Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 Guys I Used To Like Tag!

Andrea, a.k.a. EvilAngel of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss, tagged me for this super fun game!

Oddly, when it came down to it, I had a hard time thinking of 5 guys!

So, I'll show you my crushes, starting when I was youngest, to the most resent!

Jordan Knight
Yes, I was a child of the 80's!
If you asked me now, I'd be a Danny girl!  Have you seen him lately?

Ralph Macchio
Again with the 80's kid thing!
I LOVED The Karate Kid!

Mike Vitar
Rodriguez from Sandlot!
Yeah I thought he was a cutie!

Kevin Spacey
Yes, really.  No, I don't know why!
I just thought he was VERY handsome!

Vin Diesel
Yeah, no explanation necessary!
Good gravy he is H-O-T!

BUT, it all went away when I met the man that this belongs to:

Holy Moly!

 ( I don't know why our skin looks speckly!)

Be still me heart!
This man in incredible.
He cracks me up on a daily basis!
Soul mate sounds so corney, but he is.
To say I love him is a gross understatement!

Oh!  Did I ever mention that he built our home with his bare hands!
He carried log by log with just the help of his Dad, and they built our house:

Yeah, he's a keeper!

I Tag:
Elaine of Lacquer Laine
Mighty Lambchop of Lambchop Mobile


nihrida said...

I want to live in your house. It's beautiful! It looks like from a fairytale.

Stiletto said...

AWWW Thank you hun!

I didn't know how I'd live without color when we started dating, cause every wall in my room at mom's was painted a different color! And every wall in the entire house is wood now! But wood grew on me!

Anonymous said...

I was a joey fan from NKOTB. And omg your house! *wow*

Unknown said...

Your house is beautiful. It looks like a postcard greetings. And hubby beats Vin Diesel easy. lol

Brooke said...

Awesome post! You sure do have a keeper on your hands. He did an awesome job on your house. I agree with the others that say it looks just like a postcard.

BTW - I used to love the movie the Sandlot!!

L said...

Oh my word! If I werent already married, Id ask if you could clone him! Mmmm girl you got it!!! LOL
That house is gorgeous. What a keeper indeed.

Anonymous said...

Cute Blog. I STILL have a crush on Jordan Knight!

kelsealaurel said...

Your story about you and your husband is ADORABLE!!! I can't believe he built your guys' house! It's absolutely stunning. =)

pullstrings said...

your hubby is the best of the bunch.. that smile is awesome! it's adorable how much i can tell you love and appreciate him. that's wonderful! enjoy the holidays in your lovely home.

Lucy said...

You found a great guy! A perfect man that built a beautiful log home. That's amazing! God Bless you both. You have a beautiful home in a gorgeous setting. You deserve to find true love and a soul mate. I had a little giggle at your guys! I do think Vin Diesel is hot. Love Kevin Spacey also. Merry Christmas sweetie. Love ya and many (((hugs & kisses)))

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, I have loved reading these so much! Yours is so cute, I liked a lot of your guys - esp. Vin Diesel and Kevin Spacey, I can understand the appeal too! But your guy sounds completely wonderful, aren't you both lucky you found each other? You are both so cute together! AND THAT HOUSE IS GORGEOUS. Ahhh, I love log houses, and that just looks like a postcard perfect one! How neat he built it.

Unknown said...

Your house and your husband are both AWESOME! Happy Holidays!

Cheryl said...

Brooke told me I should check out your blog and see your beautiful home. She was right. I love it. Your guy is a hunkahunka burnin love!What state are you in?

Anonymous said...

What -- no Arnold Schwarzenegger in there somewhere??? Kidding! Macho man and girly girl in fairytale cottage live happily ever after. Drool-worthy!