Thursday, September 17, 2009

ooOOOOoooo Spark-AH-Leeee and Zoya Disappointment!

Good Morning Lovlies!

This morning I have the mani I am currently sporting.  It is not a Konadicure :(
I know I'm sad too!
I lost my mojo.
I have 3 designs in mind right now.  Two I will do Friday night, tips and toes , and the other Sunday.

Todays mani came after I got super dissapointed when my idea just would not come to fruition.

I was totally bummed, nothing was coming to mind, and the clock was ticking.  My husband had fallen asleep beside me and I could simply not bare the idea of leaving my nails naked.

So, I grabbed the 2 things I knew would make me happy....HOLOS and GLITTER!

I did 2 coats of CG "LOL", a nice medium purple, from the OMG collection.
Then did the tip in CG "Liquid Leather".    Then topped that with a coat of CG "Fairy Dust".
Then...I lost my mind.  I decided I needed....MORE GLITTER!!!!
So I added a nice line between the tip and the base with my silver glitter Stripe Rite.
Since the sun is MIA I took two pics.  First one is in my kitchen, under florescent lights, the second is in my bathroom at work which has a halogen light.  The halogen really brings out the holo!

Now, the story of my first interaction with Zoya.  Scrangie, who, completely rocks by the way, showed a sneak peak for Zoya's Matte Velvet Winter collection on August 19th.  I saw it and fell in love!  A Magenta/purple, a Blurple, and a Green??!?!?!?  Are you kidding! I HAD to have it!
So the next morning I got to work early and placed my pre-order.  I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for these.  They were to be released on 9/15.  9/15 came and went, and no shipping confirmation.  Checked again yesterday and still no shipping confirmation.  After exploring their website and finding there is no way to check your order status, I wrote down all the info I'd need and called them when I went to lunch.  After waiting forever, which I dont mind really, it was my turn with customer service.  I was super nice, told the girl(who was also sweet) I was just calling to check the status of my order.  She looked it up and said, "looks like your order should ship in the next week or so".  My jaw dropped.  I said "uh....ok....but your website says it will ship the 15th, and that was yesterday, so I should just ignore that?"  she then procedes to tell me they they are still checking to make sure the polish is right, and checking all the bottles to make sure the colors are right!  I'm still flabbergasted.  I said ok, no prob, I'll just be patient.  Maybe I'm being too high maintenance, maybe I expect too much.  But I guess I feel like if a company has on their website that something will ship on a particular day, that it should.  And if something unforseen happeneds, fine, no prob, but either change the ship date on the website and/or send an email out to those that ordered letting them know there was an unexpected delay and that it will go out about a week late.
Still bummed about that, but I suppose I will live!

*UPDATE: I just checked, appearently they had complaints.  the site now states "Pre-Order Now, Ships 9/30"   So much for "it will ship in the next week or so".  I will have to really think about it before I do business with Zoya again.

I'm done ranting, LOL!

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Thanks for visiting.  I hope you have a fantastic day!



Jamie D. said...

Dang it anyway. I just ordered those, and waited until the 15th to order more Zoya topcoat just so I could get those colors. Might have to just cancel the order - I can't wait until the 30th for topcoat!

But I love your purple holo manicure...very classy and funky, and matches your blog too! :-)

Paige said...

I love your mani, so much glitter *drool*.
That sucks about Zoya, wtf? I have read a lot complaints about how the run things.

PolishPig said...

First, the most important thing: I love your blog and your nails (and your motors, hrmm ;-)

I'm a nail addict too, and very fond of fast cars (but never been into any professional racing.)
I have to drive to work every day, right now about 180 km a day, so it is a good thing I like driving and have a good car (Audi S4 2004)
Actually, I wished for a "day at the race track education" at my last birth day (we have a national race track in the nick of our woods). But my husband just said:
- You drive like you are on the race track every day, let's wait until you have a car that you don't master allready. So now I'm saving for a new R8 (when I don't blow all the spare money on polish.. it's hard to be female, right?.. ;-)

Now, let's cut through the cheese and find what I really wanted to say:
The reason that You're annoyed is that you're in the service business too! Your customers wouldn't accept that behaviour, and you shouldn't have to do it. I'm in a service business too, albeit in a different branch, so I sensed your frustration.. All I can say is, You are right, that is unacceptable! I hope everything clears eventually..
Hugs, PolishPig

Stiletto said...

Oh My Gosh! I didn't even notice it matched, but it does!!!! good eye! Yeah, the Zoya thing is making me more and more irritated.

So glad you like it! yeah the lack of customer communication is what gets me. i can wait, I'd just like to be kept in the loop!

I'm so happy you like my blog!!! It sounds like we have alot it common! You hit the nail on the head with your reason I'm annoyed. I wouldn't run things that way, and there for don't feel like they should!

Thanks to all for listening to my rant!

Lucy said...

First I love your manicure. Has all things I love, lots of glitter and holo polish. Love the design and your nails look fantastic. Why would you release your polish to be sold if it isn't right? They should let their customers know on site or email. Poor customer service.

Stiletto said...

Exactly! I've seen a few swatches, Scrangie had them and the green isn't matte, more of a satin, so I am assuming they are trying to fix that. Which is no biggie. But a little communication goes a long long way!

And thanks!


MightyLambchop said...

I'm sorry you had that experience with Zoya. I know how frustrating that can be. I've not had issues with them myself but that's not saying much.
More importantly, love the mani! The holo is super hot.

rijaH said...

This is gorgeous ;D simply amazing and i love it :D