Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Long Overdue Thank You!

Good Morning Ladies!

This is so overdue it's almost embarrassing! 

Awhile back Nihrida posted pics of some Halloween nails she'd seen posted on soemone's blog.  They came from Walmart, and of course she couldn't get them!  Well I volunteered to go grab them up for her and we decided to have a swap!  I must say that I just LOVE swaps!  So much fun!!!

Here's the awesomeness I received:

My first S-he Polishes!  YAY!!!!  and that Essence is GORGEOUS!!!

That Chocolate was DE-VINE!
Lots of awesome teas!
Yummy Slovenian Coffee!!!
Cherry Lipgloss!
An awesome face mask!
My First Faux-nad Plates!!!!
and a SUPER sweet note!


You are not only gorgeous but an absolute sweetheart!

I was so touched that she remembered a little comment I made way back during her massive giveaway about how I'd love to try Slovenian coffee, and then went out of her way to be sure to send me some!
Such a sweetheart!


Well, sadly that's all I have for you today.  I'm having to space out my posts to 1 a say regardless of weather it's polish related.  I'm really sorry abotu this!  One problem is that I'm kinda getting burnt out on thinking up these awesome designs I wanna wear and then putting them on on the weekend, taking a picture, then taking it off and starting over just so I have something to post.  I wanna wear some of this stuff, but I also want to have plenty to show you and entertain you!  I do my nails twice a week usually.  It's all I have time for.  So for the next little while I may switch up my posting format a bit.  I will post 2 nail looks a week, but in addition I'd like to post 1 eye makeup look, and 1 post of just random cool stuff I'd like to share.  Rob had the awesome opportunity to photograph something truly extraordinary yesterday, something, well 2 somethings, I have never seen with my own eyes, so I can't wait to share that, as well as the story, with you tomorrow!

Head on over to Polishing off today if you'd like to see my favorite way to make a Turkey!


P.S.  Since replying to Comments has become nearly impossible for me, please know that you all are ALWAYS free to copy designs from me!  I am absolutely honored that you'd want to do that!  So thank you all for the wonderful comments about the peacock nails, especially since I wasn't too thrilled with them!  I can't wait to see all of you who said you'd be doing them soon!


Paige said...

What a great package! I know what you mean about doing manis constantly....I end up doing a whole bunch and then I give myself a break and wear a mani until it chips!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! those are great haulz..enjoy.. happy polishing...:D

MightyLambchop said...

Christy, don't ever worry about posting more than once a week. We all know how it can be. I know that I heart you and I am always glad to see your posts!

polishedlyrics said...

Just post when you can and when you feel like it, its suppose to be fun and I dont want you getting burned out, I like seeing your designs and reading about whats going on!

I hardly ever do konads anymore because of all the time it takes and I'm trying to work through all my unused colors so I'm changing daily! I'm not about to spend close to an hour on my nails to take it off the next day so I hear ya!

nihrida said...

Glad you liked it. Too bad for those two polishes that didn't make it. :(

Stiletto said...

Thank all of you! You guys are so sweet! Knowing that you wont abandon me if I dont post polish pics everyday is a HUGE relief!

Unknown said...

What a great package!
And who says you have to post elenty billion konadicures a week? I would love just as much to see your eye makeup looks, random ramblings, rants, raves or whatever!
Face it Christy we adore you even more than your fantastic mani's!

Unknown said...

Lovel swatch :)

Lucy said...

Love your blog design. Very cute and Christmas wonderful. Don't worry about the posting of all the nails. I can also read about other things. I'm also very intrigued as to what Rob photgraphed. Sorry I'm so behind on your blog. I got addicted to a bunch of Facebook games. I even met about a dozen cousins on there. Most of them I haven't seen since they were little. I have to get back to reading blogs. Nice polishes from that sweetie from Slovinia. Pretty shades. Thanks again for the beautiful cherry earring and necklace you made for me. I truly love them. I have to search my stash for a chain which I know I have. Your a beautiful person inside and out. (((big hugs & kisses)))

Shayla said...

I like variety, so it's awesome that you'll be posting makeup as well! And other random stuff...random stuff is so fun :)

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

I love your blog! I'd still follow it if you only did one post a year! :)Post when you can. :)