Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nails, a Special Day, and a Trip, OH MY!

Good Morning Lovelies!

I have lots to share with you today! 

First I wanna say a HUGE thank you to every who suggested things for me to try yesterday!  I am gonna use them ALL!!!  LOL  Then my toes will be indestructible!!!  MUAH HAHAHAHA 

ahem, ok....
On to the mani!

This idea actually popped in my head while we were lifting, oddly enough!

I started with Orly "Gorgeous" which Rob picked out for me, as a base.  It was 3 coats I think.  It's a purple toned magenta with a TON of blue flash!
Next, using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in "Blazing Blue", a shimmer dark blue, I stamped the bead looking tip design from M62 diagonally across the bottom half of the nail, making sure one end went right to the bottom corner (you'll see in the pic)
Then I used the top row of beads as a guide and painted from there up with OPI "Ink".

The next day I was looking at it and thought it would be nice if that blue shimmer continued the whole length of the nail!  so on top of Inky I added 1 coat of NYC "Purple Pizzazz Frost" a purple with a TON of blue flash!  I tried and tried to get the blue flash to show in good lighting and couldn't.  so here is a dark crap-tastic pic of it!


Today isn't just Earth's my Anniversary!  So I thought I'd share a few pics from the wedding day!  Don't laugh, this was before I got good at makeup, and lost weight!

This pic bring so many memories back!
First, it's so weird to not see my chest/shoulder/arm covered in flames, LOL
Next, if your very perceptive, you will notice a bandaid on my index finger!  
Little story:
2 days before the wedding, me and mom bought all the food for the reception, brought it to our church and used the kitchen to cook it all.  Yes, I made the food for my own wedding.  I also made the cake, well cupcakes.  (after the massive multi-tier one i made for my first marriage, I was going easy this time!)
I was chopping bell peppers for a pasta salad with mom's nice sharp knife, talking away to her (she's my bestest friend, well her and rob and my sister, but she's be my bestest friend the longest!)  and I took my eyes off what I was doing for a brief second and BAM pain!  I look down and wow...I had almost entirely taken off a quarter of my finger along with the nail!  I went back and forth between, wow, this looks WAY worse than it feels(thank God for sharp knives), but no stitches!  and CRUD now I cant do anything nice with this nail and I'll have to wear a band-aid!  BOOO
yes, I thought about the fact I wasn't gonna be able to do my nail!
After much pressure and many refusals to go the the hospital, if finally quite bleeding, and we got back to work!

Fun times!

I get to get up, get ready and be on the road at 4am tomorrow!  oh joy!
We are driving up to Highland New York to pick up a Milling machine we bought for our company. 
We are driving there, loading it up and driving back.  so it's gonna be a long LONG day!
Not to mention the fact that we aren't 100% sure how to manhandle it onto a palette jack, since, ya know, it only weighs 3,000 pounds!  We might be strong, be we ain't THAT strong!
So due to this, no post tomorrow!

So I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!



Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! omg such cute wedding pictures!
I can't believe you didnt get stitches! You're so much tougher than me. I sliced my knuckle on a can last year and had to get stitches and a damn tetnus shot. (owwww) right before the Gavin Rossdale show in New Orleans too booo. Wedding trumps concert though, by FAR.
It does look strange to not see your tattoo!

Amberski said...

Happy anniversary!! What were you, like 15 when you got married?? geez... still, you look adorable!

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun! I just was too chicken to have stitches!

LOL, nope, it's our 4 year anniversary, i was 25 when we got married, I'm 29 now! My first marriage only lasted a year(i was 22 that time), and me and rob only dated a year and 5 months before we got married. when you know, you know!

Smoochiefrog said...

I think you looked absolutely gorgeous in your wedding picture! Very simple and chic.

Happy Anniversary!

polishedlyrics said...

Great nails!

Happy Anniversary, I wish you and Rob many many more years of wedded bliss! You look gorgeous in your wedding pictures so I dont want to hear anything about makeup or losing weight! I want cupcakes for when Michael and I get married too! I can't wait

Have fun on trip tomorrow and be safe, not hurting yourself or breaking a nail :)

Nicole said...

