Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Help From My Friends!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I am here to ask for some help, or advice, or ideas, or anything!

Here's my problem....

My pedicures are suddenly chipping after 1 day of wear!

Yes 1 stinkin' day!

Even a franken of all glitter I made a while back, that lasted me 3 weeks with no chips once, chipped day 1!

Now, before you jump in and help me out, here are the things I have done already to help this situation:

- Made sure to wipe toe nails with pure acetone before beginning polish, to remove any residue that may be there from lotion or something.
-Washed toes with warm soapy water and thoroughly dried them before polishing.
-Added a base coat (never needed one before) Base coats used:  Borghese, China Glaze "Super Adhesion", Diamond Cosmetics "Super base".

-Trimmed nails shorter (virtually no free edge) thinking it might be rubbing against my shoe, even though I wear socks!
-Even roughed up the surface of the nail(no I didn't go crazy, just took off the shine) with a file to help polish stick better!


I LOVE wearing glitter pedis but taking it off every night is just not gonna work for me! 

Anyone know any tricks, or miracle products?

I've never had issues like this and it is driving me MAD!
I mean I used to be able to wear no socks in sneakers for days and lots of walking before I'd get "tip wear"

Thanks for the help everyone!



L said...

What sort of top coat are you using?

Stiletto said...

I've tried Seche, Diamond Cosmetics Super top coat, and Out The Door.

Anonymous said...

when your down I have some CND stickey for you to try. I helps ALOT with chips. Also, I'd steer clear of FDTC's. The thicker the layers of polish on toes the quicker they chip, and FDTC's tend to be thicker than reg old TC's. If this doesn't help, try a thin gel or acrylic overlay over your toes THEN polish ;)

L said...

Yes, Ange! I use good ol' fashion Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. My toes hold polish for weeks with that stuff. Sometimes I even use that SH Maximum Growth as well.

AshMarie said...

I've had luck using OPI's Bond aid to dehydrate the nail before my base coat. I always use a base coat two thin coats of polish and a top coat. My pedi's often last 2 weeks +

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Big Second on the bond aid! Or, IBD nail dehydrator (it's cheaper)

Serena said...

I also use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails base coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength clear topcoat. I never want to spend too much on topcoat! (I love the title of this post by the way!)

konADDICT said...

Revently my toe naills started breaking off on inside edge. So I have been using OPI Axxium soak off gel. I use it because it co
es in a nail polish style bottle- easy to apply, soaks off(really, it softens a rolls off when using acetone on a polish change)

you do have to cure it, you do have to rough up nail plate, & you do use a bonder (I like young nail bond aid)

your nails look smooth and the polish holds.

Unknown said...

I would definitely go with Sally Hansen hard as nails, and SH also has a speed dry top coat (I forget the actual name), that is tinted "pink"...but it is tough. When I was practicing martial arts and kicked a lot of butt...LOL, my toes were never damaged.