Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Mani #2: Simple Stripes!

Hello Again Lovelies!!!

Today I got a super simple Halloween mani for ya!
It doesn't get any simpler than this!


Paint your nails with an Orange of your choice.
I used Sinful Colors "Tapping Nails", a gorgeous orange shimmer with a gold-green flash!

Then grab some black creme polish and paint a stripe right down the middle, from cuticle to free edge.
Follow that up with a stripe on the edge on each side.
I used Wet and Wild "Black Creme" and just used it's own brush to paint!  So no need for anything special!

And POW!  Instant Halloween nails:
(excuse the dents, i thought they were dry and went to make the bed...yeah, they weren't dry!)

Super easy and very Halloweeny!

See ya tomorrow!!!



Danielle said...

awesome! I did the same thing last week :)
I added some purple spiders with rhinestones to every other nail!

L said...

This is cute!!!

Zara said...

I love stripes!

Skulda said...

I like this idea! :D

The Beauty B. said...

Simple and cute! I love it.

Lucy said...

This looks to be pretty idiot proof! I think I could even do this. Once my nails grow out of nubiness! It's an adorable look.

Trista said...

Cute and simple. Someone could always add rhinestones or stickers to spice it up some and still keep it simple.