I think you looked gorgeous! I too think you look young, but then again, I don't think you look like you're almost thirty now, for real. I think it's awesome that you and your mom cooked everything - what a neat story! Happy Anniversary, y'all! :) I hope you have a fun and safe trip tomorrow.
PS and your nails look amazing!

L said...

Happy Anniversary! You were a gorgeous bride.

Biba said...

Happy anniversary!
I think you looked very beautiful on your wedding pics.

KONADomania said...

Happy anniversary from me too:) Gorgeous pics and you2 look so great!

Phyrra said...

Happy Anniversary! You look stunning!

I love the nails, too. I have Orly Gorgeous :) It's great.

avroys said...

Happy anniversary! One can just see the 2 of you glowing with happiness in those wedding pics. You looked absolutely beautiful. Have a safe trip tomorrow

Emma said...

aww...don't be so hard on yourself! i'm happy for you that you've worked hard to lose weight since then, but in those pictures you look truly happy, which is beautiful in itself :)

nihrida said...

I saw your wedding photos and I was like: ''who is this?''
I couldn't believe that was you. You were GORGEOUS honey! Well, you're still gorgeous now, but you looked so different. I still cant' believe that's you. =)
Happy anniversary to you and Rob! :***

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Earth Day!

Lucy said...

What a beautiful couple you two make. Have a blessed and happy anniversary. Sorry I missed it on the day. You looked just beautiful and like a little baby. Not the Stiletto lady! That's amazing that you did all that work for your work. Plus the extra duress of a sliced finger. Your nails look fabulous. God bless you both always.

Lucy said...

What a beautiful couple you two make. Have a blessed and happy anniversary. Sorry I missed it on the day. You looked just beautiful and like a little baby. Not the Stiletto lady! That's amazing that you did all that work for your work. Plus the extra duress of a sliced finger. Your nails look fabulous. God bless you both always.

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

No laughter here, you were elegant and beautiful on your wedding day and the band-aid was a nice touch. :)
You both look so very happy and your friendship shines through.
I think the flames you have now would have looked awesome with the dress!
Love the mani, and the story. You're quite a go-getter!
Happy Anniversary to you and Rob.

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Happy Anniversary! You were such a beautiful bride. :) Just thinking of how much work you must have done for your wedding makes me glad I eloped!

jo.frougal said...

Happy Anniversary to one couple I know of that have a marriage as God intended it to be! God bless you abundantly and continue to keep you, may your love increase more and more! You look very lovely!

jo.frougal said...

I gave you (another) award because you're awesome!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!
You look gorgeous and how happy does Ron look! He knew he had struck gold!
I thought on this occasion I would share a Native wedding blessing, I think it suits You and Rob quite well.

Now we feel no rain, for each of us will be a shelter to the other.

Now we feel no cold, for each of us will be warmth to the other.

Now there is no loneliness, for each of us will be a companion to the other.

We are two bodies, but there is one life before us and one home.

When evening falls, I'll look up and there you will be.

I'll take your hand; you'll take mine and we'll turn together
to look at the road we traveled to reach this: day of happiness.

It stretches behind us, even as the future lies ahead.

A long and winding road, whose every turning means discovery.

Old hopes, new laughter, shared fears.

As our braids grow silver together, this road we walk together is one that never has an end.

iiyímmit mósskitsipahyo
(Happiness and love)

Saori said...

First Happy anniversary :D You was very beautiful in this dress !!
Second : great mani as usual !!

MightyLambchop said...

Hope you had a nice anniversary. Love your wedding pictures. You look so lovely! Congrats to the both of you!

Sanna said...

Happy anniversary!
Don't laugh, are you kidding me?
You look amazingly pretty!

Shayla said...

Aw, you look so gorgeous in your wedding gown!

Perles & Paillettes said...

You're gorgeous on your wedding pics ! Very lovely :)

Unknown said...

you are so gorgeous in your pictures! thanks for sharing :)