Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I have my review of Color Club's Rebel Debutante Collection!

I woulda had this WAY sooner, but in my haste to get out to door in time for our dinner reservation (I swatched these on Valentine's day) I Konaded over the last swatch before taking pics!  GRRR   So I had to wait til this weekend and redo that swatch!

Now, before I start in with the pics I gotta apologize.  Had I posted this last week I woulda remembered exactly how many coats I had to apply of each, but now a week later I cant remember!  I do know they were all 2 or 3 coaters.  Lets get started shall we?

All swatches are just the polish, no base or top coat.

"Who Are You Wearing?"
I really like this color!  It's a slightly mushroomy off white.  
Reminds me of the inside and stem color of Crimini Mushrooms! 

"High Society"
Another one I like alot!  This is a greyish mushroomy color!
The streakiness you see in the pic is totally user error.  
Since I was applying this with my left hand, it didn't go on as nicely as I would have liked. 
I noticed every time I used my left hand to paint it was streaky that day.

"Best Dressed List"

Do I have to say it again...yes I like this one alot too!  
Pretty nude shade!  Reminds me of the color of "tan" pantyhose.
You can see this Konaded over HERE.

"Charity Ball"

This I'm not so crazy about.  It's rusty brownish orange.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...Orangey colors do not look good on me!  The yellowish/olivey undertones in my skin just clash with the color so bad, not to mention It makes me look almost albino!  

"Ms. Socialite"

So Pretty!  Purplish magenta!

"She's Sooo Glam"
Sorry about the scratch in this! 
I don't remember who did it but I saw a pic of the bottom of the bottle and it said "She's Sooo Glam", mine however simply says "She's So Glam"  Wonder if there is a difference in formula?  I have heard a few complain about streakiness, but I didn't experience that.  Pretty girly pink!  
This one I do remember, it's 2 coats!

"Uptown Girl"

An almost dusty Mauve-ish lavender.  So pretty!

"Gossip Column"
 Probably my absolute favorite of the collection!
Rich, deep teal!  So very deliciously awesome!

"Rebel Debutante"

Again, the streakiness is user error more than polish issues I think. 
By this time I was worn out and rushing at the same time, so I could finish and get ready to go out.

I really really liked this collection...alot!  Only 1 that I didn't like do to skin tone clashing.  
Formula was a touch thick on a few, but certainly manageable when doing a regular mani and not rushing through swatching!  I'm sure a few drops of thinner would fix it right up, but it wasn't worrisome enough for me to bother.  
This collection reminds me more of fall than spring from some reason.  Probably due to the neutral and dusty colors.  That doesn't make it any less pretty though.  I guess it's just a brain defect for me, when I think Spring, I think robins egg blue, lavender, sunny yellow, white, bubblegum pink, etc.  But I know if every company released those colors for Spring, I'd probably be bored!  
I also know that this was intended to be more of a Winter/Early spring collection, so I totally dig it as a winter collection!  Spring and Late Spring/Summer collections will be released by Color Club very soon, so stay tuned!

Well, my wonderful readers, that's it for the day.

I hope you have a good one!

This collection was sent to me by Color Club in exchange for an honest review.


Paige said...

Those are beautiful colors!!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I'm just so not feeling any of these colors...but I like your review and the Konad you did was most excellent!

SeeingSunshine said...

Ahh I'm excited to get this collection. Especially the more muted colors.

Unknown said...

i love this collection !!

Nicole said...

I think when I did my review, my commenters were half and half on this, while I loved it. I'm into these neutrals lately like nobody's business! I think they all look great on you. ♥

Lucy said...

I love Ms Socialite, Gossip Column and Reb Debutante. The neutrals are nice also but I have enough neutrals. I might buy the other three at some point. I don't care for that rusty shade either. They all look pretty on you.

Crystal said...

who are you wearing looks great!
pretty nails and great polish job ;)

jo.frougal said...

They look great on you, and on these pics they are really covet-able. (Oooh did I break a commandment there? LOL).

Perles & Paillettes said...

They look pretty on your nails !
I love almost the entire collection. I don't like that much Charity Ball as it's a little too orange for me. But all the other ones are great ^^