Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Review!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I have some AWESOME stuff to show you!

I received some things from OCC to swatch and share with you!

First up, the polish...

Rhythm Box
According to their website this is "Pale Bright Violet"
Ehh, I disagree.  To me it's a violet toned magenta.
Regardless of description, it rocks!
They say it has a satin finish, I however found it to be pretty shiny.
This is 2 coats.

They call this "Slate Grey"
I concur, I would, however, add that it has a smokiness to it.
It has a very slight warm tone.  
2 coats.

Deep navy blue.
Holy Moly! Look at that!
That's with NO top coat people!
This is so shiny and glossy, it's just ridiculously awesome!
The greatest thing about this is that if my hands would have cooperated, and hadn't been shaky, 1 coat woulda given this gorgeous, jellyish, watery feel. 
2 coats is opaque, or woulda been if I hadn't been applying with my left hand!
This is 3 coats.

 All the polishes ROCK, and were great to apply!

And now...the Lip Tars....
Vapid, NSFW and Complex

Lip Tars are super fun!  They are very pigmented, and gloss consistency.  The great thing about these is the pigmentation!  These things are so opaque, a drop the size of a glass head pin is plenty for an application.
The second best thing is the fact that you get to play mad scientist! 
Wanna light violet-pink...use 2/3 Vapid and a teeny tiny bit of NSFW.
Wanna violet toned magenta...NSFW plus a touch of Vapid.
How about a nautral pink...mix a teesy bit if NSFW with Complex.
The possibilities are endless!
They have a TON of colors, but these are the three I was sent.

OCC calls this a bubble gum lavender, and that's a perfect description.
Oh, and yes, my lips are not symmetrical!
Neither are my eye shapes or eye brows...I'M CROOKED!  :)

OCC calls this a greyed violet.
Hmmm, maybe?  
To me it's more of a nude with a touch of pink.

 OCC says this is a blue-based red.
hmmm, maybe, but to me it's a near true red.
Excuse the feathering, I had swatched to much lipstick at this point, I think my lips were revolting to the abuse of the removal!  I'm pretty sure a liner would have prevented this, but I did not test that theory.
But BEWARE, this stuff STAINS!  Which is good and bad.
Good, cause then it leaves some color if it's eaten off, but bad cause I put the drop on the back of my had and use a lipbrush to apply, and then my hand turns red!

Now let's PLAY:

Complex + NSFW

Vapid + NSFW

The difference was more apparent in person!  LOL

These things wear GREAT!  They are not sticky or greasy, just have a nice creamy texture!

I HIGHLY recommend!

Check them out HERE

That's it for today my dears!
Hope you have a great day!


These items were sent to me by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, free of charge, in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


Anonymous said...

this just makes me want the OCC stuff on my wishlist even moreeeeeeee! inky. lust. and the lip tars. omgggggggg!

jaljen said...

What a lovely load of stuff. Those lip tars are A-MA-ZING!

Anonymous said...

i have three liptars (only remember one though.. Anime). They are so amazing! the pigmentation and the staying power! OMG! hours and hours even while drinking and eating! increible stuff the lip tars!

Skulda said...

Great review! :D

L said...

Awesome! I have wanted the OCC stuff for ages but just havent gotten around to buying them. Scared of the lip tars though LOL

danielle said...

OCC FTW! I have four or five of their polishes, and the staying power is pretty impressive. Love OCC so much, it takes all my willpower not to go after the rest of the polishes too. :)

danielle said...
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Akuma Kanji said...
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Akuma Kanji said...

Some lovely and great products you've got! I trully love those colours! The grey nail polish... my goodness, just awesome! And the Vapid colour... delicious! ***

Serena said...

Those Lip Tars are intense. They really are pigmented. I don't care for the lighter colours by themselves. The red is boyfriend would love it. I prefer your mix of Vapid + NSFW.

jo.frougal said...

Loveliness in bottles and tubes. Look great on you, all of them.

MightyLambchop said...

This is killing me. I've been needing a new option for lip color and these are freaking amazing.
The red is stunning on you, love it!