Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Presents!

Good Morning Lovely Readers!!!

I finally have the pics I need today!

I got so many awesome things for Christmas!  I hope you all did as well!

Highlights are as follows:

Mom got me a Caruso Steam hair setter I've been wanting for a LONG time!  It's supposed to be way better at really locking in the curl!  My hair HATES to hold a curl, and I like to go curly or at least start curly when I do pin-up!  Can't wait to test it out!

She also got me Pioneer Woman's Cookbook!  YAY!!!

 Cassie, my sister, got me a cast iron skillet!  Oh I have wanted one of these for YEARS!  and never wanted to spend the money one one for myself!  So many things I want to cook, and so little carb-eating time!!!

 My father-in-law got me and Rob a headset radio thingy (can't remember proper name) for when we are riding our motorcycle!  It's so cool.  you can plug your cell and mp3 player into the system, and listen to music while you ride.  Then if your cell rings, it will cut in on the music and allow you to take the call!  We can also talk to each other via the mic, and can talk to my father-in-law, even if he's up to a half mile away!

Then there's what Rob got me.  I flat out refuse to give Rob a wish list for Christmas!  Why you may ask?  Because he gets me the BEST gifts without my input!  This year was no exception!  He got me a Fantastic Psychobilly Halter top! I cant show you that yet, cause I had to exchange it for the next larger size.  He got the exact one that would be perfect for my measurements, except it's made to be very tight, and that makes me a bit uncomfortable, so it's on it's way back to Cali for the next larger size.

He also got me this:  (The top and shoes are NOT new)

Isn't it adorable!!!!
 A Poodle skirt and Crinoline!!!!
He got me the belt that goes with it too, but I forgot to wear it for the pics.
I've wanted a poodle skirt for a while now, but oddly never even told him I wanted one!  Is he good or what!
The skirt is BRIGHT magenta pink!
When his dad saw it he looked at Rob and said "well, now you'll never lose her at a car show!"

It looks so good with the halter he got me too!  I'll show you when I get it back!

So that inspired a mani!

I started with 2 coats of Rimmel "Pulsating", since it nearly matches the skirt!
Then I applied my french tip guides and painted the base black, using Wet and Wild "Black Creme"
I did it this way so the tip would look more 'polished'.  If I apply the guide, then the base, then remove the guide and freehand the tip, it sometimes looks gloopy.
Then I got a toothpick and added some polka dots!

Don't mind the ding in the index nail.  I hit something and it dug out a chunk of polish, I just patched it with a bit of black polish.

Well, that's it for today my wonderful readers!

I hope you have a marvelous day!



L said...

*screams* I LOVE IT!!! OMG you look so cute in it. I would love to have one of those. You got some great presents. I have the Pioneer Woman cookbook. Im thinking about cooking a recipe or 2 a week and blogging about it. (Love to cook and bake)

The manicure is too cute BTW. Love!

april brooks said...

You are so danged cute! So glad to here someone talk about being in love with a great guy! They are out there ladies!

Stiletto said...

That would be so much fun!!! Do it!
I'd Love to follow along and see what ur making!
And thanks girl!

Stiletto said...

April and Ashley,
You are too sweet!
Thanks girl!
And yes, there are good guys out there! Preach it sister!
I hate that husbands get such a bad wrap and marriage is considered so horrible! It's not!!!

Brooke said...

That skirt is awesome!! I always wanted to wear really big skirts like that!

Sounds like you had a really wonderful Christmas. I am hoping to get your late christmas goodies headed to you this week - - - keeping fingers crossed!! LOVE YA SIS!!

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl!
No Rush! I wont get yours out to you until next week! at least Christmas gets to last longer this way right?

Unknown said...

Love the mani! Love,love,love the skirt! What a great guy! Proof of just how well he truly knows you!

Stiletto said...

Thanks hun!
ain't it the truth! My man most definitely knows me! We are both lucky ladies!

Doo ♥ said...

Really adorable! <3

MightyLambchop said...

Swoon! That skirt is amazing! You look so beautiful, too!
Your nails are fantastic, I love black and pink together. I will have to try this out sometime.

Matt is really amazing when it comes to buying me gifts. He may not remember my work schedule but he remembers if I tell him I'd like an outfit or style of shoe. We have great husbands!

Glad you had such a great Xmas!

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl!

Awww thats hun! I LOVE black and pink!
YAY for awesome husbands!!!

AllYouDesire said...

Your are so sweet and I love the mani! :)

Anonymous said...

Rockabilly style rocks!

booksnchocolate said...

OMG I want that skirt! Though I wouldn't look half as good in it as you do. You look gorgeous! And I love color combo too.

On a side note, reading about you and Rob gives me hope....

Lucy said...

Christy you look beautiful! A real pin-up girl. I love anything pink and especially with a poodle on it. I had a black poodle and a grey poodle. They were both the most adorable dogs. My Aunt used to have a pink & white gingham swing skirt with black piping. I had a old crinoline I used to wear with it. I had it all pinned to my underware and used to just spin around. I loved that outfit. I was my favorite dress-up skirt. My friends were jealous that I had it! My Aunt was a teenager in the 1950's. My other Aunt used to wear shorts so small that her cheeks showed! She cursed like a sailor. I wish I had a picture of her. I was crazy about both my Aunts. They were from opposite sides of the family. I think I'm half of each spiritually! Have a very Happy New Year. You look like an angel. Plus you have an awesome hubby! God Bless you both. Love ya.

Unknown said...

OMG!! So cute!!! Love it! The skirt and the nails.

Stiletto said...

Thanks girl!


You are too sweet! Thanks hun!
And YAY! I'm glad we give you hope! Marriage ROCKS! We are each others bestest friends and love just hanging out! Everyone should have that!

You are just the sweetest!
Oh I'd LOVE to see some pics of your aunt! She sounds like a hoot!
That skirt sounds AWESOME! Love to see a picture!
You too sweetie! I hope next year is the best yet! Luv ya too!

Thanks hun!!!

Paige said...

That poodle skirt is BOMB! I wish I had one of those when I used to swing dance! I love the matching mani too!

Perles & Paillettes said...

My god, I adore this style, your skirt is wonderful !
And you're sooo pretty in it !

ainos2 said...

The Caruso steam rollers are fantastic! When I had long hair, that's all I used. It worked great on my fine, thin and color treated locks. My hair was never in better condition than when using those rollers!

Cast Iron pans totally ROCK! Something people don't know about ...they leach an easily absorbed form of iron into foods cooked in them! Since most women are iron deficient, this is a very good thing!!!

And the skirt- totally hott!

nihrida said...

What a cute skirt! It looks so good on you too!

Nicole said...

OOOH! Poodle skirt - crinoline - cookbook - awesome! You did great. And you look SO FREAKING CUTE in your outfit! I love the mani that looks perfect with it, and I can't wait to see the halter.

kelsealaurel said...

Your husband sounds awesome. Way to go for him! LOVE the skirt, and the mani! =)

Carlito86 said...

That mani is amazing!! Love it!! xxx

Anonymous said...

That entire package - the outfit, the sass, the mani, the man - is just so ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Sister, you are so blessed and you do make the most of it! There are husbands who deserve the bad rap. But yours is a keeper. You have the glow that makes it obvious you are so loved, I'm so happy for you coz no one deserves it more. May God continue to make your cup overflow!!!