Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Race and a side note

Good Morning Lovely Ladies!

Today, when I get off work at 4, I will begin running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  We are leaving in the morning for the President's Cup, a HUGE race that we go to every year.!  and that's an understatement!  I LOVE inviting people who have never been to a big race, or seen the fast cars, like top fuel dragsters and funny cars.  Once it gets dark and the dragsters have their turn, I always watch the guest instead of the cars, the first pass.  They are so loud the sound reverberates through your whole body, you can feel your lungs shaking!  and at night you can see the flames that shoot out of the exhaust.  We are talking cars that go 320mph in 4.5seconds!  They go from 0 to 100mph in under 1second, while traveling less than 60 feet!!!  Go ahead, I'll wait, read that again, let it sink in.....Incredible.

So anyway, I decided I needed a fast manicure for the weekend.
So I started with a base of 2 coats of CG Liquid Leather.
Than I promptly dropped my bottle on my moms carpet and ruined those two coats tryin to snatch it up before it leaked the whole bottle out.
Luckily, she was getting ready to get a new rug anyway :::whew:::
So redid the base, then attacked it with my Red Stripe Rite nail art brush.
I needed to do two coats of the red so it was completely opaque, then topped it with 2 coats of Seche to smooth it all out.

Racing Stripes!
Racing stripes make stuff fast....right.....RIGHT????

I was just gonna drop The whole Zoya thing, but wanted to respond to a few comments 
It bothers me that people don't understand my motive.  I'm sharing this experience simply because I would want others to do the same for me, and alot of bloggers share things like this so others can be warned.  Polish Addict is one who does this and I've always appreciated it.  My ONLY problem with them is that I was lied to.  I have never and will never think of myself or claim I am even close to on the same level as Scrangie.  I'm not even sure where someone got that from really.  I don't feel like I should get stuff early either, it would be nice, I'd love to share things with my readers, but I know I'm not a vet like Scrangie or Brooke.  I don't however think that it should matter whether I am Scrangie or a homeless bum when it comes to the customer service I receive.  I placed 3 orders in the span of  3 weeks.  All 3, including the Zoya order were delayed for various reasons.  ALL of the other vendors contacted me IMMEDIATELY to say there was a problem, and asked what I wanted to do.  My problem is that when I asked, they didn't come clean, which I would have had 100% NO PROBLEM with.  Honesty is always the best policy.  I can handle pretty much anything, as long as it is the truth.

Hope that all makes since.
I will not speak of the incident again, so don't worry.
I'm 100% over it, I just wanted to address the comments since it hurts me that people don't know me and don't know my heart, and are therefore making assumptions that just aren't true.

The 1 thing I hate about the internet is that people don't see or understand my personality.  They don't understand my meaning.  I had the best intentions in sharing this with you.  I wasn't trying to be nasty or hateful, or get their attention.  I'm not a picky person.  I'm the one that doesn't complain in restaurants unless there's a hair in my food, and then I apologize for complaining while bringing it to their attention is the sweetest most un-accusatory way possible.
I have always been in customer service, so it's just something I'm passionate about.  I don't ask for anything I myself have not provided to my customers

I won't be updating again until Monday, Sorry!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for visiting!



pullstrings said...

Sorry to hear about your experience with certain comments. I wasn't aware, but I'm glad you're not dwelling. So many bloggers have to put up with so much negativity, they don't continue. I love your blog and everything about it. It's really top notch and you just started! I appreciate that you shared your experience -- it informs us as readers. I also appreciate your helpful tips and your amazing manicures. Keep it up please!
Another pesky question you don't have to answer! Do you top all your konad manicures with Seche? I'm trying different top coats and find that some pull the color a bit.
Enjoy your weekend!

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl! It's not really negative per say, just people saying and feeling like I am whining, being impatient, and difficult, so yeah, I just want everybody to know where I'm coming from!
I LOVE answering questions! Makes me feel needed! :) So ask away!
As to top coats, yeah Seche is the king in my book. I HATE that its not big 3 free though. So I usually top it with a coat of Nubar's Diamont, which is Big 3 Free. I tend to idly bite at my tips when I'm concentrating on stuff at work( I don't even realize I'm doing it), and it freaks me out that the chemicals are in my mouth!
I have tried Diamont straight over my konads and it doesn't work for me. Nailphile Loves it for this and it works for her, but every time I use it, it drags the color bad. Maybe I got an weird bottle or something. Poshe is what I used to use, and it streaked about half the time.
So Seche is consistently good for me. Just lay it on thick! :)

Paige said...

Why were people complaining about you sharing your experience with Zoya, isn't that what blogs are for? I really appreciated the information. You put what you want on your blog, it is your blog, not theirs. I love the racing stripe btw, so cute!

Brooke said...

Girl - one thing I have noticed - negative people are everywhere! Good for you venting and getting things off your chest - it helps me to do that too! When I read the first post I didn't get any of the things that you said other people mentioned, some people just look for the negative. Keep doing you, I think you are a wonderful breath of fresh air to the nail polish blogs going right now - I support you 100%!!

As for today's mani - wowsa! Looks hot, shiny and fast :)

Have tons of fun at the races! Take pics and let us see too :)

Stiletto said...

Gildedangel and Brooke,
I Just Love you guys!
You really have no idea how much it means to me that you guys get me. I just feel all warm and fuzzy! LOL
Thank you so much! Knowing I have ya'lls support is such a phenomenal feeling.
I love you guys!

