Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Past Few Days

Good Morning Lovelies!

Sorry I was absent yesterday!  I just didn't have it in me, nor did I have the time, to do a post.  Actually I'm slammed right now, but I am trying to get this cranked out, a bit at a time. 

No nails today, sorry!  But I figured I'd share a bit about what's been up since I last posted!

I was surprised Thursday afternoon by this prettiness:
Than of course, I had to have fun and take a few macro shots.  
I really like how they turned out so I thought I'd share!

I LOVE Macro!  So much fun!

Friday I got up at 2am...yes, you read that right, 2am!  I have decided 2am is not my friend, nor is it a good time to be getting up for the day!  ANYWAY...we got up, got washed and dressed, and met my father-in-law in town and jumped in the truck and headed up the highway.  I slept, alot, cause I knew I'd be a bundle of nerves the whole way back, watching the load!  We got to the place we were picking the Milling Machine up from.  Rob went in with the paid invoice, like he was supposed to, and I waited outside, for him to come back and tell me it was time to get to work!  15 minutes passed....then 25.....then 35....and just when I was abotu to barge in and demand to know what they had done with my husband, here he comes out the door with a grin on his face.  "Hmmm...what is going on" I'm wondering.  Turns out God was gonna bless us enormously!  After being told by multiple people, prior to arriving there, to be sure we had everything we would need, cause they wouldn't so much as touch it to unplug it if it needed to be...a few guys decided to go ahead and just get a fork truck and set it on our trailer for us!  WOOOHOOO!  What a huge blessing!  it would have taken hours to get this thing out to the trailer and loaded with just a palette jack!  
After strapping it down with ever strap we own, I decided we needed to go to the Lowe's at the end of the street(talk about convenient!) and buy 4 more to make me feel better!  I snapped a few pics to show you the final strapped down machine!
It's about 7 feet tall!
It's so funny!  It looks to tiny in these pics!  It's totally not. 
The trailer it's sitting on carries our BIG racecar!
That might help the proportions a bit!

So yeah, I stared out the back window of the truck, watching that machine until it got too dark to see anymore!  Talk about stress!  I swear, I am SHOCKED I didn't wind up with an ulcer or a heart condition.  Watching that thing bounce (the whole trailer was bouncing) on the craptastic NY and Pennsylvania roads was totally nerve wracking!  But we marked the trailer and everything so we could check and see if it moved at all, and it only moved a total of a 1/4 inch!  
Saturday was much more relaxing!  We ran down to my inlaws and washed and gassed up the truck, to return it to our buddy we borrowed it from.  Then hung out at mom's a bit, to visit with her and my sister who was home for the weekend from college.  Then we sorta re-created our first date to celebrate our anniversary.  Went to the Thai restaurant we went to that first time, then went grocery shopping, lol, nope, didn't do that on our first date!  but we finished up with icecream from Cold Stone, just like we did that first time!  It was fun!

Sunday was stress city again.  This time we had to move this behemoth from the trailer to the garage, and get it off that plastic palette!  There was much disagreement on how things should be done, many scary "it's tipping toward (insert name)!" moments, lots of straining and muscle use, but it got done!  With the help of 2 very awesome friends.  So it's in its home and ready to make us money!

That, my friends, was quite a few days!
I'm worn out just typing it all!
I need a weekend to recuperate from the weekend!

That's it for today my wonderful readers!  I'll be back tomorrow with the mani I sported for our Anniversary (I let Rob pick!)

I hope you have an awesome day!



SailorWifey said...

Can't wait to see the anniversary mani.

Please check out my giveaway

♥ SailorWifey

Anonymous said...

blss your heart that sounds like an adventure!

Unknown said...

Can I come play with your new toy? :o)

Stiletto said...

Pics came out kinda blah, but I'll show them anyway, lol
Thanks! I'll check it out!

most definitely! I am WAY ready to come hang out now!

Absolutely! Come on!

L said...

Well dang! You had a little journey! My father would be in heaven. Cant wait to see your mani!

jo.frougal said...

Ahh haha!!! Your stress is my stress-buster this morning, sorry, Christy. I had to laugh. I'm glad those people helped you with the lifting up. Honestly if you weren't power lifters you would have had more trouble with this thing.
That's a gorgeous bunch of flowers, thanks for sharing pics, and happy anniversary again.

Lucy said...

Beautiful flowers, your husbands a sweet guy. What an amazingly crazy adventure with that huge piece of machinery. Hope you do get more than your moneys worth out of it.

Unknown said...

What an adventure..you didn't harm in nails int he process right? LOL...I love productive days like that! :)