Monday, April 12, 2010

Exciting Special Announcement and New Name!

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Notice anything different???

Today I am proud to announce that I was asked to become one of the Wicked Vixens!!!  I am so absolutely blown away and honored to be part of such an awesome group of ladies!  If you don't know who they are:

This Absolutely AWESOME layout(Banner, Signature, Dividers, Sidebar Dividers, and background) were done by the FABULOUS Toxin!  I HIGHLY recommend you check her out and request her services for your blog!  Check her Design Blog out HERE.

You will also see that I will be going by a new name from now on!  Scandalous decided Christy and Pwrlftrchick just wasn't Vixen-y enough, and I agreed!  So I asked the Lovely Evil Angel to assist in re-naming me!  See, Evil Angel is the nickname QUEEN!  So, henceforth, I will be known as Stiletto!  Isn't that just pure hotness???

Now, I was so overwhelmed with excitement about being asked to join these fab ladies, that I decided to do a tribute of sorts!   

First, I did an eye look!  I planned for it to mimic the colors of our logo, but sadly, my red shadow turned pink once it was applied (boo!)  but it still turned out, ok, I guess:

And what would a nail blog be without a nail tribute?
I started out with a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Mellow Yellow
 Then I sponged on BB Couture in Cruisin'
Then China Glaze "Japanese Koi" below that
And finished with China Glaze "China Rogue"
Then, I simply printed out a bunch of the logos on labels and attacked it with my exacto knife!
Laid the labels over the nail, painted on the black and pulled them back off!
I had to go back and freehand the Vixens' tail and horns.  It looks WAY better in person.  Stupid Macro!

Well Ladies, that is it for today!
I hope you have a fantastic day!


L said...

Thats awesome but Im still gonna call you what I started out calling you LOL

Unknown said...

Congrats girl! :) I love the eye look and the nails are just amazing! Plus your new nickname and blog template are more than amazing!

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Congrat girl!! Those nails & make-up look are wicked hot!!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Cute Nickname, AWESOME mani, loving the eye look too. Toxin did a fantastically fab job on your blog stuffs too.
Congrats on the affiliation.

Unknown said...

OK..where do I begin? The nails are hot! The new web look is awesome...and the new name, is the BEST...oh my god girl, you're on a roll!

AllYouDesire said...

Your nails are just awesome and love the new look :)

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Congrats Stiletto, your blog looks even more awesome then it already did!!! The hot nails are to die for!

Unknown said...

I love the new logo and fabulous nails. Congrats!!

Unknown said...

Welcome Stiletto to the WV!
You are way to sassy to be anything less than Stiletto! Hugs
Love the eyes and the nails are Wicked!

schmut said...

Congratulations and WOW, this layout i great! I especially like the banner

Amberski said...

awesome mani and mak up, and I love the name Stiletto!! Congrats on being a Wicked Vixen! ( I guess I am just to nice for you guys! )

Emma said...

congrats! awesome layout and mani!

WizardsOfBling said...

Those nails are smoking hot!

Zoë said...

Oh... my... god... those nails.
The eye makeup is stunning, obviously the layout rules (HA!) but those nails! You have no idea how much of a conniption you nearly gave me to see the logo that Scandalous and I worked on come to life!
Looove it!

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

I love the new layout! The manicure is really great. Perfect. :) Congrats on being a vixen!

jo.frougal said...

Wow, congrats, Christy! You had it coming! For a moment there I got confused at the blog skin, but this looks amazing and so you. FOTD is lovely, the nails are plain hot and gorgeous. Wish I had your skills!

Perles & Paillettes said...

Congrats !
Your mani is soooo hot ! I love it !

LacquerObsession said...

Congrats!! and those nails look gorgeous!!!! super sexy!! :)

Lucy said...

Love the new name. The cherries are also perfect. Your manicure is freaking amazing. You should win a contest for that. Love the makeup and you are a vixen!

nihrida said...

Very cool! =)

Lissi said...

Congratulations! You are totally a Vixen! And I am in love with this layout and new look! I love tattoo-style things. Love it!