Monday, February 22, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Spring 2010 Collection Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

When I walked outside this morning, I realized it was a bit warmer than it has been!  I took a nice deep breath of the fresh air, it smelled like spring!  That nice fresh clean smell of new life coming!  This makes me so incredibly happy I just don't know what to do!

So how appropriate that today I have the new spring collection from Diamond Cosmetics to show you!

I'll go by the order they list them on my info sheet I received with the collection.

First up is #347 "Gypsy Pink"
What Diamond Cosmetics says:
"Gypsy Pink is a soft red loaded with white/pink shimmer, as mysterious as the woman who wears it"

What I say:
This is a pink toned red, so much so that I had a hard time deciding if it was really deep pink or red.  It has a very heavy pink and silver/white shimmer that is just gorgeous.  I really like this color!
This is 2 coats, but with very careful application, I coulda gotten away with 1!

#348 "Hot Lips"
What Diamond Cosmetics says:
"Hot Lips is a bright, almost neon magenta.  This color shouts "Spring is here"

What I say:
Bright, almost neon on!  This is 1 of my 2 favorites from this collection.  It dries to a satiny finish,  not quite matte like a neon, but not shiny either.  SO PRETTY!  Rob loved this one!
This is 2 coats, but as you can see, I mighta could have used 1 more, however, the slight see thru spots you see in the pic could not be seen in reality.

#349 "Serendipity"
What Diamond Cosmetics says:
  "Serendipity is a pale blue-grey with shimmer.  This chic color is definitely not lacking"

What I say:
Perfect description, blue grey.  Reminds me of rainy spring skies!  That pretty blue-grey of the spring clouds.
The shimmer they touch on is a white shimmer, and is super pretty without being over-powering.
This is 2 coats.

#350 "Razzmatazz"
What Diamond Cosmetics says:
 "Razzmatazz is a dainty pink that will blow you away with its pink and purple toned shimmer"

What I say:
This pic shows it a bit bright, it's more of a dusty mauve base.  There is definitely pink and purple shimmer bits when you look closely!  Add to that a pinkish-purple flash and it's very cool and very original!  Like demure, but totally not!  
This was either 2 or 3 coats, I didn't write it down, sorry!

#351 Orange Blush

What Diamond Cosmetics says:
"Orange Blush is a soft orange creme, perfect for a tropical getaway or a Sunday brunch"
What I say:
This is definitely not a creme, and very much a jelly!  I LOVE the jelly finish on this one!  I wish the pic captured the squishyness of this polish!  While this polish was my least favorite in the collection, it was only because I'm not a huge orange fan.  I think it looks funny with my skin tone.  The color however is pretty, a slightly pink toned orange, but no where near peach. 
This was 3 coats, but oddly, my pinky needed 4.  All you natural nail girls, would probably need 4 to get rid of nail-lines.

#352 "Tranquility"
What Diamond Cosmetics says:
"Tranquility looks like the clear blue sky.  A perfect name for this tranquil color"
What I say:
More like Robin's egg blue!  This is my other FAV of the collection!  This color makes me smile, it's just so cheerful and happy! It has a slight aqua tint, which is why I think it's more robin's egg and less sky blue.  Bright yet almost pastel with no hint of dusty or smokiness!  This is GORGEOUS!
This is 2 coats, but if I has been more careful I coulda gotten away with 1!

Ok, wrap-up time!
This collection rocks!  My only negative feeling (which is more like a "meh" feeling) on the whole thing is that the first two colors, Gypsy Red and Hot Lips feel more summer to me than spring.  Only because to me Spring is all about clean, pastel, and slightly bright cheery colors.  Those two are super hot and are to me, alittle more summery.  They are all so pretty though and consistency and application ROCKED!  Seriously...Rebel Debutante, which you will see in a few days, gave me a little grief with the application(user error?), and these were all so smooth!  And at $2.25 per bottle...these things ROCK!

Want some of your own?  Click HERE to go grab 'em up!

I hope you all have a great day!


This collection was sent to me by Diamond Cosmetics in exchange for an honest review.


polishedlyrics said...

These are all quite lovely! I might need to make an order here soon.
THank you !

Unknown said...

I'm in love with Razzmatazz :)

Lucy said...

Hi sweetie! These all look fantastic on you. That first one does look more red than pink. Pretty though. This is a really nice collection. Love Tranquility. It's a relaxing shade. Good name for it.

Paige said...

Those look so pretty!

Amberski said...

Oh those are pretty! I think Tranquility is my favorite... I know what you mean about feeling like spring is coming- it is 60 degrees here at the beach today- yay!

Unknown said...

You lemming causer you! Those are gorgeous!

P.S. No sugar in my coffee for 3 weeks and Chris has lost 8 pounds. (I hate men and their fancy metabolism)

WizardsOfBling said...

I love Hot Lips! Awesome for summer!

Shayla said...

Thanks for the swatches! :)

I'm jealous that it's starting to feel like spring's still -8*C here :(

jo.frougal said...

Those colors look so lovely on you!!! Gorgeousness all the way, Christy!