.

First, the kit:


I gotta say, the formula on these stripers is ridiculously awesome!  I always have to fight with the other stripers I have for being clumpy, these are so nice and smooth!
The only thing I didn't like about this set was that there wasn't any gold stars!  But I fixed that by just painting the silver star with with the gold striper after I stuck it on my nail!
I will do a full review on this set after Christmas!

Ok Back to today's Mani!

Please ignore my terrible aweful dry fingers

Ok, here's the breakdown, per nail:

I drew the image on with a red Stripe Rite and filled it in with CG "China Rogue".  Then went back and drew the lines on and outlined using a black Stripe Rite.

Used a very small brush to get the shape right, using Zoya "Veruschka", then filled in using the bottle brush.  This took 2 coats.  Then I outlined with a black Stripe Rite.  Used the red Stripe Rite to make the dots (ornaments).  Put a drop of Poshe top coat on the tip and adhered a silver star from the Pretty Shiny Things kit.  Then painted the star and the garland using the gold Art Club striper from that same kit.

Santa Hat:
I drew on the outline using a red Stripe Rite.  Then filled in with CG "China Rogue".  Outlined with a black Stripe Rite.  And used SH "Whirlwind White" and the back end of a tiny paint brush to dot it on.

Painted on Zoya "Veruschka" using the bottle brush.  Then added the gold square at the top with the gold Art Club striper.  Added 2 decals from the Pretty Shiny Things kit at the top and bottom of the ornament (aren't they gorgeous!), then added the 3 dots with the Art Club gold striper.  Finally I outlined with the black Stripe Rite and added the hook.  This made me sad!  The outline and hook were PERFECT!  I couldn't believe how perfect it came out! as I was applying top coat after all was done, the top coat erased part of the top outline and almost all of the hook!  When I went back to do it, my hands were all shaky and it came out messy!  POO!!!

This one was so frustrating!
I did the base with CG "China Rogue".   I stamped the fishnet design from M57 over that using CG "Passion".  Then I did the ribbon with Art Club's Gold striper.  I tried to stamp the bow using M59 and Passion, but it came out too transparent!  So I tried going over it with the Gold striper and by this point it was so late and I was so tired my hands were shaking like crazy, and it got all messed up.  Or course it only got worse when I tried to outline it!  I contemplated redoing the whole thing, then quickly decided I didn't care that much!

And that's all I got for ya today Lovelies!!!
Tomorrows post will be late as I have a metric ton of food to cook tomorrow in prep of Christmas dinner!
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 Guys I Used To Like Tag!

Andrea, a.k.a. EvilAngel of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss, tagged me for this super fun game!

Oddly, when it came down to it, I had a hard time thinking of 5 guys!

So, I'll show you my crushes, starting when I was youngest, to the most resent!

Jordan Knight
Yes, I was a child of the 80's!
If you asked me now, I'd be a Danny girl!  Have you seen him lately?

Ralph Macchio
Again with the 80's kid thing!
I LOVED The Karate Kid!

Mike Vitar
Rodriguez from Sandlot!
Yeah I thought he was a cutie!

Kevin Spacey
Yes, really.  No, I don't know why!
I just thought he was VERY handsome!

Vin Diesel
Yeah, no explanation necessary!
Good gravy he is H-O-T!

BUT, it all went away when I met the man that this belongs to:

Holy Moly!

 ( I don't know why our skin looks speckly!)

Be still me heart!
This man in incredible.
He cracks me up on a daily basis!
Soul mate sounds so corney, but he is.
To say I love him is a gross understatement!

Oh!  Did I ever mention that he built our home with his bare hands!
He carried log by log with just the help of his Dad, and they built our house:

Yeah, he's a keeper!

I Tag:
Elaine of Lacquer Laine
Mighty Lambchop of Lambchop Mobile

Christmas Mani #6: SO...MUCH...GLITTER!!!

Good Morning Lovelies!

I need a little help please...

Can anyone tell me where December went?  I can't seem to figure it out!  Wasn't Thanksgiving like less than a week ago? 
I swear the days seem to just be flying by!  It's insane!
I had great plans to get Snow pics together to share with you today, but alas...that didn't happen last night!
After a longer than expected "grab a few things at the store" trip, we went home to lift.  Decided to work on Rob's Dad's Christmas gift real quick first, and the next thing we was 11:30! How did that happen?
So yeah, just a mani post for ya today!

