Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Evil Shades Cosmetics Order!

Good afternoon, my lovely readers!

This afternoon, I wanted to show you what I got when I placed my recent order with Evil Shades Cosmetics...owned by none other than the lovely Andrea, aka EvilAngel of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss.

But First...I ordered and paid for all these things, save the free sample that she was offering as a promo at that time and the free pigment sample she always includes.  She did NOT ask me to show you guys these, I just want to!  Everything I write here is my humble, and honest opinion, take it or leave it!

I ordered 3 pigment samples, a lip gloss and 2 polishes.  Here are the swatches!
Pigments were swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion, and I just tapped my finger in the pigment and swiped it on my arm.

Left to right:
Zombie, Suffocation, Abyss, Panic, Banshee, and Deadly (lipgloss)

Zombie is a gorgeous bronzy color with pinkish red shimmer.
Suffocation is a pretty baby pink with an awesome blue shimmer, that this photo doesnt pick up.
Abyss is a greyed-out purple with a pretty silver shimmer.
Panic is a coral toned pink with a (I think silver) shimmer.
Banshee is a gorgeous teal/aqua blue with a silvery shimmer!  Very pretty color!
Deadly is a slightly blackened blood red, and is much more red and slightly darker than this pic shows.
I love it!

Now the Nail Polish!!!
Tethys is a pretty baby blue with a gorgeous pink and blue shimmer!
Gothic Goddess is just AWESOME!  nice dark brown with gorgeous gold shimmer.
PLEASE PLEASE click on the pics so you can look at all the loveliness!
BTW, both of these are 1 coaters!


Click this please:

Is it just me or is Gothic Goddess practically begging for some pretty gold Konad accent!
And how pretty would Tethys look with some pink designs!

Well I hope you guys will go check out Evil Shades Cosmetics!  I plan to do WAY more shopping!

Thanks for stopping in!  Hope you all have a fantastic day!



Denise said...

Ooooh you got some good things. I may have to check into evil shades cosmetics. I love the darker shades. Those 2 polishes are pretty cool too!

ThRiSzHa said...

ohh those are great stuffs.. i love the polish theyre pretty cool..if theyre very opaque in one coat maybe u can use them on stamping polish...i just wanna see some of ur awesome nail design creation soon using those polish...keep safe sweety kristy!!

Stiletto said...

Definitely check her out, shes got AWESOME stuff!

Thanks sweetie, I'll get to thinking about how to use then as stamping polishes!

Brooke said...

Very cool stuff!! That blue polish is just gorgeous! And I love the lipgloss!

nihrida said...

Why, oh god why...why am I on a no online buy?!?! Thanks for sharing these with us! And just FYI: I think it's a damn shame you have to write that you payed for that stuff. Anyone got a problem? Talk to me! Muahahaha

Stiletto said...

Only a month left Nihrida!
It's worth the wait...I know that doesn't help though, :)

Lucy said...

What gorgeous shades. The polish is particularly gorgeous. Love to see you do some looks with those Evil Shades!