Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V-Day manis! Day 7: 2, 2, 2 Fails in One...Post!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I decided to get the two fail manis out of the way so for the rest of the week we can just focus on the pretty!

First up, is the Musical Roses Redo that I promised.

It isn't so much of a fail as a " I was lazy and didn't do it properly"

This time I started with a base of 2 coats of Diamond Cosmetics "Diamond's Diamonds"
Then I stamped the rose on, trying out various colors for the rose. (I'll differentiate under the pic).
I then added 1 coat of top coat to make sure the tape int he next step didn't peel off the rose!
Then I Stamped the rose image on tape, cause I didn't have any labels.  And cut it out.  Then stuck them on and stamped the music over it with Special polish in Black, and peeled the tape off.
The fail part is that since scotch tape is so fragile, I didn't cut very close like I should have.  If I would have cut as close as I could have if I had labels, I think this would have looked awesome.  But it didn't, Here, take a look for yourself:
Ok, Rose Colors....
The stem was Zoya "Veruschuka" on all roses
Rose was:
Index: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Pronto Purple"
Middle: Zoya "Harlow" (This was next to impossible, it dries too quick)
Ring: Special Polish in "Wine Red"
Pinkie: Special Polish in "Red"

Oh well....Moving on to the next fail!!!

I wanted to revisit the whole 2 colors mixed on a stamp deal. 
I started with 2 coats of China Glaze "GR8" a Gold Holo from the OMG collection!
Then on M63, I dropped China Glaze "Harmony", a purple chrome, and Pure Ice "Outrageous", a pink chrome.  This looked great....until I added top coat.
The holo completely vanished, and usually does until the top coat dries, but not this time!  It never came back!
Then the pink chrome almost disintegrated, for lack of a better word.  It was very noticeable, until the top coat, then it just all but disappeared!  I figured I'd show you the pictures regardless, since it might spark an idea for someone!

See the more faded parts?  That's where the pink used to be!
I shoulda used the Hot Pink Holo instead!

Oh well, hindsight is 20/20!

Well my wonderful readers, that's it for today.
At least we have all the ugliness behind us and can just look forward to the pretty!

I hope you all have a great day!



Anonymous said...

They still look pretty, even if you think they are fails

L said...

I like them!!!

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

wow I love them both, esp. the first mani.. very artistic.. you gave a new meaning in konad plate design.. i love it...
God Bless

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I can totally see the holo on the second one...though I see what you mean about the pink...can't find it.
The first one is a great idea, and I agree that there is too much space between the flower and music. Hope you'll try again when you have some labels. I think it's a super idea!
I always like your konads though and look at my disks sometimes wondering what to do. Might try this music/flower one, it's really pretty

LfsAlot said...

I love, love, love the second one!!! But you know me, i always love the swirly things in life :)
I'll miss seeing you and Rob tonight, be safe Princess.

KONADomania said...

Very inventive! especially the first konadicure, they look great!

Paige said...

I think that they still look great!

polishedlyrics said...

I dont think either are a fail. I think the top one might be my favorite so far!

ainos2 said...

These still look great Christy!
Instead of using scotch tape, try electrical tape. If you stick a piece on to plastic- like the kind Konad plates come in, there will be enough stiffness to cut out your design closer to the edges. Cuticle scissors work great for cutting delicate designs out. Also- with electrical tape- it's really gentle on underlying images and nail lacquer in general.

Unknown said...

I still love them! and the second one is really pretty :)

Unknown said...

They both still look awesome, especially the konad with the 2 holos!

paintedladyfingers said...

I am in agreement with ainos2's recommendation. Also, try blue painter's masking tape. A little closer cut would have perfected the look, but it's still quite lovely. I would not classify that manicure as a fail in any way! Diamond's Diamonds was a great color choice for the musical stamp. <3

Niki* said...

I think the 2nd one is a win!

Anonymous said...

I hate what top coat does to chrome and metallic polishes! Michelle

Musicalhouses said...

THese aren't fails at all! They are so beautiful! I esp love the first one, it's SO hard to do properly! Love your skills!

Saori said...

I love this design and color, wonderful.

Saori said...

For the first nail art, it's simply amazing !!

Lucy said...

Nothing is a failure. Each is a learning experience. Love the manicure! The electrical tape or painters tape sounds like a good idea. I also love the second manicure.. Very pretty colors and pattern.