So, I decided to go a bit over the top and do a glitter Funky French for Christmas!

I asked Rob which color I would use for the base and which for the tip, 'cause I couldn't decide, and he had a hard time deciding too!  So I figured I'd do my thumb and ring finger opposite of my other fingers.

I started by applying my french tip guides.
Then on my index, middle and pinky nails, I applied China Glaze "Emerald Sparkle" to the nail bed area. 
On the thumb and ring fingers, I applied China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" to the nail bed.
I used a total of 3 coats here to get nice depth!

Then I took off the guides and applied the opposite color to the tips.
It just looked unfinished to me, so I got out the gold glittery striper from the Art Club "Pretty Shiny Things" Kit and applied that along the smile line, where the two colors met.

Soooo Pretty!

Pardon the mess ups, this was pre-clean-up.

It looks so much better in person than it does in these pics!

Well guys, that's it for today!

I'll be showing you my favorite nail art endeavor so far tomorrow!  I'm usually way unhappy with how things turn out, but this one came out GREAT!  Well, 3 outa 5 nails are perfect, not bad!

I hope you guys have a fantastic day!!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Mani #5: Frozen Finger Tips!

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

WOW!  We got snow coming out our ears!!!
My oven at home doesn't work (SUPER long story, the stove top does, just not the oven), so we had planned to go to my father-in-laws, about 15 to 20 minutes away, on Saturday so I could make eleventy-billion cookies for our co-workers!  Well, we decided we were gonna make the trek regardless of the snow!
Sign number 1 we shoulda stayed home....I had to put trash bags over each leg and tie them just under my butt just to walk to the car in the driveway!  the snow was over my knees!
Sign number 2...The following is a public service announcement...if you are driving in the snow, and you find an orange caution barrel in the middle of the road, yeah, it's probably there for a reason!

We always take back roads from our house to Dad's. Not a good idea in this much snow.  After we passed the above mentioned barrel, we turned on the next road on our journey.  The wipers were packing up with snow, so rob got out to wipe them off so he could see.  He discovered that the snow was so deep that it was over the bumper of our 4runner and we were in fact plowing our own way!  We were trucking right on through(going 10 miles an hour, tops) so we forged on!  What we forgot was that the first half mile of this road is nothing but fields on either side, with no fences or power poles to delineate the road.  We are moving slowly but steadily when suddenly...the passenger side drops!  yeah, we were in the ditch!  and spinning tires!  I started praying like crazy, while trying to keep from hyperventilating, when finally Rob, a.k.a My Knight in Shining Armour, got us out(with a little Divine nudge)!
What normally takes 20 minutes tops, took us over an hour to navigate!
I hope our co-workers appreciate their cookies!
By the time we left, the snow was practically to my waist!  Totals for where Dad lives...45 inches!
I will have some fun pics and maybe even a video of Macy playing in the snow tomorrow!

Ok, the mani I am going to show you today is actually way simpler than I first intended!

I started with Sinful Colors "Midnight Blue"
Goodness Gracious is this color GORGEOUS!  It just glows!

My plan was to then add China Glaze "Nova" just at the cuticles and drag it down just a bit, to the bottom 1/4 of the nail.  Then add Konad snowflakes with Millennium.  

BUT, as I was applying Nova, I noticed I was dragging in out a bit too much, but really liked it!  So I scrapped the snowflake idea, and went for the glitter!

The result reminded me of ice crystals creeping up my nails!
(sorry for the scarred up nails, I didn't get to take pics 'til 3 days later)


It's a shame that the glitter doesn't sparkle in the pics like it does in real life!

Well, that's all for today!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Color Club Wonderland Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

First thing today I have a review for you!

Later on I'll have an Icy Mani to show ya!

So...Color Club sent me their Winter 2009 mini set, "Wonderland" to review for you!

These past few days have been SLAMMED busy, so I did quick swatches yesterday, so that I could show you these before Christmas!

Let's look at the Pics first, then on to my thoughts!

(For the love of all that is good and glittery, please click to make BIG)

Just look at that sparkle!!!

These colors are FABULOUS!!!

