Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Couldn't make up my mind

Good Morning Ladies!

Last night I finally made a few minutes time to mess around with that polish I've been sporting for a few days now, which is Sinful Color's "I Miss You", for those that are wondering.  But as I sat down and took out my Konad plates and started to sort thru them, I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do!  Nothing was really jumping out at me screaming "Pick me Pick me!!!"  So I thought I'd have some fun and play around instead.  I used a different image on each finger. 
So here we go:

On the pinky I added a coat of Essie's Matte About You, to see what it would look like.
For the other fingers plates used from left to right are:
M40, M63, M65 and M63 again

On this hand, from thumb to pinky I used:
M64, S06, M73, M70, and M70 again.

My favorite is the Index finger of my left hand.
Whats yours?

Also I have the names of the polishes for ya!

Left to Right:
Call You Later, I Miss You, 2 loose glitters from Wet&Wild, See You Soon, and I Love You.

After taking pics last night I decided to take the polish off real quick, so I could slap a coat of what I wanted to Konad over tomorrow.  So I grab my Acetone and get to work.  WOW, was it ever work.  This polish was IMPOSSIBLE to remove.  I went thru 2 textured cotton pads soaked thru per finger and still had to take a filing block out to get rid of stubborn bits.  It took so much acetone and scraping with the pads that 4 of my nails wound up so thin that I had to take out my acrylic stuff and add to the nails.  They would have cracked today if I hadn't.

So I came to work with bare fingers, got here early and laid down my polish.  I will Konad over them tonight at Mom's.  Let's all say a prayer that I won't spill polish this time!

Thanks for visiting!
I hope your day is FANTASTIC!



AllYouDesire said...

I love this glitter with black on top. It is so nice that all the images look great on :)

Lucy said...

Love all the different stamps. The houndstooth is one of my favorites. Very pretty!

Unknown said...

I love the glitter w konad! Have you tried one of the Acrylic nail remover scrubby pots? They are soooo easy for glitter removal!

Stiletto said...

Thank you so much!

I am oddly drawn to the Houndstooth as well. Which is odd cause I wont wear clothes that are houndstooth.
too preppy!

Thats a great idea! I think I may have to try that! Thanks!

You're just the problem solver extraordinaire today aren't ya?

Amarena said...

This glitter polish look very good! And I love the left thumb combo. that image is my favorite:)

Ashleigh said...

I found your blog through Getcha Nails Did today, and love it:)
Here's a tip for glitter polish remover- white felt from the craft store. Works like a charm. Cotton pads just get messy and don't do the job!
That purple polish is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

hi, i was just wonding what the black prints are? are they nail stamps?