Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Happy Birthday and an old mani

Before I begin rambling I just want to say the following:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first follower...MY MOM!!!

Mom, you are seriously the greatest mom ever!  I know alot of people think their mom's are the best, but I'm sorry, they are wrong, mine is! :)  Thanks for always teaching me to be whoever and however I wanted to be, and for supporting all my crazyness, whether mundane, like doing my nails weird colors, or wild, like when you helped me dye my hair bright magenta pink!   I LOVE YOU!!!
(and I really miss the pink hair!) :)

Ok, well Rob got done WAY WAY sooner than I would have liked yesterday, so I had to wait 'til I was home and we had trained in the gym, to play.  I was super bummed cause I could not get the awesome image in my head to work on my nails.  I will not claim defeat though!  I'm still working on it!

So for today I have an old mani for ya.  It's actually my husbands second favorite!  LOL

For this I used China Glaze "Liquid Leather" for the base.  Then I used the swirly patterm from M63.  I took China glaze "Harmony", "Cherish" and "Adore" and dropped dots randomly over the design, making sure I had each color on their twice at least for variety.  Then a quick scrape and stamp and voila!

I'm sorry about the messy cuticle area.  I hadn't cleaned it all up yet. is having an awesome contest, green and gold glitters!!!  So be sure to visit her awesome blog and enter! also has a great contest goin on!
Well that's all for today ladies!
Thanks for visiting, and have a fantastic day!


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

This is very creative, I'd never think of dropping 3 different colours before scraping. My favorite. Thank you!

nude lace turns to colour said...

Happy birthday to your mun :D the nails are beautiful as normal, i love your designs!


Nessa said...

Happy Bday to your mama! I love how you did this mani. It's so simple with the black base, and I love that you mixed the colors. I can see why it's one of your hubbies favorite!

LfsAlot said...

Thank you baby! I love you!!! Birthdays were never this good until I had my girls to share them with me!
{{{huge hug}}}

april brooks said...


Paige said...

That is a stunning Konad!

Liza said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Love it and respect your creativity. Very cool tip about dots, i ll have to try it myself. In fact i was wondering long time - what is the bets way to make multicolored stamps

Doo ♥ said...

They are mesmerizing and simply gorgeous! Thanks for a great tip!

Pink Ginger said...

That is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! The colours you used work very well together.Nicely done :)

Anonymous said...

omg I LOVE this Konad. I have to try this sometime! I have Cherish but I've been wanting other colors from the Romantique collection as they're great for Konading! So nice to find your blog and thanks for entering :)

Stiletto said...


I'm so glad you all like this!
Glad I could give you all some ideas!


Lucy said...

Happy Birthday to your fabulous Moom. Love the manicure. You really have some amazing looking nails. I love how you used the polishes. The swirl pattern is fantastic.

Stiletto said...

Thanks so much hun! Your so sweet!