Monday, April 19, 2010

Pink and Smoky Purple Evil Shades Look

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I thought I'd share an Evil Shades look I did last week.

First I gotta say, that Evil Shades Shadows blend so well it's ridiculous!   I wore this look the first time the morning I woke up to no power!  I put my makeup on by the light of the flashlight feature on my cell phone!  Once I got to work, I went to the bathroom to look in a mirror bracing myself for the horror I knew I would see.  I mean it looked fine at home, but how good could in-the-dark-application possibly look in decent light?  I was FLOORED!  It looked awesome!  To me this is a huge testament to just how awesome Evil Shades can put it on in the dark and it still ROCKS!

Anyway, I loved the look so much I redid it the next day so I could take pics and share!

I started by applying concealer all over the eyes.  Both on the under eye area, as well as the upper lid to the brow, inner eye area and lower lid.

Then I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion to the entire upper lid area as well as along the lower lash line and inner corner of the eye.

Next, using a wide, flat brush, I applied Cheshire along the lower lash line and extended it up(just continue the angle of the lower lid), halfway between the outer corner of my eye and the outer edge of my brow.  Then using a fluffier brush I applied it in the crease area, blending up and out to soften the line I had previously made.  Lastly I used a small pencil brush to apply Cheshire to the outer half of the upper lid at the lashline.  I made this line very thick at the outer corner and got thinner as I went in. 

Next I applied Suffocation to the my lid, from lashline to cease.

Next I applied a matte white shadow to the inner eye area and just below the brow and blended that down.

I topped the whole thing off with a fine dusting of Moonlit, applying it heaviest at the inner corner and just under my brow.

I added black liner and mascara, of course.
Applied my foundation.
and finished the look with Evil Shades LipStick in Bane!
I'm sad that my camera refuses to capture the gorgeous blurple flash that both Suffocation and Bane have!
It also didn't pick up the pretty sparkliness of Moonlit!

That's it for today my lovelies!

I hope you have a great day!



L said...

You look lovely. Stop creating lemmings for me. I went over to her website and my credit card is saying "B**** you better not!"

Anonymous said...

thats sooooooooo pretty! I can't wait to get miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

Phyrra said...

This is a lovely look on you. And I'm STILL lemming over that necklace.

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

gorgeous eyes! and your background layout rocks! =)

polishedlyrics said...
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polishedlyrics said...

You look gorgeous as always! I love this look on you.

Unknown said...

I'll tell you what rocks, that pretty!

Lucy said...

You look gorgeous! Love all the shades that you used. Your necklace also rocks!

Unknown said...

Woohoo! Hubba hubba!
You look gorgeous and I love the matching necklace!