Friday, April 16, 2010

Spotlight on Evil Shades Cosmetics!

Good Morning Lovelies!

I'm sure many of you know my dear friend Evil Angel and her awesome blog Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss.
But I think alot of people don't realize that she owns her own cosmetic company, Evil Shades Cosmetics!
I have placed a few orders for products and want to show you what kind of goodies you can get over at Evil Shades!
BUT before I start out, I want to make sure that everyone knows, while do consider Evil Angel a good friend, my opinion of these products is 100% honest, and not at all influenced by our friendship.  If I don't like something, I'm gonna say it!  I know she would want me to be honest as well!  So here we go!
First up, the eyeshadows:
Click to make this HUGE so you can see all the gorgeous colored shimmer!
Colors from left to right are:
Double Barrel: a gorgeous gunmetal with a multi color shimmer.  This is wicked awesome!
Cheshire: an awesome almost smoky purple with a pink shimmer! This is my go to purple for my daytime smoky looks now!
Abyss: blue-grey purple with a blurple shimmer!
Banshee:  bright aqua/teal with a silvery shimmer!
Panic: coral-pink with a faint pink/purple shimmer
Suffocation: purplish pink with a strong blurple shimmer!  LOVE!
Moonlit:  sparkly shimmery white!  My go to highlight color now, for brow bone and inner lid, right at the tear duct!  Really brightens your eyes!

Now...cause that pic of Moonlit SUCKS, here's a better one:
the light kept washing out the shimmer, but it shows PERFECT in this dark pic!

Now...Lipglosses anyone?
These ROCK!

Thin application:
Such a pretty sparkly shimmery black gloss!
Wait til you see this over Devilista!

Guilty As Sin
Thin application:
This gives such a nice subtle pink tint and sparkle!

Thin Appication:
Sparkly red!

And now the lipsticks!!!
These are amazing!  SO creamy, not at all sticky or greasy!
And they smell divine!  Like fruity candy!

Ok, now here's the thing.  My camera hated me the day I took the swatch pic, and did not in the slightest, show this color anywhere near correct!  So I chose not to show the pic.  Instead, go HERE to look at Evil Shades pic!  It's WAY better!
It is my absolute favorite lipstick ever!
It's this gorgeous slightly purplish pink with this ridiculous blurple shimmer to it!  
Seriously, go buy it now if you like it, cause very soon I'll be buying a metric ton of it, to make sure I NEVER run out!

This my friends is my favorite red EVER!
do you have any idea how many red lipsticks I've bought, brought home, put on, and thrown in a drawer, never t be worn again, cause they looked TERRIBLE on me?
ALOT!  a whole lot!
I complained about a lack of near neutral reds to Evil Angel.  It always seems reds are too orange and clash with my olive tones, making me look half dead, or so blue toned they are basically dark pink.
HOURS later, she unveiled this!  
And it's PERFECT!
If you like red I HIGHLY recommend this!

Now...wanna see something awesome?
This is Venom gloss over Devilista!
How ridiculous is that!
You can add even more gloss (this is a thin coat) and it makes it this gorgeous dark vampy red!

Seriously, if you have even one little hesitation in ordering, just ignore it!  Her customer service is incredible!  Even before she knew who I was, and I placed my first order, she had it sent out hours later!  This girl ROCKS!  And check out how you get your product!
Open your mailer, and you find this awesome bag inside, loaded with your goodies and a yummy lollipop for you!

I also forgot to mention, not only is all of her product totally 100% cruelty free, but it's also almost entirely vegan (just a few products are not)!

So yes, RUN, don't walk, to Evil Shades, and get some AWESOMENESS!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

love these! so glad a had andrea get started on some new colors for me =D

Lucy said...

I must check out her makeup. Not that I need any, but lipsticks! My lipsticks are almost as bad as my polishes. That's an awesome red on you. I know what you mean about the reds. Some are just so not good. The eyeshadow is something also. Now you need to do a "look" with these. (((hugs back)))

AllYouDesire said...

The eyeshadows look great!

Unknown said...

Great post!

Jacie said...

That red is..... breathtaking. I'm placing an order now!

schmut said...

The black gloss over the red lipstick makes me want to shop shop shop!

nihrida said...

Devilista looks amazing on you.

prettybottles said...

you rule! thank you for posting some evil shades swatches for me =) i love finding another blogger that loves makeup AND polish!