Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review Week - BB Couture Hot Rod Collection!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today started rather odd, we woke up to the power being out!  Fun times!  Problem was, we woke up, well Rob did, on time, but it was pitch black and there is no way we would have been able to get dressed!  So we snoozed another hour until the sun was starting to come up and we had a bit of light.  I had to put my makeup on with one hand while the other held my cell phone with the flash light(yes my cell has a flash light, lol).  Surprisingly it looks pretty good!  Actually, just as good as days I have my normal mirror light! 

If you couldn't tell from the title, the remainder of this week will be full of reviews and swatches!  I have some great stuff to share!

I am so excited to show you the swatches I have for you today, so let's jump right in!

BB Couture sent me their limited edition Hot Rod collection for review!  Ok, seriously, could this collection be any more up my alley!

Little note before posting pics.  Due to the weirdness of the morning, I left my notes at home.  I am doing my best to remember the coats, but I will let everyone know tomorrow if I was wrong! 

Little Deuce Coupe
This is the one I wanted most, just cause of the name!
But look how pretty!  Such a nice fresh yellow!  
This polish was so nice and buttery smooth!  
It was a touch thin, but if I had to choose between thin, or thick and streaky, I'd hands down, pick thin!!!
This is 3 coats.

Again, this was so nice and smooth!  
Definitely reminds me of a creamsicle!
This was 3 coats as well.

Hot Spot
(excuse the sloppy application, my left hand wasn't working, lol) 
This is the polish I KNEW I wasn't going to like.  
But ya know what...I LOVE it!
It's an almost metallic red orange, with a very orange shimmer! 
They shoulda named this one Flamed or something, cause that is definitely what it reminds me of!
This is 2 coats.

Cherry Baby
All together now...ooooOOOOoooo
This is like the cousin of Ruby Pumps, not the sister.
It's a slightly jelly cream with sparse red glitter.
It's just so juicy it's crazy!
This was 3 coats on the index and ring fingers, and 2 coats on the middle and pinkie.  
Just wanted to see if another coat made a difference!

Low Rider
First of all, the streaking you are seeing is 100% the fault of a crappy left hand application!
This polish is incredible!
Slightly metallic, shimmery, deliciousness!
It's showing a touch darker in this pic than  in reality, not sure why!
This is 2 coats.

The only thing that I can say negatively is "WWHHHAAAA, I think they are sold out of Nitro Injected cause I didn't get it, and I LOVE blue polish!"  LOL  This was a very limited edition. Only 100 bottles of each color made!

I prefer a thicker, fatter brush than is in these, but that's just my preference.  Of course this is coming from a girl that LOVES the massive Sally Hansen Insta Dri brushes.  The BB Couture brushes weren't stiff or too thin, I just prefer wider fatter ones.

The formula ROCKED.  I'm sure this isn't news to any of you, but these were my first BB Coutures, so the awesomeness that is that formula is new to me!

I HIGHLY recommend these!

That's it for today my wonderful readers!
I hope you have a great day!

These products were sent to me for free, from BB Couture, in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

LOVE the names for these, they are so right on! Beautiful collection!

jo.frougal said...

So true, this collection couldn't be more you-er than you!!! The colors are wonderful, they suit you perfectly.
And boo to power outages. We have them 5 hours daily due to El Nino where I live! I can't imagine putting on makeup by cellphone light, but I can well imagine you managing it and looking good after. ;)

Alisa said...

Ooooo, Low Rider!

L said...

Oooh Sexy!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg i neeeeeeeeed lil deuce coupe!

Shayla said...

Wow, haven't visited your blog for a couple days...LOVE the new layout! And also like the new name ;)

polishedlyrics said...

BB Coutures are so fantastic! These look wonderful on you and I love the new background/layout :)

Unknown said...

This collection was made for you!
I need Cherry Baby! Long story short my best friend in High school David used to sing Cheeerry Cherry babyayaby to me everytime he called. I know it's Sherry baby but for some reason he called me Cherry Baby among other off the wall nicknames. lol
He passed about 5 years ago and that song still makes me smile and yes I hear it as Cherry baby. :)

Skulda said...

Great review, and nice blog makeover!

Lucy said...

Love the new layout. It's perfect for you. I bought this immediately when it came out. Cherry Baby is my favorite. Love the red and the shimmer. They all look fantastic on you. I thought of you when these first came out. Good thing there were some left! Love Low Rider also. It's a gorgeous purple.

Brooke said...

Love LOVE LOVE!!!! the new layout girl! This is sooooo you! I'm trying to get back into the habit of commenting again...goodluck, right? lol

Just wanted to say HEY! and how much your layout rocks, Toxin rocks!

nihrida said...

Cherry BABY!! =)