Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Adore For Audrey

Good Morning lovely ladies!

Today I have my current Konad creation!

For this I used China Glaze "Liquid Leather" for my ring finger and thumb, and China Glaze "For Audrey" on the rest.

Then using Konad plate M73 I stamped the viney floral design over the black using China Glaze "Adore" and over "For Audrey" using Black Special Polish.

I really love the outcome, but wish I had swapped the colors and used "For Audrey" as the accent instead. I just LOVE the way that "Adore" looks over the black!

And as a bonus, here's the color I picked up at Sally's yesterday when I ran in to get another Seche Vite ( I was almost out, and I'm pretty sure I can't live with out the stuff!)

China Glaze "In the Lime Light"

I've been eyeing this for quite some time and finally decided to go ahead and get it! The pic doesn't quite capture the neon-ness of the polish, and or the pretty blue flash that this polish has!

That's it for this morning!
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LfsAlot said...

OOooo so pretty!!!

Stiletto said...


jollyo said...

Just beautiful!! For Audrey was my first CG polish, and is still my favorite!! Your konadicure looks really great with the black!! May have to "borrow" this one!!;p

Stiletto said...

Thanks jollyo! Go right ahead! I'm happy to provide inspiration!

Lucy said...

That is really a beautiful manicure!Just a beautiful Konad. I like the black accent nails. How do you keep your hands in such good shape while using such harsh chemicals?

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun! I wish I had a good answer for you, but sadly I just don't. I'm not in the harsh stuff super often, but when I am, I make sure to slather cocoa butter infused lotion on. My mom swears by the unrefined cocoa butter. You can buy that at She whips it with the mixer and puts in a few drops of essential oils in it to make it smell nice! I also eat a pretty high protein and fat diet(low carb) so I wouldn't be surprised if the increased oils (olive and fish oil) in my diet doesn't also help my skin.
hope that helps!

Denise said...

Finally a little design to "liven" up good ole Audrey. lol This is very chic.

Stiletto said...

Thanks! Yeah, I keep thinking about this and wanting to wear it again! Man I loved that one!