Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ManGlaze Review

Hey Lovelies!

Today I have something awesome to show you!

Many of you know ManGlaze, but for those that don't let me tell you something...this stuff is amazing!
Not only is the product some of the toughest, were resistant polish I have ever happened across, but the owner Marc, is one of the sweetest guys EVER!  But don't tell him I'm out here ruining his rep!
Seriously, how many companies do you know where you can go on Twitter or Facebook and actually talk to the owner of the company?  I have never happened across one!  And to me, that alone speaks volumes about a company!

You ready to take a look at a few of their offerings?
L to R: Fuggen Ugly, Hot Mess and Mayonnaise
(Had to take their picture on the hood of our '63 Galaxie that I built the motor for, it just seemed right!)

Fuggen Ugly
(excuse the dents on the index and pinkie, went digging in the purse without thinking, booo!)

Kick butt charcoal grey with silver shimmer.  
2 easy peezy coats!

This actually looked smooth in person, for some reason the pics made it look uneven.  Stupid camera
This creamy white polish has a pearl type sheen to it.  Really keeps this from looking like whiteout!
(and you gotta love what white polish does for your tan!)
This required 3 coats, but I was doing this while cooking dinner so that could have very well affected my application, lol

Hot Mess
Hot Mess is considered a top coat, but I rather like it alone as well!
This is an awesome matte top coat with super fine silver glitter.
This is just shy of completely smooth.  You can just barely feel a smooth texture as you run your finger over it.
2 coats.

Let's check out Hot Mess over Fuggen Ugly and Mayonnaise shall we?

Fuggen Ugly + Hot Mess

Mayonnaise + Hot Mess

LOVE LOVE LOVE these polishes!

I meant to add topcoat for those that are matte-phobic, but totally forgot!
I also had pics of this on my hubby, but they have disappeared!  POO!
Yes, I am failing all over the place

Basically, I highly recommend these.  Can't think of a single negative thing to say.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to grab a bottle of Matte is Murder (their matte black polish)!

See you all tomorrow!

The products featured in this post were sent to me by the Manufacturer or their PR company, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


L said...

yay! Im glad you got this because if you hadn't I would have been getting it for you. Dont you just love it??

Hook Prism Power said...

I just ordered hot mess and mayo and I cannot wait. And I know wht u mean about the owner. Its so cool to talk to the mastermind behind the awesomeness and that he is aware of his customers

Megan Harmeyer said...

Those are great!! I've not ordered from them but the more I see them on blogs, the more I want them. :)

Anonymous said...

these look awesome onyou and OMG your nails are growwwwwin

Unknown said...

I love Man Glaze! They all look fabulous on you and your nails look gorgeous!

Lucy said...

I don't own any of this brand. I must buy some!

Unknown said...

I don't care much for matte's - but I am loving me some ManGlaze! I really like Hot Mess!
ps - I tagged you in my most recent post for an award (:

Lucy said...

I don't own any of this brand. Looks fantastic on you.