Let's go from left to right...

"Under the Mistletoe" is a lighter, almost peridot green.  As much as I love dark, emerald greens, I actually LOVE that this is lighter!  It reminds me of the shade of long needle pine trees!  Just Gorgeous!

Next is "Wonderland", such a gorgeous silver glitter!  I really liked that the glitter is very much silver, since some silver glitters are so light, they almost lean white to me. 

Finally, we have "Yule Love It".  This color is just wow!  An awesome pink toned red glitter!  This actually looked awesome at just 1 coat!  Almost like a jelly magenta glitter.  I'll show you that soon, sorry, I didn't snap a pic!  I really really liked that this leaned pinkish, it's such a nice compliment to that gorgeous peridot of "Under the Mistletoe".

Overall this collection ROCKS!  The swatches were 3 coats for each color.  I was actually quite shocked when I did the first coat and got back to find that the first nail was already dried!  The dry time did slow a bit with each coat, but was overall normal.  Not fast but not slow either!  I did use a coat of the included top coat for the pics.  It's a perfectly fine top coat, but I'm very much spoiled by fast dry top coats, so I can't judge this too accurately.  It didn't completely smooth out the glitter, but I will say that had I used Seche, I feel this would have been totally smooth, rather than slightly bumpy. 

So let's run down the highlights:
~ Awesome, Unique (for Christmas) colors!
~ Slightly faster than Normal Dry Time.
~ Slightly bumpy finish with included top coat, but NOT jagged!  This would be smooth with a thicker top coat.
~ 3 coats for a nice depth.
~ Silver and Green would be great as a glitter top coat at just 1 coat.  Red is gorgeous at 1 coat on it's own!

I give this collection a resounding 2 thumbs up!!!

Highly recommended!

See you guys in a bit with a nice, frozen mani!!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

My Christmas Gift to You: Laughter!

Good Morning Lovelies!!!!

I would so love to be able to send each and every one of you a gift for Christmas.  But unfortunately that is just not possible!  There is a gift I can give you all though...the gift of laughter!  I can bring a smile to your face and maybe even a giggle!  I hope anyway!!!

So today I want to share with you some pictures that have brought on many a giggle!

The pictures below are the from the last calendar we did of our dog Macy, for my mother-in-law.  Since she past away we have not made another, BUT, due to popular demand, we will be making a new one for next year!
The one I am about to show you has been so popular, I've had to take orders!  I really hope you all enjoy it!!!

So, without further ado, may I present "Macy Goes To Work"



I actually made that little suit!

Construction Worker:



Dr. Macy, MD:

Racecar Driver:

This is the inside of our '64 Fairlane.
We set her inside, she jumped over to the Driver side and stood just like that!
We couldn't believe it!!!  So we rushed to snap the pic!

Elvis Impersonator:

yup, made this costume too!  This one is my fav!  Cracks me up everytime!

Fire Fighter:


This is the engine that's in the '64 Fairlane.
Rob built it!  It's it pretty!!!


this one gets me gigglin' too!


Her expression in this one is just hysterical to me!

Safari Tour Guide:

Well, I certainly hope this has brought a smile to your face today!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
I'll be in the kitchen all day tomorrow, baking cookies for the cookie trays I give out to our co-workers!
I just hope it goes faster this year...I baked for 17 hours straight last year!!!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Mani #4: String of Lights!

Good Morning Lovelies!!!

I hope you are all doing wonderfully today!

Today's Mani is another fun Christmas design.

I started off with a basic french manicure.
1 coat of my Franken blush polish for the base, and a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Whirlwind White" for the tips.

Then I took my Black Stripe Rite and drew random squiggly lines on each nail.

For the 'bulbs' I used:
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear, uh, not sure on the name, but it's the creamy yellow.  sorry!
Pure Ice "Crimson"  i think...I lost the paper I wrote the names down on!
Sinful Colors "Let's talk" (this shows up blue in the pics.... again.)
China Glaze "Frostbite"
Sinful Colors "San Francisco"

For the plug prongs I used the gold glitter stripe brush from the Color Club's "Pretty Shiny Things" Nail art kit that I received from them for review.  Review on this coming soon!!!

 There ya have it!