Jamie D. said...

I'm really not sure why people would think you were being negative - that's one of the things blogs are for, is to point out problems with customer service (IMO). I appreciated your keeping us all informed! It's not "being difficult" to expect to be treated with courtesy - esp. when you're paying money for a product/services.

Anyways, I wanted to say I just adore your racing stripes, and wish you much luck at the races this weekend! Not big on racing, but I *love* muscle cars. Win big! :-)

Unknown said...

looks amazing!!

Kate said...

I wanted to add my two cents on the Z issue: I really appreciate your sharing this experience with us, despite people hassling you about it. Your intentions are clearly good, and you've been straightforward and very clear when you've written about it. I am sorry people are taking the opportunity to give you some sh*t about it, because I think you've done nothing wrong. Just my opinion. Please keep sharing your experiences!!

Also, I just got back from some races last week, and wish I'd thought to do racing stripes! So cute!!! Good luck at the races!

Stiletto said...

JamieD, Kelliegonzo, and Kate,
So glad you like the stripes!
Thank you all so much.
It's so awesome to know that you guys get me, and understand me!
thanks for all the support, you guys ROCK!!!


Unknown said...

ok haha i just went back and actually read this post and the last post you mentioned. i just get excited when i see a picture & want to comment on it's beauty so fast! so, honey bee, i already love you and love your blog and i understand what your intentions were and why you wanted to share this story.

some people just want to put in their two cents and it comes across weird, because people have def. said things on my posts that i've been like, wwwhhhuu-whuuu what? "that's not really cool, that's kinda rude..." or "that's not what i meant!" or even, "dude don't come at me, step off!" but i guess that's the price we pay for being so flippen awesome and putting ourselves out there with our sweet blogs and rad lives/opinions/stories. sometimes IMHO people should re-read their comments before they submit them (myself included hahaha). and like you said, it is hard this being the internet, to make ourselves understood like we would like to be all the time :( but blogging is still fun and still great and VIVA LA FAMILILA OF NAIL POLISH...or something ;)

also, again this manicure is super cute amazing and i want to try it <3 love ya girl have fun at the race!

Stiletto said...

Girl, you are so awesome. I had the biggest smile reading your comment. Thank you so much.
I could give you the biggest hug right now! (is that creepy, I dont mean it to be! :) )
Thanks again!
Lov ya too girly!

and I agree...

Pink Ginger said...

I agree with you 100%.I have been in the customer service profession for almost 11 years,and lying to customers for any reason is a definite no-no.I completely understood where you were coming from.You asked questions,they didn't have plausible answers,so you as a customer became frustrated.It happens to all of us.I appreciate the fact that you chose to bring this to our attention,and I am so sorry that some people mistunderstood what you were trying to say and chose to express their opinions by being rude.I really enjoy your blog,and from what I can tell(by reading anyway)you're one cool lady :) Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. i loved the mani and my mother still reminds me of the time i spilled silver nailpolish on her carpet :P

Stiletto said...

Thank you!
All this love and support just blows me away!
Thank you for understanding where my heart was in all this!

I just love all you guys so much!

Ha, So we are spill sisters huh? LOL SWEET!
I like company!

{{{HUGE HUG}}}

MM said...

WOW. you did all the red with the tiny stripe rite brush? Very nice!

Denise said...

You're race design is very nice. You've got a nice creative designs. :-)

Lucy said...

Christ if I was one of the people you meant I am really sorry. I understood what you meant and your frustration with Zoya. I just didn't want you to get so upset by them. Sometimes i just can't let something go. As to Scrangie I really hope you understood me. I don't even blog and find it frustrating that lots of long blooging people get amazing things so soon and we have to wait or not even be able to get them. I really think the wealth should be spread around. I guess I was trying to be helpful and came off wrong. I really apologize about the whole situation. I love your blog and enjoy your posts. Your nails are gorgeous and look amazing. They look like they're going 100+ mpr. I used to go to drag races and motorcycle races when I was in my 20's. I used to go with my brother who loves racing. I enjoyed going with him. I think I enjoyed his reaction more than anything. He's younger than I so I had to drive him. We also saw the funny cars. Man was it loud!! The motorcycle races were a little more scary due to bike gangs that used to come. They would come roaring in by the 100's. Good girl excited by bad buys, not a good idea. I almost got into serious trouble quite a few times. When I think back about the situations I got into I thank God I wasn't raped or killed. My girlfriend and I were being looked for by gang members for a weekend. Another friend let her wear her brothers jacket with a 1%er badge on it. This other gang kinda questioned us about her wearing his jacket and were really pissed. They were rival gangs who had just made peace. Just us two almost caused a gang war over her wearing this jacket. So, her brothers gang were looking for us to kill us. The few that were looking for us were later picked up on a murder charge and were imprisoned. I stopped going to races and hanging with the other girl. Sorry about that long story but the races bought out those memories. Sorry again. (((hugs)))Lucy

Stiletto said...

WOW, man that's scary! Goodness Gracious! Thank God you are ok and they never found you!

No, no worries! I was addressing many many people and just the fact that it seemed to be coming off that I was just obsessed with this problem, when really the only time I dealt with it was when I was updating here. So I just wanted to clear up things, no worries!

Pam said...

Your looks are really pretty, I especially like this one.