Friday, April 9, 2010

Need Input and Random Pics

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I sadly don't have much nail or makeup wise, to show you. But I do have some cool pics to share...well, I think they are cool, lol!

First though I wanna get some input...
It seems that I get alot of feedback when I do freehand nail art and complicated konad designs.  And I totally understand that!  I mean it's cooler to look at stuff like that than just one color + one stamp.  I was thinking abotu this a while ago and came up with some ideas.  I would like to start doing "Theme" manis, for lack of a better word.  One idea I have, I am TOTALLY Psyched about, but I don't wanna give it away!  Here's where the question lies...If I did multiple manis that all have the same theme(like I've done for Christmas, Easter and Halloween)...would you want me to post them all back to back, or would you like me to post one here and there, like once a week?

Thanks for the input!!!

And now, some cool stuff to look at!

I really enjoy playing with the camera and taking "artsy fartsy" shots.  One day a while back I played in the garage while Rob was working and didn't need a wrench girl.  Here's some fun shots I got of the Galaxie:
Click to make big!
My FAV shot...the Air Filter



Steering Wheel

Trunk Trim

Seat Back

The vent between the hood and the windshield

Tail Light (my second fav)

Green eyed bug, that took a rest on the roof of the car!

So, If you're ever bored, grab the camera, and check things out at cool angles!

Hope you enjoyed these!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!



Zoë said...

OMG I looooove these! Did you see the photo post that i did?
I frikking LOVE macro photography.
Such inconsequential things that we don't think about day to day can be stunning when isolated.
You're captured this perfectly.

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl!
The post you're talking about...was it your first "A BAT"?
If so then YES! I LOVE your photography!!!

ainos2 said...

Love this post! I frequently find creative inspiration for manis in subjects unrelated to nails. My favorite is the trunk trim!

And welcome to Wicked Vixens!

Claire's Blog said...

Great pictures !

nihrida said...

Leather seat! mmmmm...

L said...

Love the pictures. I say your theme idea is cool as hell. Theme ideas are fun anyway. I tried with Tribute Thursday but my fat arse couldnt get to it like I wanted due to laziness. Try it out everyday and then see how it works for you.

Unknown said...

Once a week would be good, back to back would be a "creative overload"..ha ha ha..great shots by the way, I love cars!

Anonymous said...

Theme manis would be great!! And dribble them out slowly so I can appreciate each one individually. And then I'll try to do it on my own nails. I've got all this great nail polish and I want to use it and I'm one of those who needs the examples to follow for nail art. Thanks!! -JenB

Unknown said...

I love the abstract view photo's. (I have a folder full of these types of pictures)

I think theme mani's could be fun.

Tropical Mind said...

These are fantastic shots! I just discovered your blog today and am really enjoying it!

jo.frougal said...

You make these inanimate objects look sexy!!!
As for the manis, I like 'em back-to-back, though it's not as important as having NOTDs to drool over, whatever the theme. ;)

Serena said...

Wow those are great! I'm currently in a Graphic Design/Photography class so I would love to see more pictures of yours when you don't have any nail/makeup stuff to show.

I like the idea of themed manis. Maybe you could pick one day a week to post one if that is easier on you. Or pick a theme a week and post a few manis related to that theme. Whatever works for you, I love reading your blog!

Lucy said...

Excellent photos! You've got a good "eye" with photography. I like the air filter the best. Reminds me of buying it and handing it over to my Dad or brother to put in my car. Thank God I had a Father and brother that could fix cars. It always amazed me that both of them could tear down something and have all these tiny pieces and then know where they all went. My Dad used to explain what he was doing and liked having me there with him. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. I would also like your themed manicures once a week.

Unknown said...

Just thought I would drop by and say Hi, I am a new "beauty" blogger and have recently found yours :)


Zoë said...

yup the first A BAT hehehe
also, (I totally got distracted by your photos - can you tell?) I'd rather see them back to back, posting more often = win! Even if you set it up for blogger to do it on automatic so you don't have to post everyday. :D