Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Goth Tinkerbell/Dark Fairy

Good Morning All!

Today I have the tutorial that was most requested!

Here's what we are going for:

Let's start with the hair!

First, Brush your hair into a very high ponytail.  Then tease the snot out of it:

Next, Grab all that hair smoothing it a bit with your hand, and twist it a bit.
Then form a bun, leaving the ends out.
Secure with a few bobbypins, and pull the ends around to the sides and front.
Spray with hair spray to ensure they stick out all spiky and nice!
Then just tease your bangs a touch and brush them over to the side, and spray to secure!

Now onto the makeup!
Start by priming the eye, then add a black base.  I used a NYX Jumbo cream shadow stick, btu you could also use gel or cream liner.

Step 2:
Add a Purple (or a color of your choice) over the black, and along your lower lash line.
I used a purple Hot Topic shadow.

Then Apply a black shadow to the crease.  I used Evil Shades "Devil's Bonfire"

Then Add a sparkly silver to your tear duct and lightly under your brow.
And finally define your brows!

Step 3:
Apply liner to the upper lash line as well as waterlines.
Apply your fav false lashes (I used 2 sets on top and a corner of one for the bottom lash line)

Line your lips with black liner and fill in with a black lipstick like Evil Shades "Fateful" a black with purple sparkles! And apply a dab of  the purple shadow you used to the center of your lips.

Finally, grab your favorite liquid liner and doodle around one or both of your eyes!

That's it for today my dears!
I'll be back tomorrow!



L said...

OMG I love this. AWESOME!!! Youre so cute

Unknown said...

Will you marry me?
You are so just isn't fair!

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

This is amazing!! LOVE !!!

... said...

Very cute and definitely uber creative! :) I should do something like this for work. I think my manager might kill me! Lol.

Akuma Kanji said...

That's so nice! :D I love it!

Amberski said...

that is awesome- I love it

Megan Harmeyer said...

This is awesome! Gorgeous AND fun. I love the blue lips. :)

Lucy said...

Fantastic hair and makeup. I love your step-by-step instructions. What I love the most is your lips. You've done them so perfectly. I also love the decorations drawn around your eyes. You look beautiful.

Trista said...

LOve it. Super cute

Phyrra said...

1. That lipstick is AWESOME!
2. Great tutorial!
It was easy to follow and really awesome! I LOVE IT!

roxcat said...

What a fantastic look! I love the eyes, and lips, and hair.. and.. =)

Saori said...

Like this you are so beautiful, love your hair, eyes & lips with this blue...... very pretty :)
+1 for you today XD

Anonymous said...

fucking gorgeous! I wish I could do makeup like that! wow!

Jenny$1983 said...

Ridiculously gorgeous, wow! Thank you :)

Stiletto said...

I am blown away with all the sweetness and compliments! You guys are the best! I am so happy you all like it! YAY!

First tutorial and everything!

Serena said...

The lips look amazing! Great job with your first tutorial!!

Nicole said...

LOVE this it's so perfect! I especially love the doodles you've done around your eyes and your lips - so awesome!

FatChickSlim said...


Unknown said...

The lips are rockin....hotness! Love that color!

Shayla said...

I want to steal your blue lips...SOOO HOT!

Zara said...

I could never pull this hotness off, but I wish I could! You look awesome!