Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day manis! Day 10: Pink & Black, another Contest, and the bestest Mom ever!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today's mani if the one I am currently sporting!  It's a few of my favorite things all together!  Funky French, Black and Pink, and Chrome over Black!

Buckle in, this sounds WAY more complicated than it was!

First I did 1 coat of a franken blush color and topped that with 1 coat of Diamond Cosmetics "Sweet as Sugar", a slightly pink polish packed with iridescent micro glitter.

Then I applied hole reinforcements to all the nails except the thumb.  For the thumb I had to use a traditional french guide, since my thumbs are so wide.

I then painted Wet & Wild "Black Creme" on the tips of 1 hand and immediately took off the reinforcements.  If you don't take them off immediately, while the polish is still wet, you will not get a crisp line, cause as you remove the reinforcement, the polish sticks to it and pulls off a bit.  I then repeated this on the other hand.  I still have a bit of issue here and there with the polish pulling, but found i could clean it up a bit by pushing it back into place using the edge of my Konad scraper.

Then I reapplied reinforcements, yes, I know, lotsa steps!

Then stamped the overlapping hearts tip design from M73, using Pure Ice "Outrageous" my go to pink chrome. 

Oddly, my camera hated me last night, and refused, no matter which setting, I used, and how many times I adjusted the white balance, to show the stamp as a pink color.  Here is the closest I could convince it to go:

To see this same pink chrome accurately, click HERE to go to a picture of a mani I posted here a while back.

I forgot a Contest Yesterday!!!

Make sure you run, like now, over to On Beauty and Polish and check our the lovely prize she's giving away very soon! there anything better than a bunch of random polishes?  I think not!  Click HERE to go check it out!!!

Oh, btw, Have I told you all I have the bestest Mom EVER????  Our laptop, which is only 4 years old, decided it had had enough, and went to laptop heaven Wednesday Morning.  Mom to the rescue!  When she discovered she couldn't fix it, she decided that she'd just have to get us an early Birthday Present!  We have a new, MACK DADDY laptop!  so yeah THANK YOU MARMIE!!!!  You're the BEST!!!

Well guys, that concludes the Valentine's Day Mani's! 

I hope you all have a Fantastic weekend!



Paige said...

That mani is really cute,and what a great present from your mom!

LfsAlot said...

Awww, thank you sweetie! You deserve the best! I love you!

Polish Hoarder said...

Oh it looks so pretty! I love the shimmery base...and I really wish I had that image plate :)

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I heart this so much (no pun intended....wait, who am I kidding!)

Your mom rocks!!!!



KONADomania said...

Best mum ever!:)

Love your funky french, looks so AWSOME!

Phyrra said...

Thank you for the tip about the guides! That helps a lot! I LOVE how the tips look for this.

Anonymous said...

This is my kinda Valentines mani. Its cute but not vomit inducing sweet

Brooke said...

Hey there! I have been sort of MIA this past week!! I have been looking at all your pretty mani's though!

Congrats on the new computer! Ricco's just went out yesterday!!! I'm thinking of getting me a new one so I guess I will pass mine on to him.

Love ya sissy!!!

Unknown said...

Me likey!

Rita said...

wow... that is the best one!

lucky you!! new laptop :D

SeeingSunshine said...

I really want to try this look!

Camy said...

That's very beautiful!

Unknown said...

i love this konadicure !!

Unknown said...

Love it and all your konadicures...i just started a konad blog of my own check it out

jo.frougal said...

Christy, the apple does not fall far from the tree!!! Love you, love your mom, love your mani!

Lucy said...

Love the combination of pink and black. Lots of steps but looks beautiful. Thank God for Mom's. Can't live without a computer. The only place I've heard a Mother called Marmie is Little Women. Love all the the movies and the book.

Sanna said...