Tuesday, February 2, 2010

V-Day manis! Day 2: Girly, and Pink and Hearts, Oh My! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!

Good Morning (again) Lovelies!

See I told ya you'd get your V-day mani post!

BUT FIRST...  It's Liz aka Isomatic's Nails Birthday!!!  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!!
If you aren't familiar with her, RUN over to her blog, this girl is RIDICULOUSLY talented!
And that is an understatement!!!

Today's mani I did this weekend in a string of "do-the-mani-take-a-picture-and-take-it-off".  Sad thing was, after I did the mani I am currently sporting, I wished I had left this one on, it was CUTE!

I started with 2 coats of Color Club "She's So Glam" from the Rebel Debutante collection they sent me.
Then I applied French Tip guides and painted on a darker pink franken I made by mixing 1/2 a bottle of China Glaze "Rich & Famous" with about 1/8 Sinful Colors "Dream On", on the tips.

I then stamped on the cute, tiny heart tip pattern on M56, using Special Polish in White.
The tips were more purplish pink than it showing, but you get the idea!
Please excuse the terrible stamping!  My Konad stamper randomly decided it wasn't gonna transfer images to my nail that evening.  It would pick up great, but I'd roll it over my nail, and it would stay stuck to the stamper.  It took me buffing it 4 times then cleaning it off well with remover to get it to work half way decently!

For all you readers who do NOT have a Konad...you can still do a very similar design.  The easiest way, I think, to make hearts on the nail is to dot on two dots just touching.  Then using something very thin, like a needle or toothpick, drag the polish from the outer sides of the polish dots down to form a point, like so:
Please excuse the lame "Paint" drawning.
Does that make sense?  It sounds more complicated than it is! 
And of course you will do a better job then I did in Paint!  LOL

That's all for today my Lovely Readers!

I hope you have a great day!!!



Anonymous said...

This is so girly and CUTE

Paige said...

That mani is adorable, I love it!

L said...

Love this one!

Unknown said...

This is adorable!! I actually did a similar mani last night for a later post, but in reverse - dark pink nails with light pink tips (no hearts though - thats such a cute touch!).

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the hearts

polishedlyrics said...

So girly and cute! Thats a good idea to do the tips one color then stamp on the hearts, I love it.

Unknown said...

so cute :)

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Thank you so much friend! :) It means so much to me.

This manicure is SO cute. For my bday.. please magically teleport to my house and paint my nails!! Is that too much to ask?

Jenny$1983 said...

I think your tip for doing the hearts without Konad is clear and very helpful :)

I really like this, thank you!

Krissy said...

I did this mani last week, and I found the hearts were a pain to transfer as well! It was so frustrating lol. Maybe its just that particular image that doesnt wanna work well!
Other than that, cute design :)

Lucy said...

This is really sweet and adorable. Just like you! Really love it and I should try this one.