Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Birthday Mani

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

I have multiple pictures of Konadicures that I have done prior to starting this blog. And over the next few weeks I will be posting them randomly.

My Birthday was in June, and I decided I wanted a Konadicure that was totally "me". So I started thinking....What are my favorite things....Bright colors! Animal Print! Polish that has a contrasting color flash! Well I thought and thought and just couldn't decide. So I did what any crazy polish addict would do (I hope), I chose all of the above!

So here ya go...the Birthday mani!

The polishes are as follows:
Pink - CG Caribbean Temptation, a nice bright pink with a blueish purple flash
Purple - CG Tempest, a blue-purple with a pretty blue flash
Blue - CG Frostbite, a gorgeous shimmery blue (sadly, no flash)
Turquoise - CG Sexy in the City, a nice aqua/turquoise with a green flash
Green - Maybelline Express Finish in Go Go Green, a super pretty lime green with a golden yellow flash!

I topped it all with the the Leopard and Zebra prints from Konad plate M57 (my most used plate!)

My husband absolutely loved this! He's too cute, I always show him my latest creation as soon as I'm done with it, and he will sit there and give me his opinion, on the color choices, image placement, colors used for the stamp, it's really too cute. I get a HUGE kick out of it! He really loves my nail designs. His favorite is the whole nail images.

That's all I have for now!

Thanks for visiting!
Have a fantastic day!



Brooke said...

Hey there! Welcome to the wonderful world of nail blogging :)

I love this design! I love the bright colors and animal print.

Happy belated birthday to you.

Stiletto said...

Wow! Thanks Brooke!
It's you...on MY blog! WOW!

I'm kinda geekin' out! :)

Thanks for the bday wishes! It was a great day!

Thanks again!

Lucy said...

Happy way Belated Birthday! Love this look. Animal prints are so fun especially in all those bright colors. That's nice that your husband likes to look at your nail art. Great guy!

Stiletto said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes! So glad you like the look. Yeah, he's a keeper I think ;)

awesomevegan said...

"I did what any crazy polish addict would do, I chose all of the above!" I LOLed hard at that because I would totally do that (different color and design on each if I can't make up my mind) :) It looks awesome! :)

Stiletto said...

sounds like me and you are two peas in a pod!!!
glad I could give you a laugh!

Revampy said...

This looks awesome!

ShortyKiloGyrl said...

I love how these look and I'm getting some Konad plates next week. Are they difficult to put on or do you suggest any tips for easy application to the nails? Also, is it necessary to use their specific "thicker" polishes to lay the design? I use alot of OPI polishes and they seem pretty thick. Thank you for all the ideas. I have now started putting some on my facebook for my friends but they aren't anything like yours!!