Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Idea Fail and Zoya Responds!!!

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

Today I have the idea I tried originally about a week ago, then tried again, a different way Friday night.  It looked pretty good, just not like I saw in my minds eye.  I have 1 more way to try it, so I will show you then what my inspiration was.

For now here is what went down Friday.

I decided to do the base using water marbling.  I started with my left hand using all China Glaze.  Rich and Famous, Spontaneous, Turned Up Turquoise, and In the Lime Light.  That wound up being too light, so I decided to try different colors on my right hand to see if it was closer to what I was aiming for.  So for the right hand I used CG Caribbean Temptation, CG Spontaneous, CG Sexy in the City and Pure Ice Wild Thing.  When I dripped the colors for my middle nail on my right hand the colors didn't dissipate as much as they had been, and the color came out almost perfect.  I have watched the china glaze video on water marbling and my polish dissipates WAY WAY more then it does in the video.  In the video it spreads but there's still a gap between the bowl and the polish edge, and the polish edge is much more uniform and dense.  I have tried cool water, warm water, room temp water, bottled water, tap water,  I don't know why mine wont work right.
But anyway.  I then took M63 and stamped it in Black over the design.

The finished product reminds me of a cross between tie dye and old school comic books, because of the colors!


I also cant for the life of me, figure out why my Konad design streaked.  I used the same bottle of Special Polish and the same bottle of Seche Vite I always use, and yet, STREAKS!  grrrrrr!

Ok on to Zoya....So skip if you don't care :)

I got a call yesterday afternoon from a very sweet girl, saying she got my message online and was very concerned that my Zoya transaction had left me unhappy.  I explained to her that when I had no shipping confirmation the day after the ship date I got concerned that maybe there was something wrong with the order, so I called and was told it would ship out within the next week.  I explained that I totally understood that things happen, no biggie, but that I really had a problem when I discovered that evening that their website suddenly said "Ships 9/30", and because of that I felt I was lied to by the associate I spoke with.  She apologized and said she had no idea why I was told that and explained that apparently their web design department had gotten their dates mixed up.  9/15 was the Zoya insider and Blogger early release date.  Everyone else gets theirs shipped out 9/30.  She also said that they hope to have them out before then, but it just depended on when the corrected green came in.  I thanked her for the call and explained that that's all I really wanted in the first place and we hung up.
I was satisfied.
Then I got on Twitter today and Zoya had this update yesterday afternoon: "Just wanted to let everyone know that we are 10 days behind on shipping the Matte Winter shades. We know everyone is excited.....we are filling them as fast as we can. No ones account has been charged until the colors ship. Sorry for the delay."
Ok, so does that mean I was lied to yesterday and it really WAS supposed to be released on 9/15, or does that mean that the Bloggers and Insiders are having to wait (because Scrangie and others certainly have theirs already) or does that mean that us "average Joes" have to wait 10 more days past the 30th?
I'm so confused.

All I wanna know now is....
How do I get on their Blogger list???
I want stuff early!

Thanks for visiting, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!



Paige said...

There tweet makes sense, if they are ~10 days behind then they won't ship out until about the 30th. I agree though, Zoya needs to get their crap together! Lovely mani btw, I love the tie-dye and konad!!! It is so pretty!

ThRiSzHa said...

this pretty... i love it so much...

Stiletto said...

Gildedangel, and Thriszha,

Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

Allya said...

Tell me once you find out! I'm on the blogger list for DC because I emailed 'letting them know' about my blog. It pays to be assertive! Please though, once they have you on their blogger list, post a comment on my blog so I can get there too (LOVE Zoya, spend way too much money on it)

Liza said...

I think the design looks fantastic! Really! And i was so frustrated with marble nails too, nether worked with me either.
As about Zoya ,i ran into same troubles, i submitted my order 9/14, and i have got part of it already, but mates are still not even on teh way. But i though that i read it wrong about shipping 9/15, and later 9/30.
My best advice - don't get nervous, we all will get it sooner or later. And worrying really won't help. :)

Stiletto said...

I will definitly share with ya if I ever figure it out!

I was nervous that maybe they didn't get my order, that's why I called initially. Then to be lied to once I called, was just not cool. I'd rather have truth in any circumstance. I would have been 100% great with hearing "we had problems, so the release was delayed" its the fact that they lied that I had a problem with.
Good to know I have company with the marbled nail problems! Sad that your having trouble, but glad I'm not alone!! Glad you like them!
Have a great day!


Lauren said...

The pedi from your last post and the nails on this post are just amazing and I love them both!! I haven't gotten up the nerve to try marbling yet, but posts like yours certainly inspire me to want to try. :)

I agree with the other comment regarding being proactive about asking companies to get on their blogger lists. Can't hurt, right?

Pink Ginger said...


jollyo said...

Your Konadicures are always so beautiful!! Sorry that Zoya can't seem to make up their minds! I think that I am the only nail polish person on Earth who doesn't have Zoya. I don't like wishy-washy customer service!! I guess Kathleen at OCNail has spoiled me!!!

Anonymous said...

That sucks! I hope you get it all straightened out soon!

Denise said...

Ditto, the zoya thing sucks and hopefully you get your polish soon. There is nothing worse than having to wait, wait, wait for something that you can't run to the store to purchase. On the bright side...your design is soooo cool!

Lucy said...

Love the manicure. Even though it didn't start out what you wanted it's amazing looking. Love the tie dyed look that came about by accident. The stamp with the swirls is just perfect. Looks like a trip from the '60's! I think you'll just have to chill out about Zoya. At least someone did call you. I think you'll have to be blogging a lot longer to get up to Scrangie standards. I'm thinking that you really have to get loads of followers to drum up more interest. I guess it just isn't right that not everyone gets the same treatment from companies.