Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have been Awarded The "You make me smile Award"!!!

The lovely Andrea aka "EvilAngel" of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss has awarded me:

Thanks Girl!!!  You are just so awesome!
All of you reading this...go check her blog out, she is super cool!

The rules are that I have to post a Song that makes me smile and
Award the blogs that make me smile and why they make me smile.

The Song:
"Sh-Boom" by  The Chords.
I just LOVE this song!  I can't help but bop from side to side and get a big goofy grin on my face everytime I hear this song!  And it's in one of my Favorite Movies!!!  Disney's Cars!!!
Have I told you guys I LOVE disney movies...well I do!  I also collect all of the matchbox cars that they released to go with this movie.  at last count i think I was at around 160ish, but I cant remember! 
Here's the song..go ahead, try not to sway from side to side while you listen!

And now...I tag in no particular order:

Brooke of GetchaNailsDid
How do I even begin to explain just how awesome this girl is!  She is just so sweet, kind, and always has something positive to say!  She sticks up for people, and speaks her mind.  She is super creative, and takes great pics!  Her blog rocks!  I just adore her!

This girl is also a sweetie!  She's creative, posts a nice variety of stuff, and is just adorable!

Julie was one of my very first followers!  She recently started her blog and is doing an awesome job!  Visit her blog to see some great Konadicures and to support this lovely lady!

Elaine of LacquerLaine
Elaine is just a sweetie!  When I recently requested some help with where I might locate a lemming I wasn't able to track down, she jumped in and offered to help immediately!  She has a super awesome blog, and is very very talented! So be sure to check her out and add her to your follow list if you haven't already!

Sorry hun, I don't know your name!
Man is this girl talented!  It was blogs like hers that prompted me to wanna join the fun!
Check her blog out cause she does some great Konadicures!

Michelle is my bestest friend!  I only discovered today that she had started her own blog!  This poor girl is allergic to everything!  So if you have sensitive skin, or just love beauty stuff like she does, Check out her blog!

And Last but NOT least...

The girls of Communal Cooking
This blog is run by none other than my Awesome sister Cassie, along with her College roommates Amanda and Nicole!  They take turns cooking dinner, and since Nicole is vegetarian, so everything they make! 
Check out their blog for some Delicious meatless creations!


KONADomania said...

thank you dear:* I feel so flattered indeed *blush*, and my name is Anita:)

Stiletto said...

thank you for telling me
such a lovely name!

Glittermillie said...

Thanks so much for the tag!
Off to think about a song now....

jollyo said...

Thanks SO much Cristy!! And I'm very proud to be one of your first followers!! And oh my, how your little blog has grown!! I'm still trying to come up with a song that makes me smile!! I'll get it together soon!! ;)

Nicole said...

Aww, I love that song! It's so cute :)