Thursday, April 15, 2010

Color Club Pardon My French Collection Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

(note: I remembered my notes today, so coat count will be correct, however, I got 2 wrong the past few days, 1 from BB Couture and 1 from OCC.  OCC "Rhythm Box" was actually 3 coats, and BB Couture "Hot Spot'" was actually 3 as well.  I will update the post appropriately) 

Today I have the Color Club "Pardon My French" Collection!
(Click for big pics)
Doesn't it just scream Spring!

This collection consists of 4 creams and 3 coordinating glitter polishes for layering or wearing on their own.
I decided to swatch each glitter top coat over each color, that way you can see all the possibilities.

Let's get started!
Pardon My French
Pardon the flaw in the index nail, Yes, I apparently HAD to stuck my finger in it!  GRRR
In the bottle I was not impressed with this color.  But on the nail, I LOVE IT!
Such a nice soft slightly nude pink.  It's not chalky at all, which is great!
This is 4 coats.

Now lets see it with the glitters!!!
Left to Right:
Hot Couture, Turn the Other Chic, and Si Vous Please!
1 coat each

I Believe in Amour
Yes!  LOVE IT!
Lavender toned pink!
Again, not chalky at all!
This is 4 coats, HOWEVER, 3 coats would have worked just fine.  See I have a problem applying polish with my left hand.  I almost always have to add an additional coat to my right hand, do to the left not allowing me to apply smoothly.

With Glitter:
Left to Right:
Hot Couture, Turn the Other Chic, and Si Vous Please!
1 coat each

Oh Naturale
Shockingly, this actually looked decent with my skin tone!  
Peachy Oranges never do, but this did!
Again, like all the others, not chalky at all, this one was almost jellyish.
3 coats.

And with Glitter:
Left to Right:
Hot Couture, Turn the Other Chic, and Si Vous Please!
1 coat each
This glitter on this color really can make it way different.  
2 coats of Hot Couture would have made it more pinkish, a blush peach color.

Take Me to Your Chateau
Gorgeous bright, yet soft, sky blue!
This was the resounding favorite of the collection for me!
This is only 2 coats, but again, had I been applying with my right hand, I actually think I could have gotten away with 1!

Now with Glitter:
Left to Right:
Hot Couture, Turn the Other Chic, and Si Vous Please!
1 coat each
Yeah, Turn the Other Chic...not so much a good idea.  LOL
BUT!  Check out Hot Couture...The slight pink tint that that glitters base has starts leaning it to a periwinkle color!  I think 2 coats of Hot Couture woulda resulted in full on periwinkle gorgeousness!
Now, Lets take a closer look at the glitters:
Left to Right:
Hot Couture, Turn the Other Chic, and Si Vous Please!
 (yeah, not sure how I managed to switch the order for this pic!)

Let's look at the glitter on a bare nail!:
This is 1 coat of each.

2 coats.
Left to Right:
Hot Couture, Turn the Other Chic, and Si Vous Please!
Closer view for more detail!
You can see that Hot Couture's pink base definitely shows up, which is nice, since it will transform the color of the base coat of polish!  Kinda like frankening without the mixing!  LOL  So all you ladies scared to fraken, here ya go!
Turn the Other Chic I actually prefer on it's own, with no base polish.  I like the jelly quality! 
Si Vous Please! is just lovely, I gotta thing for blue/pink/purple iridescent glitter!

All in all I LOVED this collection.  The creams are gorgeous and creamy and not at all chalky.  The glitters are fun do to the color change they impart on the base polish, and it's nice they work on their own!
The only thing that bugged me a bit was the consistency of the glitter polish.  It was almost like a gel.  Not SUPER thick and unmanageable mind you, but not drippy like regular polish either.  I think if I add a few drops of thinner, it should make it all better.

Now...wanna see something cool?

When I did the swatching, I'd put 1 cream on each hand, and go out back on the back deck to take pics.  I brought the glitters out there with me, so I could slap a coat on right there and snap the pic, less likely for me to bang it into something on the way out the door that way! 
Well I had them all sitting on the railing, and I had a visitor.
He sat there and hovered around the bottle and landed on it and crawled all around it.  And he couldn't for the life of him, figure out how to get to this bright, juicy, sparkly flower!
He wouldn't LEAVE!  He was seriously obsessed, it was funny!

Oh and this is a carpenter bee for those who are curious.  I do not like them, they bore holes in my house(I live in a log home for those who do not know), then the giant woodpeckers(not the little guys, these guys are like a foot and a half tall!), who think these guys are delicious, come and peck and destroy my home trying to get rid of them!

Dear Mr. Bee, 
While my house is wood, it is not a tree.  Please make your home in the trees.  Not only would it make me happier, but then you could bore deep enough that the woodpeckers couldn't get you!
Please consider moving to one of the eleventy billion trees surrounding my house.

That's it for today my wonderful ladies!

I certainly hope you have a great Thursday!



Anonymous said...

love the review and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that picture of the bee is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! We have carpenter bees also and ryan HATES them and I had to teach the boys to not be scared of them because they will not sting you unless you trap them. I'm still a honeybee girl, but he IS a cutie!

Anonymous said...

and omg look at his faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! its so cute! and the pollen on his legs! I just wanna catch him and snuggle him

Millie said...

Thanks so much for this. What a great post! I have Si Vous Please! on order and it looks really pretty. I'm a bit worried about the consistency and having to add thinner though since my latest Color Clubs have been missing balls.

MightyLambchop said...

The bee picture was cute and the story is pretty funny.

Really like this collection especially those glitters. Hotness!

Perfect10Beauty said...

I was be big fan of this collection to be honest. I got it super cheao at Ross, but could have really passed on it considering that none of the colors stood out to me. I'm still going to swatch them for my blog, but I don't see myself wearing too many of them. I also didn't care for some of the formulas at all. I did like the Take Me To Your Chateau color, it was pretty much the only one I'd wear again on my hands.

Skulda said...

The photo of the bee is excellent!! You can even see all the pollen on his back legs!! :D

Unknown said...

Hilarious! The bee is just another one of gods creatures that love polish! Ha ha Ha! Great post, love the blue!

KONADomania said...

How cute is that! Great swatches and review! And the little bee is just adorable:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great swatches!! and aww at the adorable bee :) I'm glad I've been seeing so many bees this year (especially honey bees, but big bees are still good too), since over the last few years they have been drastically dying off.

Lucy said...

Fantastic picture. I've never seen wings like that so close up. Good thing that little sucker didn't decide to mate with your bottle. How ever they do that! Love those polishes. I have so many glitters from Color Club and China Glaze. I wonder if they're trying to be like CND.