Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mani AND Camera FAIL!

Good Morning my Lovely readers!

I hope the day is going well for you so far!

Alittle later today I will post the swatches of my EvilShades order!  they are pretty terrific!  Please note that I will ALWAYS be 100% legit with you guys!  It doesn't matter whether I am showing you something I was given, something a friend has asked me to show, or something I bought...If I like it I will say so, if I don't I will say that as well!

On the the FAIL!!!!!

I decided Sunday night that I wanted my Konadicure for the next few days to be BRIGHT!  I had a design in my head, inspired yet again my the lovley and talented konADDICT , and started rummaging thru my polishes.  I came out with Sinful Colors "Let's Talk", a massively gorgeous purple shimmer, I will probably buy 2 or 3 backups of this, I never wanna live in a world without this color!  I also came out with China Glaze "Sexy in the City"  a drop dead sexy teal with a lighter blue shimmer.
I attempted to take bottle pics and base pics btu my camera hates these colors.  almost ALL of the pics came out looking liek I was wearing 2 blue polishes!  seriously?  what is that about?
After much fiddling with settings and trying to trick the camera into thinking it was actually purple and teal, I came out with a few pics that are close...but no cigar!  So here ya go...
Bottle Pics:

The weird incandescent light and the slight blur was the only way to get this even close!

So I started with 1 coat of Sinfuls "Let's Talk"  Wow, a Sinful that a 1 coater?!?!?!  AWESOME!
Then I made a diagonal stripe of the Sexy in the City.  In retrospect I should have laid down a white stripe first, because it came out looking way more blue than it should have due to the base color.  But once I realized this, I was too tired to fix it.  I plan to use this combo again, So at least I know for next time!
Here's the base:

Not 100% accurate, but close!

Ok, next I took out the beloved M57, and stamped the Leopard Lace design on top of the stripe, in black.
Then I used the Zebra pattern to stamp on either side of the lace, also in black.

This was obviously too dark!  Pretty, but I wanted the pattern to pop more!  So, after seeing how dark it was, I did the other hand with Millennium instead of black.

That's better....but...not what I saw in my head.  POO
The chrome gave me fits too!  I think my Halogen table lamp was putting off too much heat!

This will definitely be attempted again, but with lighter colors!

That's all I have for you today my wonderful readers!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!


Unknown said...

If you go into the white balance setting on your camer, there should be a "manual" setting. Go to that and in the area where you are taking the indoor pictures focus (so that only the paper is in the screen) on a piece of white paper or a white board andclick on measue or focus or adjust, whayever you particular camera calls it. Wala your pictures will be true to color for the most part in the dreaded incandecent lighting!

Stiletto said...

I will try that as well!
Odd thing was this time the incandescent light pics were the only ones that were close to accurate! The halogen light pics (which always work until sunday night) didn't come out!

it's like it was opposite from it's normal settings!

MightyLambchop said...

Gorgeous! And your nails are too!
Love Millennium for Konad, must have it soon! Hope Andrea's tip works for you. I will have to try it myself. A daylight simulating CFL may help too.

ThRiSzHa said...

ohhh.. i like the millennium a lot.. its very opaque... have a great week sweety.. thanks for the comment on my page..
btw: gratz to u...ur design was chosen by jennifer as aswesome konadicure!! u rock girl!!

Stiletto said...

Mighty lambchop,
I changed my mode to aperture priority and and changed the setting to daylight in order to get rid of the blue, but as you can see it's still not perfect. Every other setting and mode would not work.
all the pics I've taken of polish and car paint and I've never had this happen before!

Thanks girl!
and as to konADDICT, i know, it's crazy! I'm still boggled that the master of konad liked my design!

Brooke said...

I think they all look great!!

I have given up on photographing purples!! lol

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl!
at least it's nice to know my camera isn't the only one who hates purples!

Paige said...

I love all of these!

Stiletto said...

Why thank you dear!

Revampy said...

I like them both.

Lucy said...

I love both your manicures. The stripes are really stunning. I really enjoy looking at all the nail art. I just slap on some nail polish and call it a day.