That's all for today my wonderful readers!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Evil Shades Cosmetics Look

Good Morning Lovelies!!!

Today I have a look I did this past weekend with my Evil Shades Eye Shadows!

I started by applying concealer to my undereye area as well as my lid.  My eye lids are slightly darker than the surrounding skin, so doing this helps my eye shadow pop better!
I then applied Urban Decay Primer Potion to my entire lid and the outer half of my lower lid.  My eyes can get watery sometimes, and I find adding UDPP to that outer corner helps the shadow and liner stick better and last longer!

Next I grabbed my shadows and went to town!
I started with Panic, and applied it to the outer 1/2 of the eye.
Then I used a damp brush ( I was out of mixing medium, so I used Visine)  and applied Suffocation to the lid, from lash line to crease.  I also applied this just under my lower lash line.
I then grabbed a medium purple from a Coastal Scents palette I have, and applied it to my crease, blending it up toward the brow.
Then I used Abyss, and applied that on top of the purple.  Abyss is a gorgeous purple that is ever so slightly smoky grey-ish, so pretty!!!
Then I lined my upper and lower waterlines, as well as the outer 1/2 of my upper and lower lids with Revlon Colorstay Liner in Black.  I dabbed black shadow over the liner to set it.  This step is one of the best tricks I've learned!  I could never keep liner on my waterline longer than an hour or so.  This trick will keep liner put all day!
I curled my lashes, applied mascara, and here ya have it!

 Sadly the GORGEOUS shimmer of Suffocation just doesn't come through in the pics!  I musta taken a few dozen in various lights trying to catch it but couldn't!  In reality, Suffocation is a GORGEOUS pink with a blue shimmer!  So So Pretty!

Now!  I wanna give everyone a heads up on a contest that will be ending today!!!
Be sure to head over to My Corner Moua today for a chance to win this:

Nice huh!!!!
Click HERE to go and enter! 

Well, That's all for today!

I hope you guys have a great day!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Mani #3: Peppermint Twist

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Yesterday and today so far have been INSANE!!!!  which is why I am just now getting to post!

So this one is gonna be a quickie!

For this Mani, I started with 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in "Whirlwind White". 
I topped that with 2 coats of Pure Ice "Platinum". 

Then I broke out the Konad, cause I knew I could never paint on nice even stripes that would make me happy!
I used M65 and used Special Polish in "Wine Red".
After I picked up the image on the stamper, I used a wooden skewer to erase the beaded looking lines.

NOW.... after I stamped the image it looked FLAWLESS!
not so much after I applied top coat!
Apparently the polish had dried enough on the stamp that it wasn't stuck down tight on the nail.  Had I realized this I could have pressed down on the nail with my finger to secure everything prior to adding topcoat.  But instead it wound up looking like this:

So Yeah, I was really disappointed!

I'm really sorry that this is so short, but that's all I have for you today!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!


Friday, December 11, 2009

It's begining to look alot like Christmas!

Good Morning Lovelies!!!

Today I wanted to share some pictures I took last Saturday when we got all that snow!

I just LOVE the way everything looks when it shows!  It's like a whole new world.  Everything is so different and dreamy!

So, I can't resist taking some pics.

And I thought I might share them with you!

First we have the view from our back porch:
(Click to make 'em big and beautiful!)

 Then, it was time to head out to my father-in-laws.
Here we are heading down the road we live on:

We turn off our road and head down this road, since the Snow route is open.
They open an alternative way off the mountain when it snows, because if they did not, we'd have to go through 2 series of multiple s curves, which of course isn't fun in slippery conditions, when you live on a mountain.  SCARY!

And toward the snow exit we go...

Now out onto the main road in and out of the mountain...

We got there safe and sound!  Gotta love 4 wheel drive!
Obviously we didn't take my lowered Civic. would plow it's own path!

And 1 last picture!
Whats better than snow?
Snow in the sunlight!!!!
Here is the view off our back porch the next morning...

Yup!  I LOVE Snow!

Doesn't that get you in the Christmas Spirit!
Between looking at those pics, and the temps in the teens last night, I just wanna curl up with a cup of Cocoa!

Do you guys have fun plans this weekend?
I hope so!!!!

That's all I have for you today my wonderful readers!
I hope you have a great day and a fantastic weekend!!!