Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well Hello there!!!!

Welcome to my little corner of the blog world.
My name is Christy, and I am pretty much addicted to my Konad.
I decided to start this blog after much coaxing from my Mom (Hi Mom!!!)

I will warn everyone who may stumble across my little blog here that I do wear acrylic nails. I've been doing my own acrylics, regularly, for a little over a year now, and I get a little better every time. I know a lot of people don't like acrylics, but I wear them out of necessity. My nails are sadly weak, thin and very slow growing. And what's a girl to do when your slow growing, thin, weak nails are constantly having to deal with loading weight plates on bars, turning wrenches in the garage, and cleaning engine parts in solvents strong enough to make polish dissolve with just a glance?!?! So I wear acrylics!

I typically change my manicure twice a week, and my pedicure once a week. So a new post every other day is my aim.

I will post a little later today my stash. If anyone has a "what's that polish? I must know!" moment, please feel free to ask, And I'll get you the name as soon as possible!

Thanks for visiting!



jollyo said...

Hi Christy!! Congrats on the new blog!! I too am a Konad addict. We need a support group!! Super cool about the power lifting!! YOU GO GIRL!! Can't wait to see your konadicures!!

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl! Yes...maybe me and you should start that support group! It's sad when u buy a polish thinking, "man, the things I could Konad on this!" instead of "this is so pretty"! HA! It's an illness!
Thanks for following and commenting!

Lucy said...

Hi Christy! I just found you on Brooke's blog roll. Your an interesting woman! Wow, power lifter, building engines and all of the rest. Loving Konad! I have a kit but haven't used it. It's packed away somewhere that I can't get to. Had my apartment painted yesterday and everything is insane. Look forward to all your designs. I don't blame you for wearing acrylics. How else could you keep any nails on in those chemicals.

Stiletto said...

Thanks for the compliment hun, your too sweet! New paint is exciting! Nothing like fresh painted walls, well to me anyway! LOL Thanks for not minding the acrylics either!

awesomevegan said...

HAHA @ the buying a polish thinking "Oh, the things I could Konad on this!" I have some on my wishlist for that sole purpose of thinking that they would be great base colors under Konad (I really want a pale lilac creme color just for that) I think so many colors would look nice with a shade like that. Like maybe OPI Do you Lilac It? I am trying to find if Color Club makes a similar shade since they are more affordable and I am trying to collect some of them :) I have OPI A Grape Fit but it is a tad too dark and many of the Konad colors don't stand out much against it. I love your blog :)

Stiletto said...

Franken that polish girl! Mix a bit of your "A Grape Fit" with some white! I don't have that color so I cant say what underlying colors it has, but if it seems greyed out it might get more pronounced if you lighten it.
I'll keep an eye out for ya on that lighter purple Color Club. I actually have "Do you lilac it" and I don't think I've gotten around to using it yet. poo! maybe next...I'll have to come up with a good plan!