Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Mani #7: Christmas Things

Good Morning Lovelies!

Sorry for the uncreative title!  I couldn't come up with anything!

For the mani I'm gonna show you today, I started with just a coat of a sheer blush polish on all nails except my thumb.  I'll go over each design below.
I also used the AMAZING "Pretty Shiny Things" Kit from Art Club.  Art Club sent me this kit to review.

First, the kit:


I gotta say, the formula on these stripers is ridiculously awesome!  I always have to fight with the other stripers I have for being clumpy, these are so nice and smooth!
The only thing I didn't like about this set was that there wasn't any gold stars!  But I fixed that by just painting the silver star with with the gold striper after I stuck it on my nail!
I will do a full review on this set after Christmas!

Ok Back to today's Mani!

Please ignore my terrible aweful dry fingers

Ok, here's the breakdown, per nail:

I drew the image on with a red Stripe Rite and filled it in with CG "China Rogue".  Then went back and drew the lines on and outlined using a black Stripe Rite.

Used a very small brush to get the shape right, using Zoya "Veruschka", then filled in using the bottle brush.  This took 2 coats.  Then I outlined with a black Stripe Rite.  Used the red Stripe Rite to make the dots (ornaments).  Put a drop of Poshe top coat on the tip and adhered a silver star from the Pretty Shiny Things kit.  Then painted the star and the garland using the gold Art Club striper from that same kit.

Santa Hat:
I drew on the outline using a red Stripe Rite.  Then filled in with CG "China Rogue".  Outlined with a black Stripe Rite.  And used SH "Whirlwind White" and the back end of a tiny paint brush to dot it on.

Painted on Zoya "Veruschka" using the bottle brush.  Then added the gold square at the top with the gold Art Club striper.  Added 2 decals from the Pretty Shiny Things kit at the top and bottom of the ornament (aren't they gorgeous!), then added the 3 dots with the Art Club gold striper.  Finally I outlined with the black Stripe Rite and added the hook.  This made me sad!  The outline and hook were PERFECT!  I couldn't believe how perfect it came out! as I was applying top coat after all was done, the top coat erased part of the top outline and almost all of the hook!  When I went back to do it, my hands were all shaky and it came out messy!  POO!!!

This one was so frustrating!
I did the base with CG "China Rogue".   I stamped the fishnet design from M57 over that using CG "Passion".  Then I did the ribbon with Art Club's Gold striper.  I tried to stamp the bow using M59 and Passion, but it came out too transparent!  So I tried going over it with the Gold striper and by this point it was so late and I was so tired my hands were shaking like crazy, and it got all messed up.  Or course it only got worse when I tried to outline it!  I contemplated redoing the whole thing, then quickly decided I didn't care that much!

And that's all I got for ya today Lovelies!!!
Tomorrows post will be late as I have a metric ton of food to cook tomorrow in prep of Christmas dinner!
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!



Unknown said...

Great job, this is beyond cuteness!

vanilla said...

no way !ur nails look gorgeous!!

Trincess said...

I absolutely adore this...

Unknown said...

Wow, amazing kit!!!!

Paige said...

That is so cute!!!

Shayla said...


Lucy said...

So adorable looking! Have a very Merry Christmas sweetie. I bet your house smells delicious with all of the cooking. Love you.

Jenny$1983 said...

Oh wow, this is so professional looking, it's stunning. Merry Christmas, take care :)

booksnchocolate said...

Oh this mani is So cute! I love it!

Anonymous said...

MAD SKILLZ is what it is!!! This mani looks great!