Monday, December 21, 2009

Color Club Wonderland Review

Good Morning Lovelies!

First thing today I have a review for you!

Later on I'll have an Icy Mani to show ya!

So...Color Club sent me their Winter 2009 mini set, "Wonderland" to review for you!

These past few days have been SLAMMED busy, so I did quick swatches yesterday, so that I could show you these before Christmas!

Let's look at the Pics first, then on to my thoughts!

(For the love of all that is good and glittery, please click to make BIG)

Just look at that sparkle!!!

These colors are FABULOUS!!!

Let's go from left to right...

"Under the Mistletoe" is a lighter, almost peridot green.  As much as I love dark, emerald greens, I actually LOVE that this is lighter!  It reminds me of the shade of long needle pine trees!  Just Gorgeous!

Next is "Wonderland", such a gorgeous silver glitter!  I really liked that the glitter is very much silver, since some silver glitters are so light, they almost lean white to me. 

Finally, we have "Yule Love It".  This color is just wow!  An awesome pink toned red glitter!  This actually looked awesome at just 1 coat!  Almost like a jelly magenta glitter.  I'll show you that soon, sorry, I didn't snap a pic!  I really really liked that this leaned pinkish, it's such a nice compliment to that gorgeous peridot of "Under the Mistletoe".

Overall this collection ROCKS!  The swatches were 3 coats for each color.  I was actually quite shocked when I did the first coat and got back to find that the first nail was already dried!  The dry time did slow a bit with each coat, but was overall normal.  Not fast but not slow either!  I did use a coat of the included top coat for the pics.  It's a perfectly fine top coat, but I'm very much spoiled by fast dry top coats, so I can't judge this too accurately.  It didn't completely smooth out the glitter, but I will say that had I used Seche, I feel this would have been totally smooth, rather than slightly bumpy. 

So let's run down the highlights:
~ Awesome, Unique (for Christmas) colors!
~ Slightly faster than Normal Dry Time.
~ Slightly bumpy finish with included top coat, but NOT jagged!  This would be smooth with a thicker top coat.
~ 3 coats for a nice depth.
~ Silver and Green would be great as a glitter top coat at just 1 coat.  Red is gorgeous at 1 coat on it's own!

I give this collection a resounding 2 thumbs up!!!

Highly recommended!

See you guys in a bit with a nice, frozen mani!!!



Susie said...

Very pretty colors. LOVE them.

Unknown said...

I love this set. My 8 y/o daughter used them for her Christmas mani and the look so adorable. But she won't let me mattify them! :(

Paige said...

Those are gorgeous color! Such lovely glitter!

L said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the review. I love that green!

nihrida said...

I don't like glitter that much, but these look great. =)