Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alittle about me...

So I thought maybe I'd post a little about who this crazy person called "Christy" is.

I'm kinda the "about me" section over to the right says. I like alot of things, alot of random things!

I'm 29, married to a great guy (seriously, the greatest guy ever). I work as an office manager, but me and my husband own our own business, building race cars, and hot rods!

I am VERY into cars and drag racing. I just got done building a big block Ford motor for my father-in-laws 1963 Ford Galaxie. Its sweet! And found out this weekend, that he's giving me their 1963 Ford Fairlane! It will be a "Street Rod", mild enough to cruise around without drawing too much unwanted attention, but fast enough to be some good competition on the drag strip! It really means alot to me, as this car was my mother-in-laws pride and joy. My mother-in-law was just the greatest. Such a sweet woman, I loved her for the first moment we met, and she thought I was pretty cool too :) She past away a year and 4 months ago, after a short battle with lung cancer that had spread to her brain. It was unexpected, she was fighting, and doing pretty good.
We (my father-in-law, and husband) have 2 cars they currently race. The Galaxie, and the 1964 Fairlane:

We are also animal lovers! We currently have a bunny, an iguana(big bad Louie!) and this little handful:

The above pictures were taken for a calendar we'd put together every year as a Christmas Present for my mother-in-law. To say she loved this little dog, is the understatement of the year! She would pick her up every afternoon after she got off work, and "Macy-sit" until we got off work! Macy was like her grandchild!

We are also Powerlifters. My husband holds MANY regional, state and US records in powerlifting! I have not competed yet, but hope to in the NEAR future! I currently bench 205lbs with no bench shirt (bench shirts support your body to allow you to lift more weight). Bench is my favorite thing to do in the gym! When I compete I will only do Bench Press, but typical Powerlifting meets have 3 lifts. The Bench Press, Squat, and Dead Lift. Do to some weird hip issues, I am just not good at the Squat. I really enjoy deadlifting though, just not my strong point, like bench is!

I am also very much into Pin-up. I dress the part whenever we go to car shows and cruise-ins. The new "pin-up" you see I'm not crazy about! Girls walking around at car shows in lingerie, not cool. Pin-up to me is all about being sexy while being classy and modest.

Well, I suppose I should stop rambling! I'll close with a picture of my husband and me. It's the picture we use for our business website, I just love it!

Thanks for visiting!
Have a fantastic day!



Brooke said...

Wow - you guys sound like some really interesting people! You have so much going on already, i am surprised you have time to paint your nails let alone BLOG too!!

Looking forward to seeing what you will come up with though, you just seem to unique to not put your own spin on your nail blog :) I love to read cool, unique nail blogs.

Good Luck!

Stiletto said...

Awwww! Thanks Brooke! I certainly hope I can bring a little something different to the table!

We are crazy busy, but I grab time once a week, though I aim for twice, to do my nails. This of course means trading sleep time, but hey, my nails make me happy! LOL Whats a little sleep deprevation for the sake of cute nails!


Lucy said...

Reading about you put a smile on my face. I enjoy reading a blog that's very different. You seem to be an interesting person with many interest. Love the picture of you and your husband! I can see that your a lifter. I love the look of the pin up. The lingerie is gorgeous but not strolling around car shows. There are too many fantastic pin up looks to wear that are classy not trashy. So sorry to hear about your MIL. It's wonderful that you had a loving relationship. Looking forward to your Konad's.

Stiletto said...

Lucy, I'm so glad you enjoyed my rambling! I agree, the lingerie pin-up stuff rocks, just not at car shows! Reading your comment put a smile on MY face!!! So thank you!

Lizzrd said...

Greetings from Richmond! Found my way here through someone's blogroll. Good stuff!

After reading your bio and your about me post, I immediately thought of this gal - you and your hubby might find her work of interest: