Thursday, February 11, 2010

V-Day manis! Day 9: Pink Tie-Dye? And Lotsa Contests!

Good Morning Lovelies!

I have a TON of info to share, so let's dive right in shall we?!?!

First is today's mani for you all. 

For this I started out with 1 coat of Color Club "She's So Glam"

Then, once that was dry, I went back and added thick strokes of 3 different colors, depending on what design I was going for (you'll see what I mean in a second!)  The 3 colors I used were Color Club "She's So Glam" as my light pink, a darker pink franken, and a Sinful Colors white polish, that I dont have the name of, but any white will work.
I then used a metal Dental pick and swirled back and forth across the lines where two different colors met.
Excuse the wear, this was taken after a few days, once I finally had sun!
Rob, bless his heart, did my right hand for me!  But I forgot that pic at home.
He did a great job!!!

On to the Contests.....

There are a metric ton of awesome giveaways going on right now!  Let's take a look at them all shall we?

First up, My dear friend Evil Angel of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss, is having an absolutely AMAZING giveaway!  I recommend running over there NOW and checking it out!  Click HERE to do just that!

Next is Daily Polish!  This girl is giving away a ton of polish in celebration of 100 followers, and has 3 prizes!  Yay for more chances to win something!  Click HERE to check that out!

Native Nails is celebrating 300 followers with a sweet giveaway.  Go HERE to check it out!

CucumPear is super excited about the end of her Winter Semester, so she's hosting a giveaway!  Go HERE and take a peak!

Brooke, aka Babbling Brooke is having a MONSTER giveaway!  You just gotta see it to believe it!  Click HERE to go drool!

And finally PerryPie is celebrating 100 followers by giving away 17 polishes!  Go check 'em all out, by clicking HERE!

Whew!  That's alotta loot!

I hope everyone has a fantastically awesome day!



polishedlyrics said...

I love this mani! Great idea with swirling them together.

Anonymous said...

I love this! These nails are so cute

Anonymous said...

I also have a giveaway (though not as exciting as other giveaways)!


*rock on power lifters!*

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I am a tie-dye addict....if you looked in my closet, you might be ill.....I LOVE THIS!!!!

*yelling a little*

Phyrra said...

I LOVE this one!!!!

Paige said...

That is so pretty!!!

ToniPink said...

Oh my word - so lovely! Thank you for sharing.

Lucy said...

Love the look! I've got to try this application. Very pretty.

Doo ♥ said...

Ooh gorgeous combo of colors and designs!

nihrida said...

What a great idea! This mani is gorgeous!

Camy said...

That is so interesting!

jo.frougal said...

Despite the explanation, I can't imagine how you did this and it's just amazing. Where do you get your inspiration? It's great!