Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Random Facts

Wixology tagged me to list 10 random facts about me!
Thanks Girl!

I'm pretty random. It should be my middle name! So this should be interesting!!

All buckled up? Ok here we go...

1 - I am Italian, Sicilian and Native American, by heritage.

2 - I currently have 5 tattoos. And I have 6 in the making! but 1 of the six is a continuation of a current tattoo. All were gotten at important times in my life. My favorite is the Holy Spirit with Holy Fire on my shoulder/chest/arm. It not only has the greatest meaning, it also has sentimental value since I drew the Holy Spirit, and my Husband drew all the flames.

3 - I was offered a full art scholarship in high school, but turned it down. I took a year off between High School and College to help my mom take care of my grandfather who suffered from stroke related dementia (acts just like Alzheimer's)

4 - I have owned a pretty wide array of animals in my life. Not including the ones I currently own, I have had the pleasure of owning: 3 hamsters which just so happened to include a chubby one, named Theodore, a long skinny one named Simon, and of course a red one named Alvin! A bunny named Thumper, who LOVED Thia hot chilies out of my grandfathers garden, she'd nibble then go tearing around the cage like a crazed lunatic! A gold fish that I taught to kiss me through the glass! A Hedgehog named Mr Quiggles. A Parrot, Parakeet, Chinchillas, Curly Tailed Swift (lizard), a Ferret that liked to bite my earlobe and lock on! And my most beloved baby, Lil Bit:

5 - I LOVE Coffee. I used to drink it with a metric ton of sugar, but ever since I started this low carb eating plan 2 years ago, and had to cut it out, I cant stand sweet coffee. I get 1 day a week for a carb-up. And I have tried to drink coffee with sugar, but just cant, I like it strong, with half and half! And OFTEN! i can drink a cup before goin to bed without any side effects.

6 - I can recite, word for word, the entire movie Little Mermaid. Sad but true. My little sister watched this movie, back to back, over and over, when she was little, and to this day the words are ingrained into my dna!

7 - I have an un-natural obsession with cartoons. LOL I LOVE cartoons. I watch them every morning, and of course on the weekends! Penguins of Madagascar, Back at the Barnyard, Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Transformers, King of the Hill....It's a bit rediculous.

8 - I generate over 1000 invoices by hand every month for the company I work for. It's my least favorite time of the month!

9 - I think I mentioned it before, but I am half owner and business manager of a company (not the one I work for day to day). My Husband and I own 1320 Speed & Kustom. 1320 is the number of feet in a quarter mile, drag racers race for a quarter mile, just fyi! so yeah, check us out of your bored! 1320speedandkustom.com. You will probably find the about us page most interesting, at the bottom of that be sure to click on "click here to see our past" for all the fun pics, there are a few of me at the end, my husband insisted. He must like me or somethin' :)

10 - How I met my man. I left this for last cause its a long story! but I think it's interesting. I had been married to a not so great guy, for a year and 3 months before I knew I had to get out. After the divorce was final, I missed having someone to hang with, so I turned to the internet! I'm not much of a clubber or bar hopper. After alot of nasty perverted guys contacted me, I was chatting with a friend I talked to online alot and was complaining to him one day "Why can't I find a guy that has a Vin Diesel build, has tattoos and likes mine, loves animals, is into cars, has a motorcycle, loves the Lord, and thinks I'm all that and a bag of chips!?!?! is that too much to ask???"
A few days later I got a message online from this guy named Rob. He said that he knew we weren't a match, but just wanted to say that he read my profile and really loved my morals and thought I was gorgeous. Well I wanted to know why we weren't a match, Darn it!?!?! He responded with the fact he was 16 years older than me and..."I guess I'm just hoping to meet a girl that wants a guy who has a muscular, Vin Deisel type body, goes to drag races when not wrenchin' on an engine or riding my motorcycle, has tattoos, and loves animals and family. But I guess alot of girls aren't into that"
My mouth dropped open!
I then proceed to yell at my friend and tell him how mean it was to tease me like that, I mean really, that's just cruel.
after quite a while he finally convinced me that it wasn't him who sent that message.
and it wasn't, it was my now husband!
Now is that cool or what?
to make matters cooler...he had worked 1/2 a block from my house for almost 20 years! Our childhoods are even similar, and we were born at the same hospital!
Yes, hes 16 years older, but he really doesn't act his age, which is great! He's in better shape than alot of 20 year olds, all his friends are my age, he just feels my age, not his! It works

so enough rambling....

I Tag in no particular order:

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Hope I didn't bore you all too bad!

Thanks for visiting!



LfsAlot said...

Yep, that's my girl! I sure do miss Lil Bit. She was the sweetest most adorable dog in the world!

Stiletto said...

Marmy(cause it feels weird to call you LfsAlot),
AGREED! She had character and personality that I have never ever seen in an animal. And we aren't the only ones who saw it! Pretty much everyone said that about her!

LOV U!!!


awesomevegan said...

I love your story about meeting your hubby. :) I am so glad you found the perfect match for you. My bf is younger than me but I always seem to forget it except when he says something that reminds me of it. Like when I said "I started high school 10 years ago this month" and he said "I was starting middle school" >.< hehe Made me feel old. Interesting to learn more about you. Can't wait to see more Konads!

Stiletto said...


We do that too!!! A song or a movie will come on and he will say, "Remember that?!?!" I I'll usually have to say, "well Hun, no, I was 2 when that movie came out!"
When people meet him without knowing his age, and I tell them they generally think I'm joking! So that's good!
Thanks Again!!


Brooke said...

I loved em all! I just now noticed that you tagged me too for this, otherwise I would have mentioned it in my post! I'm playing catch up today with all the blogs. The puppy eyes though in the pic could make an ice cube melt!!

Stiletto said...

No Prob Brooke! I know I didnt "formally" tell ya, so no prob what so ever!!!
I've had many many dogs in my life, but those eyes are the ones that just killed me instantly!


jollyo said...

My hubby and I just love the Penguins-(smile and wave boys, smile and wave)!! Private is my fav, hubby is more of a skipper man!! We DVR the whole season!! Barnyard is pretty funny as well, Otis and Pip crack me up!! And I also change my konadicure everyday to match what I wear to work!! I told you we should start a support group!!!

Denise said...

Hi there! I'm new to your site, thanks to Brooke. (Go Brooke). I noticed that you have a little weiner dog. I have a mini as well except he is black w/ tan (he's getting gray now). I love him to pieces. Welcome to the nail blog world, I'm enjoying your blog.

Stiletto said...

If feels so good to knwo i've have company here in my little insane cartoon crazed world! LOL I really think we need to be the founding memebrs! "we're not only members, we;re clients!!!"

Welcome to my insanity! :) Brooke completely rocks!!! I had a doxie, sadly she pasted away very unexpectedly a year and a half ago. It took me a very long time to get over that because she came to me at a very hard point in my life, and really saved me. I know it sounds weird, but she was like my child. nothing can compare to a doxie! except maybe Dinky! Thanks to that sweet little girl, I've been harassing my husband for one for a while now!


Lucy said...

Awesome story about meeting your husband. I think God just put him in the perfect place at the perfect time. I hope sometimes you can show off some of your tattoos here. I'd especially like to see the tattoo with the Holy Spirit. As a Catholic girl and a lover of tattoos, there's lots of excellent religious symbols for tattoos. I don't have any but would love to. Thanks for revealing a little more of yourself. It's really nice getting to know you better.

Stiletto said...

I will take some pics this weekend for ya!

It was DEFINITELY a God thing!
We could tell that pretty early on. He's my prefect match!